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Used Baseball and Softball Gloves


Used Gloves are baseball gloves or softball gloves that have previously been played with in a game or taken out of the wrapper, but remain in great shape. Also known as blem or blemished gloves, these used gloves are still in playable condition. The best part? You can save big and get a great deal when purchasing a used glove. Plus, all used baseball and softball gloves come with a 30-day guarantee. If you're not satisfied, simply send it back for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date. No questions asked. 

If you have questions, please reach out to the Glove Experts via phone at 866-321-4568, email at, or you can click here to live chat

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin 1620 12.5" Baseball First Base Mitt: WBW100119125 $239.95 - $269.95 Price was: $299.95 Used from $229.95
Wilson A2000 DP15 11.5" Baseball Glove: WBW100398115 $269.95 Price was: $299.95 Used from $199.95
Wilson A2K SuperSkin MB50 Mookie Betts 12.5" Baseball Glove: WBW101012125 $249.95 Price was: $399.95 Used from $324.95
Wilson A2K Super SnakeSkin JAB79 Spin Control Jose Abreu 12.5" Baseball First Base Mitt: WTA2KRB21JAB79GM $229.95 Price was: $399.95 Used from $299.95
Wilson A2000 SuperSkin V125 Spin Control 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: WBW100441125 $159.95 - $249.95 Price was: $299.95 Used from $214.95
Miken Pro Series 15" Slow Pitch Softball Glove: PRO150-WW $149.95 Used from $79.95
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