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Ambidextrous Baseball Gloves


Ambidextrous Gloves Available At JustGloves

If you or your player are learning to throw with both hands...then you need to try and get  an ambidextrous glove. An ambidextrous player will nearly always be a pitcher and having a glove that compliments throwing with either arm will be beneficial. This special glove prevents a pitcher from having to switch gloves while on the field if they face a right handed batter and a left handed batter within the same inning of play. Their ambidextrous glove will simply be able to function no matter the hand on which they wear it.

Even more, we have pancake training gloves that are ambidextrous! Coaches will find pancake trainers helpful because if they have a left handed thrower at first base, that player can use the same pancake trainer that was bought for the rest of the right handed throwing infielders!

Akadema ProSoft 12" Ambidextrous Baseball Glove: ABX00 $179.99

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