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Buying Guide | How to Buy the Right Glove

Glove Fit

Finding the correct fit for a glove is extremely important. After all, it is an extension of your hand while on the diamond. Manufacturers have noticed the importance of finding the correct fitting glove and have started to make adjustments to produce gloves for hands of all sizes.

  • Youth gloves. A youth glove is created to fit a smaller, younger hand. They will often have shorter finger stalls, tighter wrist openings, and sometimes even shorter break-in periods.

  • Tapered fit. A tapered fitting glove is made for an older player but is designed for a smaller hand. They will occasionally have shorter finger stalls, but their primary allure is a tighter wrist opening for better control. You may also see this described by Wilson as a Pedroia Fit.

  • If a glove does not have a determinant term, be sure to check out the Features as they can still be produced to fit a specific size of hand.

Finding the Right Size

Finding the correct glove size can be really tricky. However, here at JustGloves we try and make it as easy as possible. There are two main factors that help determine the correct glove size. The first of which is the age of your player. If a player is younger than the age of 10 they probably don't have a primary position. Therefore, they can look at something in the range between 9" - 11" in size. This will allow them to develop more confidence because a smaller mitt is easier to control, while still allowing them to play all the positions comfortably.

Under 7 29.5 - 30" 11.5" 8 - 10.5" 8 - 10.5" 8 - 10.5" 9 - 10.5"
8 - 10 30 - 31" 11.5 - 12" 10.5 - 11.25" 10.5 - 11.5" 10.5 - 11.5" 10 - 12"
11 - 13 30 - 32.5" 11.5 - 12" 11 - 11.5" 11 - 11.75" 11.5 - 12" 11.75 - 12.75"
Over 14 32 - 34.5" 12 - 13" 11.25 - 11.5" 11.5 - 12" 11.5 - 12" 12 - 13"

Determining Web Types

Determining the correct web type for you or your player will come down to both primary position and player preference. Let's break down a couple of the more common web types across the sport.

An I-web will have a vertical leather strip to provide for a shallow, yet consistent pocket for middle infielders to take full advantage of.

An H-web is an ideal web type for third basemen and outfielders. The web is constructed from two vertical strips connected by one horizontal strip.

Typically used by utility players and pitchers, a Closed web provides flexible closure while also shielding any onlooking hitter from spotting the upcoming pitch.

Small leather laces connect to a vertical leather strip to provide incredible stability. As a result, a Modified Trap is a perfect web type for infielders, outfielders, and pitchers.

A Single Post web type is primarily used by first basemen. The construction creates a deep, consistent pocket for receiving the ball.

Position of the Player

As your player advances, they will likely begin to play a primary position. As mentioned before, this will not impact younger players, but rather older, more experienced players. Once your player has a primary position, we can start to look at a specific size of the glove to fit that position.

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Glove Quality

Unlike bats, gloves make it really easy to determine quality. The more you're willing to invest in a glove, the better overall durability and consistency it will provide. Lower-end gloves are going to have a shorter time to break them in, so they're going to be more game ready. However, they're going to last fewer seasons over the long haul. A higher-end glove will easily last for multiple seasons but may require a more intense break-in period.

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