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5 Best Rawlings Gloves For 2024

If you've spent ample time around a dugout, you'll find that players are super loyal to the brands of their gear. For instance if a baseball glove conversation has gotten underway among a group of players, it won't be long before you hear one of them blurt out, "I'm a Rawlings man...I'll only use Rawlings gloves". And it can be hard to argue against their decision to go with a company such as Rawlings. A recent report by What Pros Wear showed that over half of professional players are using Rawlings gloves. And if so many of the best in the world rely on a certain brand, that brand must be crafting some quality leather.

With the knowledge that so many players are loyal to Rawlings, we felt the need to compile our short list of Rawlings models that should get your attention in 2024:


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The Best Rawlings Gloves For 2024

Rawlings REV1X Francisco Lindor 11.75" Baseball Glove (REVFL12)

Rawlings REV1X Francisco Lindor 11.75 Inch Baseball Glove

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The REV1X Series from Rawlings took over the baseball glove scene in the summer of 2021. And with good reason. The REV1X line was like nothing we had ever seen before. Years earlier, star shortstop Francisco Lindor came to Rawlings asking for a glove that would be consistent in its shape & feel even after it was used extensively. Essentially, he wanted it to remain stiff and structured in key areas even after seasons of use.

Rawlings went about crafting their REV1X line and included this 11.75” Francisco Lindor model in its original release (and they continue to build it today). To ensure that the glove remains well structured even after it has been used, they created thumb and pinky inserts made of 3D Printed synthetic material to replace the felt inserts that have traditionally been used in those sections of the glove. As well, the glove’s backing is crafted with synthetic material designed by a 3D printer. The backing plus the thumb and pinky inserts are all designed to be more lightweight than traditional glove materials while also being more consistent in their feel and structure throughout the life of the glove.

But the glove traditionalists don’t have to fret, the palm surface still employs Heart of the Hide steerhide leather. And this 11.75” glove should be able to hold down shortstop on a baseball infield with ease.

Customer comments on the REV1X line:

“The finger stalls form to the shape of your hand and "lock [it in]" so the glove won't ever slip off.” - JG Customer, Nate Quigley



Rawlings R9 ContoUR Fit 11.5" Youth Baseball Glove (R9115U-4BT)

Rawlings R9 ContoUR Fit 11.5 Inch Youth Baseball Glove

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The R9 series of gloves sold at JustGloves was born out of an earlier iteration of Rawlings glove: the Gamer. Essentially, Rawlings renamed the Gamer series in 2018 so that they would be known as the "R9s" moving forward. Despite the name change, the high quality of the glove remained intact.

In general, the R9 line is excellent for players that want softness plus quality of leather combined into one glove. The all leather shell is going to provide structure for the glove, thus allowing it to hold a shape for multiple seasons. However, it is also going to be a soft glove at the outset and only 20% of the break in process will need to be done by the player.

This specific ContoUR fit glove is going to be even more unique as it will feature 4 aspects that make it a perfect fit for a baseball player between the ages of 7 and 12:

  1. Narrow Finger Stalls
  2. Lowered Finger Stalls
  3. Smaller Wrist Opening
  4. Adjusted Back Opening

Lastly, this 11.5” model will have the look of an infield glove, but it should be able to handle any position on a youth baseball diamond!

More Features To Consider:

  • Index finger pad on shell backing for comfort and protection
  • Palm has a reinforced pad for protection during a catch
  • Finger stalls have padded lining to improve comfort



Rawlings Heart of the Hide Hyper Shell 12.75" Baseball Glove (PRO3039-6BCF)

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Hyper Shell 12.75 Inch Baseball Glove

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Heart of the Hide…if you have been around the glove market for a little while, this name says it all. 

But if you haven’t been around gloves for very long, fear not. Just know that when our Glove Experts begin a conversation with a customer about gloves, it is rare that the Heart of the Hide series does not get brought up. The steerhide leather that is used to build Heart of the Hides is simply top notch. It comes as a stiff glove and will take some time to get into game ready shape (Rawlings says that 60% of the break in needs to be done by the player), but if you put in the time, you’ll be blown away by the end-product. Heart of the Hides are going to last for multiple seasons and be able to hold their shape throughout their entire life if cared for properly.

The model featured above is going to be an outfield glove as it will be built with a lengthy 12.75 inch size. As well, it is going to feature Rawlings’ special Hyper Shell material. Hyper Shell is a material built with a carbon weave design that is placed on the backing of the glove. The material should support the steerhide leather by promoting durability and reducing the weight of the glove by as much as 15%. If you are looking for a glove that will look a little different than the gloves of the rest of the players on your team, then go with the Rawlings shown above!

Customer Chatter:

“We ordered a number of different comparable gloves, but this was the one my son preferred. Nice wide opening. About the same weight as his infield glove. Relatively easy to break in.” - JG Customer, CM



Rawlings Liberty Advanced 11.75" Fastpitch Softball Glove (RLA715-2WB)

Rawlings Liberty Advanced 11.75 Inch Fastpitch Glov

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For ladies looking for a fastpitch softball glove, we don’t know that there will be too many gloves better for use than Rawlings’ Liberty Advanced fastpitch gloves. Overall, the glove is going to receive leather material that is pretty similar to the Rawlings R9 fastpitch gloves. Because of that, these Liberty Advanceds should display pretty quick break in times just like the R9 gloves. However, if you take a little deeper look at the Liberty Advanced gloves, you’ll notice that the glove builders at Rawlings throw a bit more color and flash into these models than those Rawlings R9s.

This specific model will be a must-have for infielders as the 11.75” length and I-Web combo is a super popular look at second base, third base and shortstop. And don’t forget to notice the rose gold welting on this glove that makes it an absolutely show-stopping glove when you are able to get a view of it up close.

Additional Features:

  • Poron XRD Palm Pad protects the hand while catching a softball
  • Adjustable pull-strap backing allows for easy wrist size adjustments
  • Built with Rawlings’ 715SB pattern that creates a shallow pocket and helps improve transfer times



Rawlings Player Preferred 14" Slow Pitch Softball Glove (P140BPS)

Rawlings Player Preferred 14 Inch Slow Pitch Glove

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It is hard to argue with the-over-15 scintillating customer glove reviews that have been left on the JustGloves website for this slow pitch glove. If you want a glove that will simply help you have the time of your life out on a slow pitch diamond during spring and summer nights, this is the glove to get. 

First off, it is going to be built with a huge 14 inch length. If you have any concern about your ability to reach softballs on the infield or in the outfield, then this glove needs to be considered because it’ll give you at least a couple extra inches of length when compared to a normal sized glove.

And don’t fret a dreaded break-in process. The leather on this Rawlings slow pitch glove will come pre oiled and nearly game ready. This writer truly thinks that there will be a lot of players who could take this glove right out of the box, bring it to the field for that evening’s game and not make an error all night. Just take the word of one of our customers:

“Great quality for the price. I use this in slow pitch softball. [It] works great for me at 3rd base as well as in the outfield. Very little break in time as well.” - JG Customer, KBuck


If you still have lingering inquiries about the Rawlings glove to purchase or if you want to share your thoughts on what you feel is the best Rawlinfs glove available, please connect with our team of Glove Experts. They can be called at 866-321-4568, emailed via or you can LIVE CHAT with one of them right here!


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