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What Glove Does Francisco Lindor Use?

What Glove Does Francisco Lindor Use

Becoming the $341 million shortstop for the New York Mets immediately made Francisco Lindor one of the most talked about players in Major League Baseball. Prior to the groundbreaking contract inked by Lindor and the Metropolitans, Lindor tore up the American League Central to the tune of four All Star Game appearances, four top-15 MVP finishes, two Silver Slugger awards, and two Rawlings Gold Gloves. Needless to say, Lindor has been one of baseball’s most electrifying players since he came into the league in 2015. As he continues to gain popularity, we receive more and more inquiries from customers around the country asking us what glove does Francisco Lindor wear?  So often that we have decided to create an entire post dedicated to Francisco Lindor’s glove and where you can purchase it. Let's dive in.

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Francisco Lindor’s Glove

We recently took a deep dive into Mike Trout’s baseball glove along with the most popular gloves used by the best MLB players. Today, we are taking an in-depth look at Lindor and the glove he uses. One of the gloves Francisco Lindor uses is the Rawlings REV1X 11.75" Baseball Glove (REVFL12). The REV1X gloves from Rawlings is one of the most interesting designs in the entire glove community. Each glove is constructed from US Steerhide Leather and a 3D carbon printed shell backing. The purpose of the 3D synthetic material is to create a perfect fitting design with thinner padded walls. This creates a lighter, more controllable glove that is still able to hold up to the rigors of usage over time.

Rawlings REV1X 11.75

Other notable features include:

  • US Steerhide Leather x 3D Printed Synthetic Material
  • Conventional Open Backing
  • Rawlings Adaptive Fit System
  • FL12 Pattern - Deep Pocket | Average Width | Closes Thumb to Ring Finger
  • Pro Grade Leather Lacing
  • Recommended for 2B & SS

The REV1X Francisco Lindor model is a professional infielder’s glove. The leather is top-of-the-line and built to be a player’s “forever glove.” The lightweight design gives fielders optimal control when ranging to both their left and right. Keep in mind the intentionally deep pocket design creates great ball security but might be difficult for players with smaller hands to consistently dig the ball out when turning double plays or making relay throws. We would only recommend Lindor’s glove to experienced players looking to use one of the baseball’s best infield gloves.

What Bat Does Francisco Lindor Swing?

Francisco Lindor swings Marucci wood bats. The most recent model that Lindor has been choosing to use is the Marucci Francisco Lindor Maple Wood Baseball Bat (MVE2LINDY12-MBK/BK).

Marucci Francisco Lindor Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MVE2LINDY12-MBK/BK

If you are interested in ordering a new wood baseball bat, be sure to check out our friends JustBats. They have a full selection of the top baseball bats and softball bats on the market.

When did Francisco Lindor make his MLB debut?

Francisco Lindor made his debut for the Cleveland Indians on June 14, 2015. He recorded his first MLB hit in the same game, and later in 2015 Lindor was named the AL Rookie of the Month (September). Since then, Lindor has recorded 1,000+ MLB hits and 150+ HRs. He played for Cleveland for six seasons before being traded to the Mets on January 7, 2021.

Francisco Lindor’s Best Defensive Plays

Frankie, as he was affectionately known as in Cleveland, has two career Rawlings Gold Gloves. He’s a special talent on the diamond with a knack for making the improbable look routine. If you have never taken the time to watch Lindor glide around the left side of the infield, we encour… nevermind. We’ll just leave this here:


There you have it. Hopefully we answered all of your questions about Francisco Lindor's baseball glove. If you have any additional questions, our Glove Experts are standing by to help. You can give us a call at 866-321-2287, email at experts@justgloves, or click here to live chat. We're JustGloves and we're with you from Click To Catch!


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