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2022 Rawlings Breakdown

Can you believe that the top 2022 gloves from Rawlings are already here? That means brand-new 2022 Pro Preferred gloves, brand-new 2022 Heart of the Hides, and even the launch of the new REV1X lineup of gloves!

To help you shop through the latest gloves from Rawlings, we will break down all of the 2022 baseball and softball gloves. We will provide insight into the new glove features, who should wear which gloves, and each glove release's general pros and cons. As always, if you have any questions regarding the new 2022 gloves from Rawlings, please contact our team of Glove Experts.

Glove Assurance

2022 Rawlings Gloves

With all of the new gloves releasing this fall, it's becoming an exciting time to shop around for your next mitt. One of the biggest names in the baseball glove industry, Rawlings will have a whole arsenal of gloves for the 2022 season. 

Looking at the entirety of Rawlings's newly available gloves, it's easy to see why players of all ages and skill levels are starting to buzz. New Rawlings gloves will range anywhere from high-end, premium leather gloves like the Rawlings Pro Preferred line and the ultra-popular Rawlings Heart of the Hides to more affordable quality gloves like the Rawlings R9s. 


New Rawlings Releases

  • Pro Preferred
  • Heart of the Hide
  • Renegade
  • Player Preferred
  • Select Pro Lite
  • Sandlot Series
  • Encore
  • Liberty Advanced
  • R9
  • Sure Catch
  • Shut Out

Glove Features To Know

Creative glove improvements like the Contour Fit, R2G series, and Hyper Shell have helped Rawlings develop gloves that players want. As they continue to reinvent the way gloves play on the diamond, it's essential to know the purpose of these innovative features. Improving your knowledge goes a long way towards finding the perfect glove for your baseball or softball player(s). 

Here are the top glove features to know about when shopping for a 2022 Rawlings glove.

Rawlings Hyper Shell Benefits

  • Available in Professional Patterns
  • Cowhide Palm Lining & Full-Grain Fingerback Lining
  • Pro Grade Leather Laces
  • Padded Thumb Sleeve
  • Player Comfort Designs
  • Thermoformed Hand Opening

The Hyper Shell provides players with comfort, durability, and strength. Each glove is designed with moisture-wicking materials around the wrist opening to keep your hand dry during the heat of summer. A padded thumb sleeve provides additional comfort, while the pro-grade lacing helps retain the shape of your glove longer. 

The Hyper Shell feature is commonly available in Heart of the Hide glove models. Another attractive feature for players is the 60% factory break-in. It allows players to spend less time working on their gloves and more time playing (which we think is pretty awesome!)

What is the Contour Fit from Rawlings?

The new Contour Fit from Rawlings is an intentionally smaller fitting design made for ballplayers with smaller hands. The wrist opening and finger stalls are more compact, giving players a snug fit. This snug fit allows younger, smaller players to have better glove control as they range to make plays around the diamond.

We recommend younger fielders looking to improve their glove control shop for a new Contour Fit from Rawlings. Adult players or players with larger hands should shop for a standard Heart of the Hide or Pro Preferred instead of a Contour Fit.

What is R2G?

The R2G feature from Rawlings was introduced back in 2019 to expedite the break-in process of their top baseball and softball gloves. The R2G feature has become synonymous with Heart of the Hide gloves. Players continue to rave about the abbreviated break-in time, as each of the R2Gs arrives 65% factory broken in. This means that players are only required to finish the final 35% of the glove break-in while still receiving ALL of the benefits of a standard Heart of the Hide. While some glove shoppers still enjoy receiving a stiff glove out of the box, this is a welcomed alternative for those that like a softer glove upon arrival.


2022 Rawlings Pro Preferred Gloves

If you are looking for the best gloves in 2022, you don't have to look past this lineup of Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves. Built for the best players in the world, Pro Preferreds let their performance do the talking. Each glove is made from supple kip leather and designed to form a perfect pocket based on each player's positional needs. The leather lacing binds the glove construction together and promotes long-lasting shape retention. 

Honestly, we could continue to rave about all of the premium features you'll receive when you buy a Pro Preferred, but it might be more impactful to list the names of MLB stars that choose a Pro Preferred glove. Names like Ronald Acuna Jr, Francisco Lindor, Kris Bryant, and Anthony Rizzo are just a few pros that prefer Rawlings. 

Looking specifically at the 2022 gloves, you can expect similar performance and features to previous models. Each of these gloves delivers comfort, performance, durability, and much more. You can reasonably expect a brand-new Pro Preferred glove to last 3+ seasons with reasonable care. However, we have heard stories from players that attest that their Pro Preferred gloves have lasted over a decade.

In summation, we recommend a 2022 Rawlings Pro Preferred for any high-level baseball player. The price tag is steep, but if you are shopping for the best baseball glove that money can buy, you need to look at a Pro Preferred. 

2022 Rawlings Heart of the Hide Gloves

Like the Pro Preferred gloves above, the 2022 Rawlings Heart of the Hide gloves checks every box. The staple model for the game's most popular brand looks to continue dominating baseball and softball diamonds in 2022. Rawlings Heart of the Hides are excellent gloves for infielders, outfielders, and pitchers, while the 2022 Heart of the Hide mitts are great for first basemen and catchers. 

A multitude of 2022 Rawlings Heart of the Hide gloves will be made available for purchase at JustGloves. The 2022 Heart of the Hides will offer the most variety of any glove lineup produced by any glove manufacturer. The 2022 Rawlings lineup will include gloves like the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Contour Fit, the Rawlings R2G Heart of the Hide, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Hyper Shell, and more. We recommend a Heart of the Hide to any player looking for a traditional leather glove that will help elevate their game to the next level.

Why are Rawlings Heart of the Hides such great gloves?

For starters, it's simply the quality of leather used by Rawlings. Every Heart of the Hide glove is made from world-renowned Heart of the Hide (steer hide) leather. This leather advantage allows Heart of the Hides to outperform and outlast other gloves in the same price range. 

Players often also mention their approval of player-specific patterns offered by Rawlings. Having a variety of professional patterns allows players to shop for a glove that perfectly suits their game. For example, if you are a player that likes a glove with a deeper pocket or vice versa, there is a Heart of the Hide waiting for you. The variety of professional patterns is a unique touch that gives players a customized feel every time they put on their gloves.

2022 Rawlings REV1X Gloves

The future of baseball gloves may have officially just arrived. New for 2022, the Rawlings REV1X gloves are looking to change the way we view gloves. Each new REV1X blends the traditional Heart of the Hide leather with a 3D-printed lattice structure. Yes, you read that correctly. Rawlings is now using 3D printing to build their latest gloves, and we're here for all of it.  

How does Rawlings make their REV1X gloves?

Rawlings uses a Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (DLS™) method to create an ultra-durable structure that goes in the construction of both the thumb and pinky. This serves to help hold the structure of the gloves and avoid the dreaded "floppiness" that can occur in gloves after extended usage. That's not all though, Rawlings also outfits their REV1X's with a multi-layer backing to further uphold the structure. 

In theory, the 2022 Rawlings REV1X gloves might already be the most durable gloves on the market. Only time will tell, but all signs appear to be pointing towards 3D-printed gloves playing a more significant role as we forge further into the future. But beyond the eye-catching, futuristic nature of the REV1X's is the same leather that players have come to rely on. As a result, we anticipate that you can reasonably expect a new REV1X baseball glove to still give you the same feel and consistency that you would have always enjoyed from the likes of a Heart of a Hide or Pro Preferred glove.

Shop for your own REV1X glove now at JustGloves!

2022 Rawlings R9 Gloves

For the past few seasons, we have struggled to keep up with the demand for the Rawlings R9 gloves. Parents and players agree that the R9's might be the best value glove in baseball and softball. Every R9 boasts a leather shell and a consumer-friendly break-in period. So friendly that most reviews claim that they could comfortably play catch with their new R9 the same day they received the glove.

A top reason to shop for a 2022 Rawlings R9 is that they come available with a youth pro taper. Like the previously mentioned Contour Fit, a youth pro taper offers less space within the glove to fit more comfortably on younger, smaller hands. By changing the glove's fit while keeping the same size, Rawlings allows smaller players to still effectively use a glove appropriate for their level of play. It simply normalizes the playing field for everyone.

The other notable reason Rawlings R9's have continued to fly off our shelves is their incredibly approachable price tags. If you are shopping for the best glove under $100, you need to shop for a Rawlings R9. They were the best value gloves in 2021, and they appear to be well on their way to becoming the best value gloves in 2022. 


We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of the 2022 Rawlings gloves. As always, if you have any questions or need glove guidance, please contact our team of Glove Experts. There's no question too big or too small; we simply want to get you and your player(s) the best gloves in the game. We're JustGloves, and we're with you from Click to Catch!

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