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What Is The Best Wilson Glove?

What Is The Best Wilson Glove?

Here at JustGloves, we get the opportunity to blog about a lot of the “bests” within the baseball and softball market. We compile lists of what we believe are the best baseball gloves, best fastpitch gloves, etc… However, we rarely get to create blog posts highlighting the single best glove of a certain category!

Well, with this post we are going to do that for the glove brand, Wilson

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What a responsibility it is to write a blog about the single best Wilson glove that we are carrying right now! In 1957 it was said that their recently innovated A2000 glove was the first model of ball glove built without a major flaw. And that A2000 line of gloves still remains as one of the most popular series within baseball. 

And without further ado, below is what JustGloves has determined to be the best Wilson baseball glove…

Wilson A2000 1786 11.5" Baseball Glove (WBW100390115)

The Best Wilson Glove

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In the end…it was not a tough decision to give this A2000 the nod for being the best glove we stock from Wilson. There are three important factors that have to be considered when musing on why this glove earned this prestigious honor.

  1. Price  - There’s no point in getting too cute. We would guess that when making a decision to purchase a glove, price is probably the first or second priority when it comes to putting a glove in your shopping cart. A2000s start out retailing around $300. This glove has consistently sold for under $200. A natural question typically follows: Well, what’s wrong with the glove? Our answer is always the same: Nothing. Due to our inventory and the demand for the glove, we are able to sell the glove at an incredible price.

  2. Pattern  - This glove is built with Wilson’s 1786 pattern. This pattern was introduced to the United States by Wilson’s glove guru, Shigeaki Aso, during the 1980s. He crafted this pattern so that there was an available, well-functioning glove in the United States for high level infielders. Prior to the 1786 pattern’s introduction, Wilson noted that infield gloves being used in the US were particularly cumbersome. This glove is made with an 11.5 inch length and the Wilson H-Web. This creates a relatively shallow pocket depth that allows for extremely quick transfers from glove to throwing hand. It meets all the requirements for a middle infielder (2B & SS), but will also handle the responsibilities of third base extremely well! In other words, this glove can be used by any infielder out there. As well, it’s relatively small size makes it great for someone who wants a glove for the occasional game of catch that also won’t be a chore to store.

  3. Reviews  - No other Wilson glove on our site comes close to this A2000 1786 when you consider how many reviews this glove has garnered. 23 customers have left feedback on this glove (next closest Wilson glove only has 13 reviews at the time of this writing). The average rating of those customers’ feedback comes to a 5-out-of-5 score. Some of our favorite feedback is the following:

    “I’ve had a few A2000’s. Some have been extremely difficult to break in. This glove, however, is nearly game ready in less than a week’s worth of catch play (and mild work in the pocket with a mallet). I Never had a high end glove this easy to break in. I ended up wearing it “traditional” and tightening the wrist laces. It is a fantastic ground ball glove that is fairly lightweight and comfortable. It’s just a pleasure to use.”


If you want to get more Wilson glove suggestions from our team of Glove Experts, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to our Glove Experts! They can be called on the phones at 1-866-321-4568, through email via or you can live chat them right here!


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