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5 Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves In 2024

best fastpitch gloves 2022

The fastest game in sports requires lightning-quick reflexes and a glove to match. This means softball players should only accept the best. We’re talking about leather gloves that offer rugged durability, top-of-the-line shape retention, and the strongest materials available. But it can be hard to hone in on the right gloves with hundreds of different options available. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a list of the best fastpitch softball gloves in the game today. Our Glove Experts have reviewed customer and player feedback to compile the ultimate list of fastpitch gloves for 2024 and beyond. Did your favorite series of fastpitch gloves make the cut?

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Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Gloves

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Gloves

Shop Latest Fastpitch A2000s

A2000 is a name that resonates throughout all of the bat and ball sports. And when Wilson is crafting their A2000 gloves for fastpitch players, they go all in on the patterns, webs and colors used in the designs. Take for example the Kelsey Stewart models below...

These 2 gloves pop big time in regard to their looks. They feature whites, reds and blues. And the best part of all is the SnakeSkin imprint that Wilson puts on the classic Pro Stock Leather of Kelsey's Gloves. That imprint gives the gloves irresistible looks.

Kelsey Stewart's pitcher/infield models certainly stand out among all of the A2000 fastpitch gloves that we are carrying, but Wilson caters to all positions on a fastpitch field when building out this series. You'll be able to find outfield, infield, first base and catcher models as well.

What Else To Know About A2000 Fastpitch Gloves:

  • They are all built with a fit that is tailored to the female hand (will be snugger than a baseball glove).
  • Each fastpitch A2000 is built with Wilson's famous Pro Stock Select leather that has been used on this line for years.
  • Many will feature new Wilson technology advancements. Including gloves that feature SuperSkin & Spin Control.



Rawlings Heart of the Hide Fastpitch Gloves

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Fastpitch Gloves

Shop Latest Fastpitch Heart of the Hides

Regarding reputation, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide line is right there with the A2000s from Wilson. Rawlings is definitely putting in the time to make sure that their fastpitch athletes get the gloves they need to perform.

First off, all of these gloves and mitts will be featuring Rawlings' Non Slip, Pull Strap backing that you can see on the model shown below:


This feature allows a player to make easy in game wrist adjustments, by just pulling at the knots to tighten up the glove between pitches. As well, the player can untie the knots, pull the laces and tie the knots again to get a more permanent wrist size update.

Another awesome advantage to the fastpitch Heart of the Hide gloves is that they will use leather that is a little different from the classic steerhide used on the baseball Heart of the Hides. The result of using different leather is that the fastpitch models will be a little softer and easier to break into game ready shape.

Lastly, Rawlings has built these fastpitch gloves and mitts for players all across the diamond. No matter your position on a fastpitch field, you should be able to find a Heart of the Hide to meet your needs!

What Are Parents Saying About the Heart of the Hide Fastpitch Gloves?

"Came with what felt like half broken in leather. Great look and light!" - Caleb, JustGloves Customer




Mizuno Pro Select Fastpitch Gloves

Mizuno Pro Select Fastpitch Gloves

Shop Fastpitch Pro Selects

When in doubt...go with a Mizuno glove! Seriously, Mizuno is making some of the best gloves out there and when you shop at JustGloves, you are going to find at least a portion of them at pretty reasonable prices.

The Pro Selects are going to offer similar quality leather as Heart of the Hides and A2000s so you know that they are going to be durable and will hold up to the demands of the highest levels of fastpitch softball. 

And we believe Mizuno's extra effort really comes out in the cosmetic aspects of the Pro Select gloves. Take for example the wrist backing that features the incredibly beautiful triple X lace design:

Other Reasons To Buy A Mizuno Pro Select Fastpitch Glove:

  • Available in models that work for positions all over the field.
  • All are built with a steerhide leather that may seem stiff at the outset, but will allow a player to break it into their exact likings.
  • Steersoft Elite inner hand lining plus a padded thumb sleeve should both help the glove have an unbeatable feel when it is on a lady's hand.



Nokona Walnut Fastpitch Gloves

Nokona Walnut Fastpitch Gloves

Shop Fastpitch Walnuts

A lot of responsibility comes with being the last fastpitch glove maker that does a good amount of their production in the United States. And Nokona takes on that responsibility with extreme dedication. They make their gloves with the utmost care and precision from the moment that the leather is cut, right to the moment that a glove is shipped out of their factory.

They have been crafting this Walnut series of gloves for many years and the rich brown cosmetics of this line calls on the long history of Nokona ball gloves. Meanwhile, the gloves feature all of the modern advances that players need.

In order to meet the demands of fastpitch players, Nokona crafts this glove with full grain steerhide (sometimes referred to as Walnut Crunch leather) that will be durable. At JustGloves, we feel that this leather could take a little bit of time to get into game ready shape (depending upon the preferences of the player). However, once you get the leather set to your preferences, it should be able to hold that shape for many seasons!

What Are JustGloves Customers Saying About the Nokona Walnut Fastpitch Gloves?

"Nice glove, my daughter is 14 and she loves it. I worked the glove the night that we received it and used a pitching machine the next morning to form the pocket and she used it in her game that night."




Marucci Palmetto Fastpitch Gloves

Marucci Palmetto

Shop Fastpitch Palmettos

Marucci made a real splash in the fastpitch glove game around five years ago when they released their Palmetto fastpitch gloves for the first time.

These Palmettos (some of which are shown above) featured blonde leather with light blue lacing that looked beautiful. As well, the cowhide leather featured on these models was quite soft to the touch and allowed for a fairly quick break in.

Marucci has leveled things up since that initial launch. The Palmettos released for the 2024 season now have turquoise colored leather and tan lacing that makes the glove look even better than the previous models. As well, they switched over to a steerhide leather. Because of that, the new 2024 Palmettos should require a little more work to get fully broken in. However, if you see the process through, you'll be very happy with the glove or mitt you have at the end of the process.

One of our favorite aspects of the Palmetto gloves is the M Type fit which allowed for the pinky loop and thumb loop straps to be removed from the outside of the glove. You'll notice how clean the thumb of the glove looks below:

These Palmettos should be able to squeeze around a softball just like gloves that have a regular thumb and pinky loop. But with these models you won't have to worry about the external straps coming loose and being a bother.

More Can't Miss Features of the Palmettos:

  • Available For Positions All Over The Fastpitch Diamond.
  • All Models Feature A Microfiber Wrist Lining That Will Rest Comfortably On The Backing Of A Player's Hand While In The Glove
  • Designed To Have A Snugger Fitting For A Female Hand



JustGloves has spoken! We've presented you with our list of the best fastpitch gloves for the year of 2024. If you have had a chance to read through and are still wondering about what glove you should purchase, consider reaching out to our extremely helpful team of Glove Experts. They can be reached on phone at 866-321-4568, through email at or by using our chat feature here! Always remember that we're hear for you from Click To Catch!


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