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7+ Best Baseball Gloves For 2024

best baseball gloves 2023

Players looking to improve their defensive game need the right glove to get the job done. This means finding a baseball glove that suits your style of play and is durable enough to make it through the rigors of a long summer season. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Fortunately, you’ve landed at the right place. The Glove Experts at JustGloves take pride in knowing all of the ins and outs of all the gloves we sell. So to help you find your ideal gloves, we have created a comprehensive list of the best 2024 baseball gloves in the sport. Note that these gloves are in no particular order. Let's dive in.

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Best Baseball Gloves

Rawlings REV1X Baseball Gloves

Rawlings REV1X Baseball Gloves

Buy A Rawlings REV1X

The REV1X gloves are the most technologically advanced Rawlings gloves ever to hit the market. First off, the backing of the gloves will be made from 3D-printed, synthetic material. This material should be able to break in easily but also be able to hold its shape for multiple seasons. And even more 3D-printed material is used for the inserts in the thumb and pinky of these baseball gloves. Even with the crazy advancements of the glove, Rawlings does hearken to tradition with the REV1X s and uses Heart of the Hide Steerhide leather to create the catching surface of the gloves.

Three More Reasons To Buy

  • Models Available For Infielders, Pitchers, And Outfielders
  • The Adaptive Fit System (Shown In the Image Above) Allows Gloves To Fit Snugly Onto The Player's Hand
  • The Laceless Design On The Top Of The Web And Heel Allow For An Unobstructed Fielding Experience


Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Gloves

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Gloves

Buy A Rawlings Heart of the Hide

When you see the snorting bull in the palm of a glove, you know right away that you're looking at a Rawlings Heart of the Hide baseball glove. Generations of players have been using Heart of the Hides, and each generation has been thrilled with the top-grade steerhide used to craft these gloves. However, Rawlings is now offering more variety than ever. If you want a Heart of the Hide with a shorter break-in period...go with an R2G model. If you want one with snug sizing for a youth hand...get a ContoUR Fit. No matter the age of the ballplayer, there is a Heart of the Hide for them!

A Little Extra On The Heart of the Hides

  • Gloves And Mitts Available For Pitchers, Infielders, and Catchers
  • Soft Deertanned Cowhide Used For Palm Lining
  • Pro Grade Laces Add Durability & Strength


Wilson A2K Baseball Gloves

Latest Wilson A2K Baseball Gloves

Buy A Wilson A2K

If you want the best that Wilson has to offer, then the A2K gloves are where you need to look. The latest release of A2Ks delivers a subtle coolness highlighted by a combination of black and tan leathers. As can be expected with these gloves, you'll be receiving Wilson's Pro Stock Select leather that will come a little stiffer than most leather out there. However, if you put in the effort to get an A2K broken in, you'll love the final product: a glove that will last for seasons of use.

What Else You Should Know About The A2Ks

  • Available In Outfield, Infield, And Pitcher Models
  • Rolled Dual Welting (Shown On Fingers Above) Allows The Glove To Retain Shape Better Over Time
  • A2Ks Receive 3x More Shaping In Factory, Which Should Help Reduce The Break-In Time For This Extra Stiff Glove


Wilson A2000 Baseball Gloves

Latest Wilson Baseball Gloves

Buy A Wilson A2000

A2000s are some of the most iconic baseball gloves on the market. They were first released in 1957 by Wilson and were considered by many to be the first baseball glove produced without a major flaw. Fast forward to today and A2000s are still held in the same high esteem that they were in 1957. Even though the Pro Stock Select leather used on A2000s isn't considered to be as high-quality as what you'll find on a Wilson A2K, this Pro Select material still gets the job done. In fact, it does its job so well that scores of MLB players are using A2000s today!

3 More Notes On The A2000s

  • The JustGloves Site Has A2000 Gloves And Mitts For Infielders (Like The DP15 Shown Above), pitchers, outfielders, first base and catchers!
  • All A2000s Have A Dri Lex Wrist Lining In The Hand Slot To Wick Away Moisture From The Hand
  • JustGloves Features Exclusive A2000s On Our Site: Gunmetal | Black Super SnakeSkin


Mizuno Pro Select Baseball Gloves

Mizuno Pro Select Baseball Gloves

Buy A Mizuno Pro Select

Mizuno is always creating beautifully made ball gloves. Just take a look above at the craftsmanship displayed on the Pro Select shown above the wrist lacing gives it a look to set it apart from other ball glove brands out there. When it comes to baseball gloves, everything starts with the leather being used to construct the glove. Mizuno chooses a US Steerhide for the outer shell of these Pro Selects that should give the glove a long-lasting shape. And to support the shell on the inner hand lining of the glove, Mizuno adds the Steersoft Elite material which will provide the utmost comfort from the moment the glove goes on the hand.

Quick Notes On The Pro Select

  • We Have Them Stocked For Infielders, Pitchers and Outfielders
  • These Gloves Will Have Stiffer Feels That Should Require Some Break-In Time
  • Pro Selects Have Hand Based Patterns That Set The Glove's Pocket Under The Web To Provide A Perfect Break In


Marucci Acadia Baseball Gloves

Marucci Acadia Baseball Gloves

Buy A Marucci Acadia

Gone are the days of having to buy a supersized glove for a young baseball player to use. Nowadays, your young player can settle in with one of these Acadias that is designed to more easily fit the smaller hand of a pre-teen ball player. Not only will this glove fit your player's smaller hand, but it should also be easy to break in too. The Cowhide leather is soft and pliable and some might even find it ready to go from the moment that you pull it out of the box. If you are needing a glove for a younger baseball player, definitely think Marucci!

More Reasons To Buy An Acadia

  • The Acadias Are Designed For Youth Fielders (Seen In Image Above) and Catchers
  • Displays Marucci's M-Type Fit Eliminates Cumbersome Thumb And Pinky Straps On The Outside Of The Glove
  • Wrist Backing & Inner Finger Linings Are Built With Smooth Microfiber Material That Is Soft To The Touch


Easton Professional Collection Baseball Gloves

Easton Professional Collection Baseball Gloves

Buy Easton Pro Collection

Don't sleep on Easton baseball gloves! They might not be the biggest name around when it comes to gloves, but they produce high quality models and right now they are being sold at some deep discounts! These gloves are crafted from Kip Leather (leather from a younger animal). Kip leather experiences less wear on it during the animal's life and thus produces a glove that features few blemishes that can show on a glove made out of regular steerhide leather. Along with these gloves looking incredible, they will perform for baseball players at a high level! 

A Couple Of Other Easton Gloves To Consider:




Well, there you have it! This is a comprehensive list of the most popular baseball gloves at JustGloves during 2024! If you have any specific questions, our Glove Experts are available via telephone at 866-321-4568, email at, or you can click here to live chat. Don't forget, we'll be here for you from click to catch!


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