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What are the Best Brands of Baseball Gloves?

What Are The Best Baseball Glove Brands?

Let us start by asking another question: What's in a name?

When it comes to baseball gloves, apparently, a lot. According to, most pro MLB players use Rawlings or Wilson gloves on the field. Brand awareness, historical presence, and craftsmanship all play a part in what glove a players love to use. This goes from youth players and all the way to professionals!

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to deciphering a brand of glove to use, but don’t worry, we’ve already looked into it for you. And we aren’t just picking from the most expensive gloves! We at JustGloves have reviewed 8 of the best baseball glove brands according to customer and player feedback. Whether you’re looking for a catcher’s mitt, fielders glove, or first base glove, you’re sure to find a great glove from any of these top brands.

These baseball glove companies aren't listed in any order.

Wilson Gloves

Wilson Gloves

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The Brand

When Chicago-based manufacturer Ashland Manufacturing started making gloves in 1913, their company was known for meat. By the time they changed their name to Wilson Sporting Goods in 1931, baseball gloves were the more savory dish to serve. Now, pro players from Clayton Kershaw to Jose Altuve sport Wilson's popular models. Glove Guru Shigeaki Aso is the company's Master Craftsman. Wilson is responsible for some of the top-performing gloves on the market, including the fan-favorite A2000 series. We have no doubt that Wilson will continue to be one of the best baseball glove brands for the foreseeable future. 

Why Buy Wilson

Our customers love Wilson gloves. The brand offers a great overall experience from look to performance. It’s hard to find a Wilson glove that doesn’t 100% satisfy. Check out our selection of Wilson gloves to find your perfect fit.


Rawlings Gloves

Rawlings Gloves

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The Brand

The "Sure Catch" glove put St. Louis-based Rawlings on the map. In 1912, this one-piece glove with sewn-in finger channels didn't look the part, but it was better than the alternatives. Years later, a former Cardinals pitcher (Bill Doak) revolutionized the game by pitching Rawlings on a multi-thong web laced feature into the finger and thumb. This, essentially, created the first natural pocket. Today Rawlings Heart of the Hide leather gloves are loved by players everywhere and are one of the most used glove series by professional players. Rawlings also presents the Gold Glove awards to MLB infielders and outfielders who exhibit exceptional performance.

Why Buy Rawlings

Rawlings is another brand beloved by many. Whether infield or outfield, Rawlings’s versatile gloves are a solid bet to meet the demands of any position on a field. Definitely take a look at the gloves that make Rawlings a household name.


Nokona Gloves

Nokona Gloves

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The Brand

Not many companies can still claim that a good portion of their manufacturing is done in the United States, but, since 1934 Nokona gloves have been fully crafted or at least designed out of Nocona, TX. Made with top-grain hides, this brand utilizes quality leathers tanned to Nokona’s specifications. Each baseball glove is carefully cut, stamped, stitched, laced, and embroidered. Hall of fame pitcher Nolan Ryan has said, "My first glove was a Nokona. The high quality of these gloves is what today's top players need, and they're the gloves I've chosen for my grandkids." It’s hard to deny that Nokona is one of the best baseball glove brands out there. 

Why Buy Nokona

Customers can really see the difference with Nokona’s high quality yet lightweight and easy to break in leather. Our customers especially adore the junior Nokona Alpha-Select for its high quality that stays solid for seasons. See exactly what Nolan was talking about by browsing our favorite Nokona series Alpha Select gloves.



Marucci Gloves

Shop Marucci Gloves

The Brand

Since Marucci's founding by two former Big Leaguers and their athletic trainer, Marucci has handcrafted bats and gloves for some of the game's best players. MLB players have invested their time and money to advise Marucci - based in Baton Rouge - on how to craft their gloves. And since then, the keys to Marucci's glove line have been handed to one of the biggest figures in the glove market: The Glove Cowboy. The results have shown that Marucci baseball gloves and Marucci fastpitch gloves are quality made items for players everywhere, from that first pee-wee game to the final championship. 

Why Buy Marucci

Marucci gloves have quality leather and feature overall high value. Our customers have found Marucci gloves to be game ready right out of the box. Check out Marucci’s catcher’s mitts to see exactly how they claimed their place on our top list.



All Star Mitts

Shop All Star Mitts

The Brand

Family-owned and focused on quality and detail, All-Star gloves are most known for their catcher's mitts. The company holds the patents for wraparound shins, triple knees on leg guards, lightweight wire masks, and adjustable batter's helmets. Their flagship Pro Elite mitts feature very stiff leather, which guarantees pro performance season-after-season. The Pro Guard Padding (PGP) provides exceptional protection on defense against batted balls. This defensive design is just one of the many reasons All-Star gloves stand above the rest.

Why Buy All-Star

All Star gloves know how to serve catchers both young and old. And it seems like we can’t say enough about All Star’s Pro Elite Series Catcher’s Mitt, so we’ll just let a reviews speak for itself...

"The best catchers mitt made. Provides excellent protection for the thumb. The ball sounds great into the glove." - JG Customer, Baseball Nut



Akadema Gloves

Shop Akadema Gloves

The Brand

Although they do not have a timeline of history as long as brands like Wilson and Rawlings, Akadema has accomplished alot since they were founded in the late 1990s. With a number of patents, they have been able to be truly innovative within the baseball and softball markets as they have found new ways to construct glove patterns! This innovation has allowed them to craft youth gloves extremely well and they are one of the top vendors sold at JustGloves for youth players!

Why Buy Akadema

With Akadema, you’re guaranteed a glove like no other. As mentioned above, they work hard to implement new ideas and ensure top-quality gloves. The emphasis on performance from their advisory staff (which has included professional players) gives Akadema something they cannot put a price on. Simply put, they care about performance.




Shop Mizuno Gloves

The Brand

Mizuno was started in Japan in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno and the glove company has dazzled baseball, fastpitch and slow pitch players for 100 plus years! The company has always prided itself on providing high-quality equipment for players of all ages. And like Akadema, they are one of our top vendors for youth players. Their Prospect gloves are built for small hands, are butter soft and close super easily from day one of use. However, they deliver for older players too! Check out their Pro Select line if you are an older player wanting a high quality Mizuno. You won't be disappointed!

Why to Buy Mizuno

Mizuno provides high quality and game ready gloves. Our customers love the comfort and ease of use found with Mizuno gloves. See what they’re all about by checking out our Mizuno stock.


Shoeless Joe

Shoeless Joe Gloves

Shop Shoeless Joe

The Brand

Headquartered in Hays, Kansas, Shoeless Joe crafts modern day ball gloves that have a vintage look to them. All Shoeless Joe gloves are handmade with special aged Antique Tobacco Leather that is hand rubbed with old time ingredients to bring a certain amount softness to the leather and a very distinct scent. They feature their Professional Series gloves which perform like modern gloves, but with a retro look. Meanwhile, they also have their Golden Age gloves that are true throwbacks and looks like gloves used in bygone eras of baseball.

Why Buy Shoeless Joe

Our customers delight at the vintage designs of Shoeless Joe gloves. The high-quality leather matches the jaw-dropping looks to create an incredible product that impresses youth and adult players. Customers are consistently shocked at the underrated nature of Shoeless Joe gloves so we’ll just confirm: they’re pretty awesome. Check out our Shoeless Joe collection!.


Thank you for taking the time to read through our entire list of top baseball glove brands. If you still have some questions please know that our JustGloves Glove Experts are standing by to get you the help you need. Please call them at 1-866-321-4568, email them via or LIVE CHAT them right here.

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