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Glove Review: Nokona Alpha Select Youth Baseball Glove (S-200)

Glove Review: Nokona Alpha Select Youth Baseball Glove (S-200)


The perfect youth glove.

Best youth baseball glove ever.

This love gets better and better.

The love affair for Nokona's Alpha Select youth baseball glove (S-200) started in 2016 when the glove was introduced. Youth players, parents, coaches, and visitors still rave about the glove. It remains the highest reviewed youth glove on our site. In this glove review, reviews the S-200 and why it's considered the best youth baseball glove.


Like all Nokona gloves, the Nokona Alpha Select S-200 is proudly made in Nocona, Texas. This glove is made from a combination of Nokona proprietary leathers -- American Buffalo (aka, bison) and Stampede, which makes the glove very soft. Additionally, the 11.25 inch size allows the glove to be used at any position on the field. Other key features of the Nokona S-200 include:

Nokona s200.jpg

  • One of the highest quality youth gloves on the market.
  • 11.25 (+/- 0.25) inch pattern is perfect for smaller hands.
  • Buffalo and Stampede leather construction provides a soft feel.
  • Made in the USA in Nocona, Texas.
  • Modified T-web provides reinforcement, along with the open back.
  • Nolera composite padding system for a lighter feel than traditional felt with similar absorption characteristics.
  • Youth fit, so it has small hand opening and tighter finger stalls.

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The top-of-the-line leathers give this Nokona Alpha Select youth baseball glove ideal structure, perfect weight, and an easy break-in. Nokona has built a reputation for providing the highest quality gloves, but the Nokona Alpha Select S-200 baseball glove has surpassed their lofty expectations. Here are what players and customers have said about the glove:

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With the most 5-star customer reviews for a youth baseball glove, Nokona's S-200 youth model has established itself as one of the best youth gloves on the market. Quick break-in, quality leather construction, and part of Nokona's popular glove series (Alpha Select), this youth glove will continue to be a popular choice on baseball fields.

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