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  • 11.25 (+/- 0.25) Inch Pattern

  • Modified T-Web

  • Free Shipping!

  • Youth Fit - Smaller Hand Opening, Tighter Finger Stalls

  • Made in the USA - Since 1934 (Nocona, TX)

  • Constructed with Buffalo and Stampede Leathers

  • Open Back

  • One (1) Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Weight: Approx. 475 g

  • Nolera Composite Padding System - Lighter Feel than Traditional Felt with Similar Absorption Characteristics

Introducing Nokona's Alpha Select Series! Constructed from top-of-the-line leathers, Stampede and Buffalo for ideal structure, weight, and very easy break-in. The combination of these two proprietary Nokona leathers makes these gloves ready for play right off the shelf without any need for steaming. Nokona has built a reputation for providing the highest quality gloves made with top grade leathers, that are made right here in the U.S.A. For over 75 years, Nokona has been making their product in Nocona, Texas where the people have dedicated their lives to providing the highest quality ball glove for players that demand excellence. This is their legacy. Since 1934, Nokona has been producing ball gloves for America's pastime right here in the United States.

This Nokona Alpha Select Series: S-200 Youth features an Approximate 11.25" Pattern, Modified Trap Web, and is one of the highest quality Youth gloves available today. Nokona: America's Pastime. American Made.


Nokona extends a twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty on all their gloves. If you buy a Nokona from JustGloves and experience an issue that may have come from defective workmanship or material, be sure and let the JustGloves Glove Experts know. The Glove Experts are trained in product and warranty knowledge. They will be happy to assist with providing directions for a warranty return to Nokona.

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Overall Rating
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Overall Rating

Pros: My 7-year old son loves this glove! He has a smaller frame (60 lbs) but was able to break in this glove rather quickly compared to other "cheaper-priced" gloves. This is the best youth all leather glove in the market....hands down! What do you expect from Nokana, but the highest quality?

Cons: None. This glove will last my son for years....and when he outgrows this one, I will look to buy another Nokona glove!

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Overall Rating

Pros: Great glove for my 8 year old. He loves it. He mostly plays infield. Hopefully the size will last him a few years, because the glove gets better and better. Made in USA.

Cons: Maybe a little small for outfielders.

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Overall Rating
Randy G.

Pros: Got this wonderful Nokona S200 glove for my 11 year old son, along with a glove car kit and the Nokona lanolin based oil. Upon initial inspection it was obvious this was a premium quality glove, and flexible. I applied a light coat of the oil and then wrapped the glove with bands and a ball inside. The following day my son again inspected the glove and it was very soft and flexible. He plays for the local youth baseball program in Indiana that has produced the little league state champion in 2007,'11, '12, and '13 and he demonstrated to coaches and players how the Nokona is an outstanding glove for any young player. I try to always select top gear for my son as he is a real "gamer". This glove is awesome and it is tops!

Cons: None at all. My son has 4 really good gloves, and one perfect glove ... the Nokona Alpha Select Series S200. To all Dads I fully recommend you purchase this glove if you want the best for your little league player.

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Overall Rating

Pros: I never rate anything, so take that for what its worth. This glove is the best youth glove I've ever seen. Most standard youth gloves after they break in the child cant catch the ball because the glove just flops and has no stability. This is a real glove for a child, great quality, and made in U.S.A by the best glove maker, what more can you ask for. You will save money by spending a little more now and it will show on the field. You have the quality of a professional adult glove for a child, I commend Nokona. P.S. My child is 8,and no comparison to old glove. Boy or Girl buy this glove.

Cons: NONE! Had to adjust the wrist flap, but that's expected. Glove came soft, after about a week of break in period, the glove is ready and will last until she grows out of it. { just gloves offers a video on how to break a glove in for those who have trouble. Take the time to break it in wright.]

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Overall Rating
Nokona Fan

Pros: The leather is top notch. Glove size comes in smaller than other brands. Takes time to break in, but once broken in it's awesome. My son will have this glove for a long time.

Cons: None. Best glove on the market for youths.

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Overall Rating
Excellent Quality amanda61904 parent

Pros: We got this glove for our six year old-a gift from his papa. We talked to the online help at justballgloves to get the right glove for him. It is amazing! The quality of the leather is outstanding. We were concerned that it would take him a while to get it broken in, it hasnt taken much time at all. He is actually using it at practice now. He currently plays 8U ball and covers first. The craftsmanship is terrific with this glove. We couldnt find a youth nokona locally so we trusted the site and gave it a try-buying a glove off the internet was new to us but we couldnt be more pleased.

Cons: none

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Overall Rating
Beautiful glove Baseball Mom parent

Pros: My son got this glove a few months ago and has loved using it. He just turned 7, and is having a great time with it. His old glove is a Mizuno prospect series which is very easy to close--this new glove only took a few days to really get the hang of. He has had it for a few months now during the off season and has built his game day ready confidence up in this glove. The leather is very good quality, so soft. we have conditioned it Nokona glove conditioner and that is the only conditioner we will use, super nice. When purchasing, I had concerns about the weight as I knew it was a higher quality of leather than our Mizuno but the glove is not too heavy. He used to get some stingers in his hand with the Mizuno but hasnt had any with this nokona. He plays first base and SS. We love this glove, the quality makes me want to upgrade my own.

Cons: no cons-pricey but its quality and well crafted.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Bough this glove a year ago for my then 8 year old and it is definitely worth the money! My son plays travel ball and this glove is still in great shape a year later. Very high quality and worth the money...I was nervous about the high cost, but am glad I took the risk.

Cons: High cost (my son is left handed so we have fewer options). A little longer break in time than some less durable options (we did NOT use steam or other quick tricks).

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Overall Rating
Little Ball player

Pros: I bought this for my little ball player because it seems as if we had to replace his glove after every season. Within four days we had his glove broken in and he absolutely loves it. Well worth the money and he should not need another glove for some time.

Cons: Not one

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Overall Rating

Pros: Light-weight, game-ready, AND it looks and feels this good!? How is that possible??? My 10 year old fell in love instantly. You can tell it is carefully handcrafted. Made in the US! Best quality glove I have seen in a long time.

Cons: None. Paying for quality.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Great glove for my 8 year old. He is on the smaller side at 4 foot tall and 55 pounds. I had to adjust the wrist strap to fit tighter. It fits his hand great now and already broken in within less than a week. He's catching great with it. If you are looking for the next step up in glove performance then this is the way to go. Much much more padding in the palm compared to his old mizuno prospect glove. Spend the extra money as this glove will last for years to come!!!

Cons: None at all!

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Overall Rating

Pros: The best youth glove on the market. Take your time to break it in, this glove is well worth it. Very happy with my purchase. My 7 year old son loves this bad boy!! It's soft but sturdy at the same time. The inside is made for a smaller hand. Just a great glove. Made in Texas!!!

Cons: None

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Overall Rating

Pros: Bought this glove for my 9 year old after a lot of research. I have to say it is exactly what the reviews say it is - Five star! Great quality and durable. Broke in fairly quick and he uses it daily. My advice is to spend the extra money on this glove and be happy in the long run!


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Overall Rating

Pros: This is an amazing glove. Fits perfect on a small 6 year olds hand, breaks in easy, and is high quality leather. Made in America.. it is everything we expected. My son plays travel tournament ball and has been making great plays. He is a short stop and this is perfect for a young infielder!!!

Cons: none. Pricey but well worth it.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Perfect size for my grandson--8 yrs.old will probably be passed down when he outgrows it. Great Nokona quality will last.

Cons: Still a little stiff even though I bought it used.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Awesome glove for 7-9 year old. The glove was easy to break in.

Cons: It's a Nokona, of course there will be no cons! :-)

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Overall Rating
Jami Lula

Pros: My son was SO excited to get his Nokona. Well I originally bought the Nokona Pro Line Series: PL1200C thinking he could grow into it. Then I talked to some dads and they were talking about how kids are using gloves too big and bats too heavy. Ouch! So we returned the 1200C and got this S200 He is ecstatic about it. He practicallly slept with it. He has had it for a couple weeks and conveniently left his Rawlings mitt at home "by accident daddy" so he played with the Nokona on Tuesday of this week. It has broken in easily.

Cons: Now I want one and that 1200C fit me ...well.. like a glove. I guess my birthdays coming soon!

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Overall Rating

Pros: Fits my 6 year old very well. He absolutely loves this glove. Now I own 3 nokona gloves. Was afraid to spend $250 on a kids glove. Won't hesitate again. For the most part you get what you pay for. Oh yeah made in the good old USA. Very hard to find today.

Cons: Wish I would have bought sooner

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Overall Rating

Pros: Excellent glove for my eight year old grandson who plays tournament ball. Glove was broke in within two days. Compared this to the Wilson A2000 and the Rawlings Heart of Hide. The Nokona was much softer and practically ready to use upon arrival. I will purchase more Nikona gloves in the future.


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Overall Rating

Pros: The only word that comes to mind is quality. You are buying a glove made by craftsman with the fit and performance you would expect from a company who has specialized in gloves for more than 70 years.


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Overall Rating

Pros: Great construction and material! Bought this glove for my 7 year old son and it's his first quality glove. Was a little apprehensive spending that much for a 7 year old.... but you get what you pay for and the glove should last for many, many seasons. They call it "game ready" and it almost is. My son is a little smaller for his age, but after some conditioning and playing catch.... he was good to go. I even think the new glove has boosted his confidence!


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Overall Rating
Norm in AZ

Pros: First off, Justballgloves.com customer service is outstanding. What company answers product question emails within an hour on Sundays? They do!! As for the glove... a parent cannot do more, equipment wise, for their slugger than to get them this glove. It ain't cheap, but you'll forget the cost as soon as you first hold it in your hands. You will not need to condition this glove for break in, just play catch 3 or 4 times and your done. I have my own Nokona, but I now find myself a little jealous of my son's new toy. You WILL NOT regret this purchase.

Cons: NONE

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Overall Rating
Great Glove! Brady Y parent

Pros: My nine year old loves his Nokona! Great quality. Quick break-in. Very happy with this glove.

Cons: The glove loosened up a bit at wrist. the other con is that I wasn't aware of Nokona during my college careeer.

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Overall Rating

Pros: I got this for my 9 year old son and he loves it. We had it broke in within two weeks and the quality is top notch. This is a glove that if you take care of it, he will be able to pass it down to his kid

Cons: None

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Overall Rating
Coach D

Pros: Well made with perfect fit for a younger player. Reasonable break in period. Sturdy yet flexible (unlike many youth gloves that are just floppy). Instant boost in fielding confidence.

Cons: A little pricey.

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Overall Rating
Great Quality BigBip

Pros: Bought this glove for my 9 year old player. Amazing quality. Seriously, you have no idea until you have actually seen and touched it. Craftsmanship unreal. Will last for years. Your player will outgrow it before you need to replace it that is for sure.

Cons: Sadly, I had to return it. Believe what everyone says, these gloves run small. As soon as I took it out of the box it looked like a youth model. If you have a young 8 year old...perfect. But mine will be 10 soon. It was not 11" Maybe 10 3/8". It just would not have been around more than 2 seasons before my son grow out of it. JBG was amazing about the return. No questions asked. Even paid for the return. Top notch company. Don't let this dissuade you on Nokona. Get one! You will not regret it. I have already ordered his replacement.

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Overall Rating
love the glove! Heather parent

Pros: We got the glove so fast! my son and husband were very excited to get it! This glove is awesome! my son loves the glove! The glove is worth every cent we paid for it!

Cons: We have no cons! This glove will last for years to come!

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Overall Rating

Pros: The glove comes ready to go. It does not require a lot to form a pocket

Cons: We Purchased two of these gloves. We wanted to give it a fair shot but we are forced to try something else out. First glove had an issue with the thumb. The leather was so soft that the fingers would fold out with every catch. Second glove, even after buying a mallet to help form a pocket my son was constantly complaining about his pointer finger getting stung with every catch. This glove has zero padding and if you play catch with someone that can bring it... it will sting ya. This glove is probably designed with the younger players in mind who are not throwing hard. We are going to give NOKONA a 3rd try and see about getting a glove with a little more leather on it so he can enjoy the glove quality.

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Overall Rating
Impressed JDBall parent

Pros: Best feeling glove we have bought thus far. was hesitant on spending this much on a glove but we have not been disappointed. My son who is 9 was able to begin using the glove immediately without a "break in" process. This allowed for a more natural break in. He loves it so far and we feel like it serves both infield and outfield well.

Cons: None so far!

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Overall Rating
Awesome Glove! Duke Morrison player

Pros: I will start with the quick delivery of the glove! As advertised, the glove was ready right out of the box! We applied the conditioner and after two days of playing catch, the glove plays like one my son had for two years! My son just turned 8 and is an above average ball player who deserves the best and guess what, he now has the best youth glove on the market! Hands down, this is the best glove on the market for youth play and is American made! What more can you say.....

Cons: Nothing, when is the last time you could say that?

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Overall Rating

Pros: Great return policy on the Nokona gloves. I bought my 6 year old son a Nokona 11.25 thinking he was able to handle the squeeze even broken in. My son placed for a week and I conditioned the glove. the ball kept slipping or bouncing out of the glove . I requested a return via website and was approved immediately with shipping label pre-paid return UPS. When JustBallGloves received the glove they sent out on the same day the correct size 10.50. I should have listened to the Coach Doctor and other reviews but I listened to my wife that said he would grow into it. It should arrive on Wednesday. Great Customer Service and Product.

Cons: None

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Overall Rating
S 200 Jones coach

Pros: Awesome glove! Breaks in super easy. Great leather and weight!

Cons: Has little padding

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Overall Rating
7 year old machine pitcher Tommy Monk parent

Pros: Do not worry about price BUY IT! NO break-in improved my sons catching by 60% in a weeks time. I realize the glove is more important than the bat. He has made some game saving plays. Leather smell unlike any other gloves. BUY A NOKONA!

Cons: None

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Overall Rating

Pros: This glove is awesome!


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Overall Rating

Pros: Removed the glove from the box and immediately knew this glove was the right choice! My son is 9-1/2, 54" tall and 92 lbs. First impressions are outstanding the leather is high quality and isn't as bulky as other gloves. As soon as he was off the bus I re-laced it to the smallest wrist opening and he was off and running. Thirty minutes of catch later and it was already starting to form and break-in to his hand. His glove before was a 11-1/2 Mizuno and this glove fits better and with room to grow without sacrificing functionality.

Cons: To soon to say, but I'm going to say no cons, this glove has no equal!

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Overall Rating

Pros: My 7-year old is in love with his new Nokona mitt!!! He is in his second season of player pitch and will be playing 8U in the Fall. I wanted to get him a quality infield glove that he could grow in to and play with for the remainder of his little league career. What a huge step up this is from his 10.5" Rawlings Savage mitt. Even better, made in the USA!!!

Cons: Zippie. It's expensive but the craftsmanship is amazing. For a glove that is going to be used countless times over the next five years, worth every penny and then some.

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Overall Rating
Baseball Mom

Pros: My son loves his glove. It's very soft and was easy to break in.

Cons: The lacing around the web is horrible and broke in two different places after one season of 10U use. It has been kept indoors in a bat bag, so it wasn't caused by carelessness. Disappointed that the warranty for such a great product is only one year. The laces broke right at the one year.

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Overall Rating
Nokona David

Pros: I purchased this glove for my currently 9 year old lefty son playing 10U travel this fall. He needed a new glove for outfield and even though he's tall for his age, he didn't like the heavy feel of some of the 11-1/2" gloves he tried on. I spent a lot of time researching since the quality options for 11-1/2" and smaller are way more limited for left hand throw. I have a Rawlings Gamer so I purchased a pro taper Gamer in 11-1/2" and this S-200 for him to try out. My son tried them both, but there was no changing his mind once he put on the S-200 - it is the nicest youth glove I have ever seen. One week of playing catch and he was using it in games. You simply can't beat JustBallGloves' policy of being able to try the glove out first either. We also tried the Nokona S-222 but it's considerably bigger so we returned it without any hassle.

Cons: None - the glove is expensive but you get what you pay for with baseball gloves. Ours measured about 11" but is NOT a small kids glove - fantastic pocket.

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Overall Rating



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Overall Rating
horrible glove Johnny Baseball parent

Pros: NONE

Cons: The youth glove isnt worth the money. i bought this glove last year for my 8 year old at the time. He is in a traveling league so needless to say the glove got a lot of use. As of today one year later I have sent back the glove bc it is falling apart. The fingers on the glove are spreading apart the lacing has falling apart. The ball will not stay in the glove. You would think this glove was 5 years old by its parents now. Not only that but Nokona them self has lost the glove its been 4 weeks since I have seen the glove and who knows how much longer. They are very unprofessional on the phone and rude. They have taken down my name and told me several times we will call you back but i have never heard from them. Needless do NOT recommend this glove to anyone nor this brand. Just for gloves should even sale this glove. 250.00 dollars down the drain.

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Overall Rating

Pros: my 8 year old son loves his new glove. Got him a nice glove for getting straight A's all year. Breaking it in was very easy. Had it ready for the field only after a week of catch and working the leather. The youth size is perfect for kids smaller hands. Awesome!!

Cons: Maybe a little light in padding in the palm area, but easy to get used. only other thing is that it is too small for me to use, might have to get adult size for me!

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Overall Rating
7yr old glove Trent C. parent

Pros: Im one of "those guys" that read everything before buying and it was clear this was the best glove for my son. He is 6, almost 7, and is growing out of the best 5-6 yr old glove (Shoeless Joe 10" model). This glove exceeds expectations and should be good for 7-9 yr olds (obviously age/size depending) and possibly older. If you're a cheapo- there may be a better model- but you cannot go wrong with this glove. Just order one and quit searching like I did. Play ball!

Cons: None

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Overall Rating
great for my 7 year old joel parent

Pros: easy to break in, was ready for game use right away and is doing well with it in games. comfortable on the hand

Cons: price. obviously.

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Overall Rating
Great Glove, Easy Break In

Pros: Easy break in, well manufactured and holding up well.

Cons: It's expensive

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Overall Rating
11u player

Pros: Just received the glove. It looks nice and is comparable in size to my son's 11.25 Rawlings.

Cons: It's light, but feels cheap. Will reserve final judgement for play time with it, but I can't see how this glove costs as much as it does. It doesn't have great padding in the palm.

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Overall Rating

Pros: My 8 year old son plays PONY and this is his favorite glove. Pretty much game ready out of the box. Really light glove and perfect for small hands.

Cons: The leather seems "dry" maybe because the leather is not pretreated. Palm padding is thin, but you aren't supposed to catch with your palm anyways, you wont feel any sting if you catch correctly at the web. My son prefers thin palms due to lighter weight. The laces seems really thin, but have no issues whatsoever with it so far.

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Overall Rating
great real glove for committed player Age7+ John S. coach

Pros: its a good glove and it will be easy to break in. i looked at some other quality gloves that would takesome additional hours. we dont have many innings on it yet so have not trullt been able to fully see it perform. quality leather and quality construction that my son can hopefully use for several more years. usa made is a good feature.

Cons: its expensive and id make sure your player is committed, and wants to break it in and ownthe processs. should be as simple as playing catch and fielding practice.

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Overall Rating
Jack L.

Pros: Breaks in quickly yet made of the highest quality leather, made in the U.S.A. and they flat out make the best youth gloves period. My son used the 10.25 Buffalo from age 4-7 and has been using this one now for about 6 months and its worth every penny.

Cons: These gloves are on the more expensive end. I still believe they are well worth it.

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Overall Rating

Pros: My 10 year old Grandson really loves the glove. Read all instructions on care and breaking in. I reasearched gloves, found your website (gave it to coaches) He will use and treasure this glove until he outgrows it, then get full size. Thanks Nokona.


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Overall Rating

Pros: I have researched ball gloves for a long time before buying 10 year old grandson Nokona. This is finest made in Texas glove. He will get larger one when he out grows this one, pass this to his son.

Cons: Pricy

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Overall Rating
STAY AWAY Coach J coach

Pros: I bought this Glove for my 9U player. At first he loved this glove. It breaks in extremely easy.

Cons: This glove didnt even make it past its warranty before I had to send it back in and have it rebuilt. The glove did not even make it a year in travel baseball. It is NOT worth the money. The Youth leather isnt even close to the Adult leather. The pocket becomes extremely sloppy within three months. If you are playing house league it may work fine. Travel parents stay away from this glove.

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Overall Rating
Very nice glove J Parent

Pros: Bought for my 8 year old son he is small frame 51” 60lbs glove fit him great had to adjust the wrist. easy to break in we used the Nokona glove conditioner and a mallet plus a lot of catch. Great quality

Cons: A little pricey

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Overall Rating
glove kyle Other

Pros: My 10 year old son loved this glove. It had very good leather and was top quality.

Cons: The padding could be stronger.

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Overall Rating
Quality Glove RJ Parent

Pros: Extremely quick break-in period, practically game ready within a week of just playing catch, will last long enough for my 10 year old to pass down to his own kid, looks and feels great.

Cons: Price

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Overall Rating
Youth glove Robert Brunt Parent

Pros: Nice and soft, breaks in quick. Quality is excellent and USA made! This is the fifth Nikons glove I have purchased.

Cons: None at this time

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Overall Rating
nice glove for my 10 yr old son jimmie young Parent

Pros: great quality leather and comfortable fit

Cons: needs more padding in palm area

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No results. If you searched for a specific term, please broaden your search. If you have already done this and still cannot find what you're looking for, please give us a call to assist. Thanks!

Have a question about the Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200M Youth? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

My son will be playing on a 12U Select team starting in the Spring and he wants to be able to use whatever glove we choose until he reaches high school, which is 3 years away. He plays 2nd base and center field. Would you recommend the S-200 or S-300 glove or would be better off going with a normal Nokona 11.75 Glove?
Venom Baseball Club
The Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 is best suited for a younger player that plays infield. The Nokona Alpha Select Series: S300 would be a better option for his age and positions.
What is the actual size of this glove? It says 11.00"-11.50".
Nokona gloves are hand made and can vary in sizes. The Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 can be a 11.00" to a 11.50" glove.
How is the padding in this glove? I'm trying to pick between Akadema AGR215-12 and this one. I like that it's USA made.
The buffalo and stampede leathers used in the Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 provides excellent padding. It also provides an easy break-in.
My son plays outfield/ pitches and a little shortstop, he is 12 yrs old but small for age, has trouble with finding gloves that fit wrist area, will this glove work for his positions?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 is normally recommended for a an infielder. However, if he has smaller hands, the Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 would be a good option for him.
What size, 10.5" or 11" or 11.5" is more appropriate for a 9 year old?
Based on his age, our charts recommend a 11.00" model like the Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 glove. For further information on sizing, please visit our Glove Coach at http://www.justballgloves.com/glove-coach/
I have a 7 year old that plays 2nd and 3rd base. I really like the S200, but not sure if it would be too big? He is average size for his age. Any help would be great.
Unfotunately, the Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 is probably too big for a 7 year old. The recommended size for a 7 year old is 10". I would consider the Nokona Alpha Select Series: S100 as it will be a little smaller.
John H
My oldest son is 8 and plays both shortstop and center field. He had a 10 inch glove last year and is seemed a little small for him. Will the S200 be the versatile glove he needs?
war eagle
Yes, the Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 will be a good versatile glove choice for his age.
The product description for this glove (Nokona Alpha Select Series S200) states the size is 11.00" to 11.50". Can we purchase an 11.00", 11.25", or 11.50", or is it a crap-shoot which size we get because the glove is hand-made?
This Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 is listed with an approximate pattern size because of the hand-made construction. Nokona acknowledged that many of its Youth models in previous years deviated in size enough for them to list this range for the Alpha Select Series. The S100, S200, and S300 are the three different pattern sizes for the Alpha Select Series. All gloves are measure prior to being assembled, so some may differ in size a bit more than others depending on their construction.
My son is 9 and is starting a travel baseball team. I was looking at the Nokona gloves and the Shoeless Joe gloves. Could you recommend one over the other and tell me the model that fits him. I wanted to originally go with the Shoeless Joe, but reviews showed the youth 1000 being kind of small for a 6 -7 year old. I was hoping to find a glove around 11"-11.50".
The Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 would be a great fit. It would be created for a youth player needing the exact 11"-11.50" size. I would definitely recommend this model for you. The Buffalo and Stampede leathers are very durable and easily broken in.
Is this glove too small for a 12 year old that plays outfield and pitches? He is 5 ft and 90 lbs.
The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) would be too small for a 12 year old. We recommend the Nokona Alpha Select Series (S300) for his age and positions.
My daughter is 7. She has been playing softball for 3 years. She has an 11" Cat Osterman. Will this glove handle a softball as well as a fastpitch glove?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 does not have a large enough pocket for a softball. We recommend using a fastpitch glove.
Will you have a right hand throw available?
We are expecting to get additional right hand thrower gloves in the Nokona Alpha Select (S200) in stock. It could take two to four weeks to get them in stock.
Is it too small for a 13 year old 5' 7" kid?
The best way to determine the correct glove size is based on the players age and position. For sizing information check out our Glove Coach http://www.justballgloves.com/glove-coach/
When will this glove be back in stock?
We expect to receive the Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) within the next two weeks. We will update our website when the item arrives in our warehouse.
Is this glove good for an outfielder?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) would be ideal for youth players at all positions.
Gary T.
Would this glove be too big for a 6 year old? If so what glove would you recommend?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) would be a good size for a youth player and should fit his smaller hand well. The Alpha Select is one of the top of the line youth gloves available.
How heavy is the glove compared other gloves for younger kids? My boy is 8 and about 60 pounds. He has been playing with the Mizuno Prospect for the last 3 years. I just don't want to buy a glove that will be too heavy for him.
Mike, tx
The high quality leather on the Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) makes it slightly heavier than some other youth models but not by a large margin. It should still be fine for the player to use.
What is the best glove for a 70 pound 4'7" girl that plays pitcher and shortstop? She is almost 9 years old. I only see baseball reviews for this glove.
The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) is considered a Youth baseball glove, so the pocket may not be large enough for softball. We recommend a fastpitch glove, and based on her age and positons, an 11" pattern would be ideal. Here is a link to some great fast pitch models to check out: http://goo.gl/ryUC3P.
My son is going to be 12 plays outfield + 2nd base he's 4' 7" and 85 lbs. Is this a good fit for him or do you recommend something else?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) is a great option for a 12 year old playing outfield and second base.
Would the S100 or S200 be a better fit for my 7 1/2 yr old son? He plays infield and weighs just over 50 lbs. I'd like to get a couple of years out of the glove.
Based on his age and position, we recommend that he use a 10" glove. The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S100) ranges from 10"-10.75", so that glove may be the better option of the two size wise for your son. Sizing is preferential, however, the S200 may be a too large for him.
My son is 7 now and is very tall and strong for his age. He uses an 11 inch glove at 3rd base and does very well with it. I want one of these Alpha Select Series gloves for him but I just do not know which size to buy. I would like to get three years out of it if possible.
I would advise going with the 11.2-11.5" size for the Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200). Both of those sizes can be used for multiple years.
Do you know what the weight of the s100 and s200 is?
The weight of the Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) and the Nokona Alpha Select Series (S100) can vary due to their hand made nature. Weighing one would not guarantee that that would be the weight that you get. They are of standard weight for a premium quality leather glove.
How long should this glove last?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) has extremely high quality leather that, if cared for properly, should retain its shape for a long time and perform well.
Would this glove be too large for my 6 year old grandson?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) is a youth sized glove that is made to fit smaller hands so it could work for your player. However, the smaller sized Nokona Alpha Select Series (S100) may be a bit easier for them to maneuver and use.
Would this be a good pitching glove for a high school senior?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) is made for a youth sized hand. By that age and level of play, it would be expected that the player will be moved on to an adult style glove.
Does the S200 glove come in the 11.50" size?
Because the Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) is made by hand, each particular model can vary slightly in pattern size. This model will be around 11.25", but some may be closer to 11.50". The (S200) would be the closest they have to offer for that pattern size: http://www.justballgloves.com/products/glove%20type~youth/?s=nokona.
I have an 8 yr. Old going on 9 he is small for his age and weighs. Only 52 pounds small hand but been playing all his life, plays a lot of travel ball. Should I use S100 or S200 ?
The biggest diffence between the two gloves is that Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 has a 11.00 - 11.50 inch pattern and the Nokona Alpha Select Series: S100 features a 10.00 - 10.75 Inch Pattern. For a nine year old we recommenced a 11.00 inch pattern.
How many grams does the glove weigh?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) weighs approximately 475 grams.
Can I get this glove to stay flared, or is it too soft of leather?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) should retain its shape due to the high quality buffalo and stampede leather it features
Is this glove durable and is it any good for a shortstop?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) is a youth model glove featuring a short break-in period as well as a utility infield pattern.
I have a 10 year old that is 48" tall and 50 lbs. Is the S100 or S200 more size appropriate. He is a middle infielder.
Reese's Dad
We would recommend the Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) which is an 11.00" model for his age.
Is this a good size for a 10 year old pitcher/outfielder?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) would be a great option for a 10 year old. This glove is for infield and outfield play.
What size should my 7 yr old use? He is playing machine pitch and is a big kid. 100 or 200? I wanted him to be able to use it for a couple of years.
Alex J
We would recommend the Nokona Alpha Select Series (S200) for your son. This will allow him to get a couple of years use out of it.
My son is 9 years old and I'm not sure what size to get him. Can you help me out please?
We would recommend him use an 11" glove. This could be increased by a little bit if he played outfield, but sticking around 11" would be your best option.
My grandson is 11 year old. Is this glove suitable for him?
Yes, the Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove (S-200) Youth would work well for a 11 year old player.
My son plays 10U major. He is a left fielder and pitcher. He has a glove he used for pitching, but needs a new outfielders glove. He was wanting an 11.5" model. What would you suggest?
prodigy baseball
If you guys wanted a model of Nokona that comes with a youth fitting and is intended for outfield use, I would recommend the Nokona Alpha Select Plus Series Baseball Glove (S-7) over this Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove (S-200 Youth). The S-7 model is at a longer 12.25" length, but could definitely be used in the outfield and on the mound by a player.
My son just turned 8 and plays travel baseball. He currently uses the Nokona S-100 which he has been using for 2 years. How do I know if it is still the right size for him? If he needs a larger glove, is the S-200 a big enough increase for him?
Bsball Dad
Usually, you know it is the time to switch gloves if the player is complaining about the size or you can see production decrease due to lack of reach in the glove. If your player is not particularly mentioning anything about his current S-100 being too small and it is not apparent he is lacking in his field production, then I would say that he could probably continue to use that glove. However, there will be a time when that S-100 will get too small and at that point, I think this Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove (S-200 Youth) will be the most logical suggestion to get a model that is a step-up in size from the S-100.
I have an 11 year old son. Looking for a glove for third base and pitching (maybe a little outfield). Coach said to look for a 12", but I like this one. Do you think this would work?
This Mom is so confused!
This Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove (S-200 Youth) will come with an approximate 11.25" length to it, which I think will be fine for use by him right now as an 11 year old player at 3rd and pitcher. If you are wanting this glove to last all the way until high school, it may be a stretch. However, I definitely think it will work well for the next couple of seasons. As well, I would note Glove Assurance that can be bought for $29.99. Glove Assurance allows your player to use the glove for 100 days and if he decides it is not the glove for him within 100 days, it can be sent back to us for a full refund.
What does 11.25 (+/-.25) inch mean on a Nokona Alpha Select Series glove S-200 youth mean?
The (+/- .25) on the Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth just indicates that the actual measurement of the glove would be between 11.0" and 11.5"
My son plays 8U travel baseball and I am looking to upgrade his glove to an 11. I am looking at the s-200. Do you recommend this glove and what is the difference between the s-200 and s-200-I youth?
I would highly recommend the Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove (S-200) Youth for an 11 year old needing an 11" glove. The only difference between this one and the Nokona Alpha Select Series (S-200-I) Youth is going to be the webbing. This one has the Modified T-Web while the S-200-I has an I-Web.
My son is 10 1/2. He has a 11.5 now. When should I stop buying a kid's glove and buy the adult size? I am going to buy a Nokona but I do not want to buy a kid's size this year and have it be too small in a year. Any advice?
It really just varies from player to play on when to stop buying youth gloves. Once his hands are pretty comparable to the average adult hands is when I would go with the adult glove. The Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove (S-200 Youth) is a very common option for kids that are ages 10-12 so I think you would be good with this glove for at least a couple years, but it really does cary from player to player.
Trying to decide between the S100 and S200. I know it really varies due to the handmade nature of the gloves, but would you say this glove tend to be closer to 11" or closer to 11.5"?
Mike Jones
Unfortunately, it will be hard to say whether the mitt varies more towards the 11.00" or 11.50" spectrum. This Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove (S-200 Youth) is built with the intention of being an 11.25" mitt. Therefore, if you think he can handle an 11.25" length, I would recommend this glove.
Does the Nokona S-200 require glove conditioner for a proper break-in, or is it easily broken in without using a glove conditioner?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth is a pretty game ready glove from the beginning and you should not need conditioner to break it in. Ideally conditioner would best be used to preserve the leather after the season.
My son is almost 10 and big for his age (typically plays infield). He has an 11.5" glove now that is falling apart. Is 11.5" still an appropriate size for him ?
For a 10 year old playing infield, the 11.00" to 11.5" length of glove should work well for that player's needs. If you are looking for a high-end mitt within the 11.00" to 11.5" length, this Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove (S-200 Youth) would be a glove to consider.
My son is 2 months away from 7 years old. He is tall for his age. 4'4", weighs 66 lbs. Will the S-200 be the right glove for him?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth offers a youth fit, so it would work well for your player.
I am considering the Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove (S-200 Youth) for my 9 year old son (3B and pitcher). I am concerned with some of the comments relating to the glove's limited padding. Is the padding adequate?
I would not let the reviews that mention a "lack of padding" scare you from purchasing this Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove (S-200 Youth). Overall, this S-200 is going to be the best mitt available for a 9 year old player that needs a smaller fitting glove and great leather quality. In my opinion, the palm padding will be adequate. As well, if the ball is consistently being caught in pocket of the mitt (where the palm and webbing meet), the palm padding won't be a factor as the web will be taking most of the impact of the ball.
My son is 8 years old and would love a Nokona Alpha S-200. However, he is left handed and that isn't an option. What do you recommend is comparable?
A glove comparable to the Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth is the Nokona X2 Elite 11.25" Youth Baseball Glove: X2-200M. The Nokona X2 Elite 11.25" Youth Baseball Glove: X2-200M is available in a left hand thrower, features the same web type, web pattern, and fit for a youth player. The difference between the two gloves is the leather used to manufacturer the glove. Both leathers are very high quality but the Nokona X2 Elite 11.25" Youth Baseball Glove: X2-200M features Kangaroo leather which is extremely durable yet very lightweight.
My son is 7 years old, 4", and 46lbs. ive been wanting to upgrade my son from the Mizuno 10' Prospect. His glove has been used for 3 seasons and is well worked in, maybe a little too soft to stop hard hit balls. I want a glove that will fit and last for a few years and im currently looking at the S200. Will this be a good glove to use at his size and get 3 years plus out of it?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth would certainly be an upgrade from the Mizuno Prospect your player has been using, and offers a great fit for a young player. If he was able to get 3 seasons out of the Prospect, he would be able to get at least that much out of the Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth.
What is the difference between S-200 and S-V1?
The major difference between the S-V1 and this Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth is that the S-V1 has an I-Web while the S-200 is going to utilize a modified trapeze web.
Is this the Alpha Select S200 M as seen on the Nokona website? The darker leather looks darker in your pictures. Maybe an older model?
The Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth is the same as the S-200M on Nokona's site. The stock photos were likely just taken with different photo lighting.
I notice on one major retailers website this glove has Alpha Select on the palm of the glove, not the Indian Head logo. It's advertised as the same model glove but the appearance is different with the logo, are they the same?
Jen M
Yes, these would be the same gloves. Nokona has transitioned away from the Indian head logo on all of their models, including the Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth.
Would you recommend this glove or the Wilson A2000 PF88 for an almost 9 year old who is around 53 inches tall and 60 lbs? Would the Wilson feel a lot bigger than the S-200?
The Wilson A2000 PF88 models won't necessarily feel large than the Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth, but it would be much more stiff and difficult for a player at that age to use. I would suggest the Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth over an A2000 for a 9 year old.
When will the right hand thrower be back in stock?
It looks like we have a few models left in the right handed thrower for the Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth.
My 10 yo son has been playing with an S-100 10" for 3 years, and he mainly plays 3rd and pitcher. His level of play is advanced as he's been asked to try out for travel club. I loosened the laces and was able to get the current glove to fit, but don't want to put him at a disadvantage playing a glove that is too small for his age. Hands are normal size for his age. Is the S-200 the next logical size up? What's the perfect size for playing 3rd and pitcher? Thanks.
Jim Agrian
The Nokona S-200 is essentially the same glove as the S-100, just with a different web pattern. Both are Youth models and will have similarly sized wrist openings and finger stalls. If the S-100 is a bit tight, then the S-200 will offer a similar fit. Unfortunately ages 10-12 or 13 are kind of in between, and most manufacturers don't make intermediate gloves. They make either adult or youth. A couple options though would be either the Rawlings Narrow Fit line, or the Wilson Pedroia models. These are designed for intermediate hand sizes. As for glove size, I would probably suggest an 11.5" size for his age. As you get older, 11.75-12" would be the most typical and common size for a 3B/Pitcher.
Kyle J.
My son is 11 and has the s200 11.25 great glove for the last 2 years he complains the fingers are getting tight what would be a great glove to replace?
Scott dooley
With the specs listed, your player may be ready for the Nokona Cobalt 11.5" Baseball Glove: XFT-1150I. However, the finger stalls and wrist opening may be a little too big at first. Some players are able to wear a batting glove under the fielders glove until their hand grows.
I have an 8 year old who is pitching quite a bit right now. Would this be a good all around glove for pitching but also infield positions?
Yes, this Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove (S-200) would be a fantastic option for any position on the field, especially infield and pitcher!
My son is 8, would this be an appropriate size for him? Could he get a couple of years usage out of it based on size? He does not have a large hand but he is definitely big for his age (57" tall and 90 lbs).
Matt Daniels
The Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth would be a great option for a bigger 8 year old and would be a glove they should be able to use until 12 years of age.
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Joe Phillips writes about his visit to Nokona. It was like sitting in at the plantation party in Gone with the Wind or maybe gazing from the grandstand at the “Field of Dreams” while the Black Sox players tried to work out their idled muscle kinks. And, I was gently reminded by the lines in that movie while I dug into a delicious plate of North Texas barbecue: “threshing crews eating at outdoor tables. It continually reminds us of what once was, like an Indian-head penny in a handful of new coins. . . You talk a good dream.” And here I was. . . graciously invited into this magical and charming “Field of Glove-Making Dreams” in former Comanche Indian land at Nocona, Texas. It was a warm August evening, basked in a golden harvest moon, while friends and the Nokona family paid its kindly southern regards to two of their own and two of America’s finest but relatively obscure glove makers, Bobby Storey and Elvin Ray “Ab” Lemons. You see, the pair had just completed fifty years of time-honored employment with Nocona Athletic Goods, the last of the all-American made ball glove company's. The occasion brought echoes of past successes and human contentment, but in Nocona today you still experience much the same American texture of yesterday and perhaps a glimpse into tomorrow as well.

The two stately gentlemen were being honored in a way that could have taken place in the same manner when they first reported for full-time work at Nokona, in 1952, or back even earlier, in 1933 when the company started making sports equipment. During a brief and informal presentation at the celebration, Nokona’s new sales manager called the two glove makers “Legends - because that’s what their ball gloves stood for, American know-how and pride taken in a best-made product.”

A man of few words but a marveled craftsman who could literally conjure a sows ear into a playable baseball mitt, Mr. Lemons got up and fondly recalled the several men he worked with through his half-century and of the training that had been passed along to him from his old bosses.

His counter part and just as talented, Bobby Storey, had filled in at just about every job at Nokona. Bobby, the son of the sporting goods founder, R.E. “Bob” Storey had most recently served as president and now chairman of the board of Nokona. Though past retirement age like Mr. Lemons, he’s now serving at one of his favorite roles, that of ball glove designer.

At a time for employment in this country when five years is considered a long tenure with the same company, Ab and Bobby are not even the first to complete a half-century journey with Nocona Athletics. The now deceased Jewell Brickey, hit that milestone in 1993, after joining the company during World War II. That’s the kind of devotion that employees forge into this glove-making outfit. A devoted and sustained tenure here is not rare. Last year the company advertising, displayed along with Storey and Lemons, three other employees who had garnered 40 years with Nokona, Warren Clary, Bud Meekins, and Melvin Weedin.“

I don’t have to tell you that the one constant through all the years has been baseball”, wrote W.P. Kinsella. And the most constant of ball glove makers has been Nokona, and the men and women there who keep alive the tradition of American craftsmanship of ball glove making. The spirit of glove-making is still alive and well in Nocona, Texas.

Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200M Youth
Color Brown
Feel Soft
Glove Type Baseball Youth
Position Infield Outfield Pitcher All Positions Second Base Short Stop Third Base
Price $200 - $299.99 $200 - $249.99
Series Alpha Select
Size 11.25 11.00 11.50
Sub Type Fielders
Vendor Nokona
Web Type Modified T
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