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Wilson 1787 Pattern Gloves


The Wilson 1787 Gloves Are Excellent For Shortstop & Third Base!

The 1787 pattern from Wilson takes all of the benefits of the Wilson 1786 pattern and adds an extra quarter of an inch to it to bring it to 11.75 inches! These 1787 models provide a great option for third basemen who want a glove to simply stop the ball. The 11.75 inch length gives a 3B more length to knock down a hard hit ball that gives little time for reaction. And the glove's pocket is relatively shallow which allows for an infielder to transfer the ball to their throwing hand with relative ease. Please know that this glove is not limited to 3B's. Shortstops can also use this glove too as more and more players at that position seem to be leaning toward a longer glove that can get to more baseballs that are hit into the hole at a shortstop's left or right.

Lastly, be sure to note that like the 1787 model pictured above, multiple 1787 gloves will come with Wilson's Spin Control technology that has been designed to cut down on ball spin during a catch. Thus making it more difficult for a ball to come out of a player's grip during a catch!

Wilson A2000 Spin Control 1787 11.75" Baseball Glove: WBW1004001175 $209.95 Price was: $299.95
Wilson A2K Spin Control 1787 11.75" Baseball Glove: WBW1004101175 $259.95 Price was: $399.95
Wilson A2K 1787 11.75" Baseball Glove: WBW1008911175 $279.95 Price was: $399.95

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