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Youth Gloves | Everything You Need to Know

From playing catch in your front yard to turning double plays on the diamond, now is the perfect time to gear up for the season. And if you have a youngster looking to play ball, they must have the proper glove to take on the season. We've written about our favorite youth gloves before, but we've never taken the time to break down the tips to buying a glove for a new player. So before you play your first game of catch with your son or daughter, be sure to give this a quick read-through.

Youth Glove Buying Tips

If you are looking to get your young player a new baseball or softball glove, here's what you need to know.

  1. Cheaper gloves are easier to break-in
  2. Young players often overgrow their gloves within a few seasons
  3. Don't feel like you have to buy the most expensive glove
  4. Buy a glove with a smaller wrist opening to give your player the best control
  5. Youth softball gloves will be larger than youth baseball gloves because the softballs they catch are bigger in size & weight compared to baseballs
  6. Add Glove Assurance to any purchase at JustGloves to give yourself 100 days to try your new glove, risk-free.

Equipment Checklist

Grab all the equipment you'll need to take the field. New baseball players and softball players will need each of the following:

  1. Youth Bat
  2. Youth Glove
  3. Cleats
  4. Bat Bag (optional)

Youth Glove Buyer's Guide

For those needing to buy a new glove for a young baseball player, here's our start kit with glove buying essentials.

Glove Prep

For anyone that has ever owned a baseball glove, you know how daunting glove break-in can be. It can take weeks or even months before your glove is ready for game action. So we decided to create a program to help you out of the box. With our Trusted Glove Prep, we prepare your glove for the best possible break-in. Here's what your youth glove will receive:

  • Intentional actions explicitly tailored to your glove
  • Pre-applied oil for longer-lasting durability
  • Softer, more supple leather upon arrival
  • Preparation without ever putting our hands inside your glove
  • A glove ready for a custom break-in to your player's hand 

Glove Care Kit

Built by ballplayers, the JustGloves' Glove Care Kit is designed to keep your glove in game-ready condition. The whole kit provides you with all the essential tools needed to avoid long-term damage and provides you with multiple seasons of real glove love. The kit includes:

  • Wooden Mallet
  • Oversized Shaping Ball
  • 2 Giant Rubber Bands
  • 2 Applicator Sponges
  • Tube of ProSoft Glove Conditioner
  • Exclusive 'How To' Online Glove Care Guide
  • Drawstring Backpack
  • $10 OFF With Glove Purchase

Bundle & Save

For those looking to add a glove to play catch with, save money on multiple gloves with our Bundle & Save program. With hundreds of gloves eligible, saving money when shopping for gloves has never been easier. We offer a full selection of adult gloves, high school gloves, and youth gloves, all of which can be mixed and matched to stack up savings. 

Here's how to Bundle & Save:

  1. Add a glove with a green flag icon to your cart.
  2. Add another or the same glove with any green flag icon to your cart.
  3. Continue adding as many gloves as you want.
  4. Review your order and notice the savings.
  5. We deliver your gloves with free, fast shipping!

And if you still need help finding the right youth glove, hit up our Glove Experts today. They are available via phone (1-866-321-4568), email (, or Live Chat. It's our way of being there for you from Click to Catch!


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