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9 Best Youth Baseball and Softball Gloves For 2024

Best Youth baseball and softball Gloves 2023

Searching for a new baseball glove or softball glove for your young player can be tough. You want to find them the best glove (within budget) that you possibly can. But with so many different gloves on the market in 2024, it can be nearly impossible to choose the right one. Fortunately, we take pride in being youth glove experts. We have read all of the industry news, sifted through the glove reviews, and analyzed the latest in glove features to determine the top gloves for kids in 2024. We hope you enjoy this comprehensive breakdown. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best youth gloves in 2024.

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Best Youth Gloves For Baseball & Softball


  1. Rawlings Gamer ContoUR 10.5" Youth Baseball Glove (G105U-2B)
  2. Wilson A2000 SuperSkin DP15 11.5" Baseball Glove (WTA20RB20DP15SS)
  3. Marucci Caddo Series 11" Youth Baseball Glove (MFGCADD1100)
  4. Akadema Rookie Series 11" Youth Baseball Glove (AJT99)
  5. Mizuno Prospect PowerClose 11.50" Youth Baseball Glove (GPP1150Y3)
  6. Nokona Alpha 11.25" Youth Baseball Glove (S-200M)

The Top 6 Youth Baseball Gloves



  1. Wilson A500 Siren 11.5" Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove (WBW100419115)
  2. Marucci Caddo 11" Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove (MFGCDFP1100)
  3. Mizuno Prospect Finch 11" Youth Fastpitch Glove (GPP1105F3)

The Top 3 Youth Fastpitch Gloves


Reviews For Best 3 Youth Baseball Gloves

1) Rawlings Gamer ContoUR 10.5" Youth Baseball Glove (G105U-2B)

The Gamer Contour Youth Baseball Glove

Shop The Gamer Contour

The Gamer ContoUR has all of JustGloves psyched up! This model is the brainchild of two of our employees. A member of our IT development team has been volunteer coaching for his son's team and made a couple discoveries about youth gloves during his experience. (1) He found that 6-10 year old baseball players can usually still use gloves at lengths shorter than 11 inches. (2) A good portion of gloves 11 inches and smaller are built with less than satisfactory materials. With those discoveries in mind, he spoke to our product manager who then shared the insights with the team at Rawlings. What Rawlings crafted in response to the info that we provided them was the Rawlings Gamer ContoUR gloves. The models are made at the shorter 10 inch and 10.5 inch lengths. As well, both gloves are built with an all-leather shell that should be able to hold up to multiple seasons of play!

3 Can't-Miss Features On This Glove:

  • 10.5" Length
  • I-Web Gives This Glove A Sophisticated Infield Look
  • A Reinforced Palm Pad Helps With Impact Protection During The Catch


2) Wilson A2000 SuperSkin DP15 11.5" Baseball Glove (WTA20RB20DP15SS)

The Wilson A2000 DP15 A2000 Baseball Glove

Shop The A2000 DP15

Wilson's A2000 DP15 was the glove that started to change the landscape of gloves for youth baseball players. For a long time, customers seemed to think that in order to get a glove for a youth player, you might just have to sacrifice quality. But once the A2000 DP15 gained traction, that thought was squelched.

This 11.5 inch A2000 is built to meet the specifications of retired Boston Red Sox legend, Dustin Pedroia. Dustin had a smaller hand and also wanted a glove that fit extremely snug on his hand. Furthermore, he wanted his feel for the ball to be improved when fielding. To do that, Wilson went ahead and thinned out the heel pad of his DP15 gloves.

Players have found that even though Wilson may not specifically market this glove to youth players, the DP15 fit works extremely well for early teen players and even pre-teens. No longer does a player need to wait until they're in high school to start using an A2000 glove. The smaller fit of this A2000 DP15 lets young players start using an A2000as young as 10 years old.

What are customers saying?

"Great fit and great feel for an 11 year old. Broke in way more easily than I expected." - JustGloves Customer, Jay


3) Marucci Caddo Series 11" Youth Baseball Glove (MFGCADD1100)

The Marucci Caddo Youth Baseball Glove

Shop The Caddo Youth

When baseball players and their parents hear the name “Marucci”, bats usually come to mind before anything else. But as Marucci continues to build their reputation within the glove market, we believe that you’ll start to hear their name among those of the glove market giants.

This Caddo glove is one of the reasons that Marucci is poised to have success. It’s crafted to meet the specs of young players as it will have soft cowhide leather plus a notch near the heel of the glove that makes it super easy to close around the baseball from first use. Both of these aspects will make it easy to break in. And in addition to being easy to break in, this glove will be lightweight.

Feedback From Customers:

“Extremely light glove. The pocket formed really well and pretty quickly. Took only a few days to get it game ready.” - JustGloves Customer & Coach, Steve


Reviews For Best 3 Youth Fastpitch Gloves

1) Wilson A500 Siren 11.5" Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove (WBW100419115)

The Wilson Siren Fastpitch Glove

Shop The Siren

If you have a young daughter that is eager to get out on the fastpitch diamond, you might as well go after a glove that she can use right away! This A500 Siren made by Wilson is going to be a glove that will fit the bill if you are in the middle of the search described above. The 11.5 inch length should make it the correct size to handle a softball, but not be overbearing. And the Top Grain leather should provide a glove that is not only easy to break in, but lightweight too!

Need More Reasons To Buy? Here's A Few To Consider:

  • Quick-Fit Wrist System - Adjusts To Small and Larger Wrist Sizes
  • Built With Wilson's H-Web (Commonly Called An I-Web)
  • Rolled Dual Welting On The Fingers Of The Glove Should Help The Glove Retain Its Shape


2) Marucci Caddo 11" Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove (MFGCDFP1100)

The Marucci Caddo Youth Fastpitch Glove

Snag A Caddo!

Marucci’s Caddo line is making a difference on the youth glove scene in both baseball and fastpitch. This fastpitch model is designed to break in easily, be lightweight and to fit a young female hand between the ages of 4-9 years. If you have a player that is about to start their fastpitch career or has truly began falling in love with the game after a couple of seasons, this Marucci Caddo is your glove!

Need More Reasons To Get One?

  • Caddo works well at any position on a youth diamond.
  • Inner palm lining is made from a perforated synthetic & the finger linings are made with fleece.
  • Single post web gives the glove a cool look!


3) Mizuno Prospect Finch 11" Youth Fastpitch Glove (GPP1105F3)

The Mizuno Prospect Finch Youth Fastpitch Glove

Get A Mizuno Prospect

The Prospect line of gloves from Mizuno is legendary. It’s not hyperbole to say that there is not another glove out there softer than a Prospect model. Players that are just starting out in fastpitch are not going to be handling many hard liners that may hurt a player’s hand. And because of that Mizuno steps away from the traditional cowhide leather and uses an extremely soft pigskin leather on the catching surface. This material makes the glove game ready right from when the glove is pulled out of the box. In addition, the backing of the glove is crafted with mesh material which assists it in promoting softness and a lightweight feel. Lastly, be sure to know as well that this glove is endorsed by fastpitch legend Jennie Finch who used Mizuno gloves during her playing career!

Here are a few more reasons to buy the Prospect:

  • Parashock Palm Pad absorbs shock & provides outstanding protection
  • V-Flex notch hear heel of glove assists in allowing glove to close easily
  • PowerLock adjustable wrist strap allows for easy tightening around a player’s wrist


That does it for our list of the best gloves for young fastpitch and baseball players. If you've scanned the list and are still wondering what glove you should get your're in luck! We have trained Glove Experts that will be able to help you out. You can call them at 866-321-2287. You can email them at Or you can chat with them by simply clicking here. JustGloves is always here for you from click-to-catch.


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