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  • JustGloves' Glove Care Kit Brochure

  • 'JustGloves' Drawstring Back Pack

  • ProSoft Brand Glove Conditioner

  • Online Glove Care Video

  • Oversized Shaping Ball

  • Two Applicator Sponges

  • Two Oversized Shaping Rubber Bands

  • Wooden Glove Mallet


The JustGloves Glove Care Kit is designed to help you break-in your new glove the correct way and help maintain your glove from season to season. This package provides everything you will need to get the glove game ready in the shortest amount of time. What makes this package unique is the one-of-a-kind wooden glove mallet with a baseball bat handle. The mallet's design creates maximum comfort while allowing you to speed up the break-in time and form a correct pocket.

You can also follow along online with our Glove Care Video which goes into even more detail on how to break-in your glove.


Average Ratings Based on 15 Customer Reviews

4.6 Stars:Overall Rating
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5 Stars: Overall Rating
big mac

Pros: helps your glove break in and keep it nice

Cons: none

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: works very well I worked my glove in in 1 and a half weeks

Cons: none

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4 Stars: Overall Rating



Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating
Robby Cano

Pros: After using this my glove was a magnet

Cons: not none nope

Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: I was able to catch flys effortlessly with my a2k in 4 days and it was almost completely broken in in a week

Cons: None

Was this review helpful?
4 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: It worked ok the rubber bands are good but the mallet works the best.

Cons: The wilson glove oil stained my glove so make sure u put on a little bit on the pad they give you.

Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: It's a glove care kit... what can I say? I like it and my daughter liked the bag :)


Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: I was very impressed by the easy of finding the product I wanted. My order was processed and delivered way before stated. I will recommend this site to everyone I know. Glove care kit was just what I needed. Excellent product.

Cons: None

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5 Stars: Overall Rating



Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Everything you need to break in your glove and keep it in condition

Cons: None

Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Everything you need to break a glove in properly. Bought it for our grandson so he learns at a young age how to break in a new glove correctly.

Cons: None.

Was this review helpful?
4 Stars: Overall Rating
Good product Jesse u Coach

Pros: Oil is not too greasy The leather absorbs it well

Cons: Rubber bands could be stronger

Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating
Easy break in. Greg Ingalls Coach

Pros: This kit made easy work of breaking in my new Wilson A 2000

Cons: None

Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating
It works! Michael D Coach

Pros: Works as promised. Especially nice mallet with the bat handle.

Cons: None.

Was this review helpful?
2 Stars: Overall Rating
Not as advertised Phil Coach

Pros: Nice quality kit and fast shipping

Cons: Sent Rawlings glove oil because they were out of the prosoft conditioner and didn’t ask if a substitute was ok.

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Questions and Answers

Have a question about the JustGloves Glove Care Kit? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

is there a Quicker way to break in my new glove say in like a day or two? thanks! Dan
Repetition is key when breaking in a glove. A lot of lower priced gloves (under $100) are easier to break-in and often only take a few days. Some of the higher priced gloves made with higher quality leathers will require a more extensive break-in period. I have heard of some unapproved break-in methods involving the use of boiling water, ovens, and microwaves. But these unapproved break-in methods can compromise the quality of the leather and are known to reduce the lifespan of the glove. We have many lower priced gloves that are made with softer leather that will be game-ready. Just look for the term 'game ready' in the product"s features.
how will long will it take to break in a new glove? hunter
It all depends on the quality of the glove. Some top-of-the-line gloves may take a couple of weeks to break in. Some lower quality gloves are game-ready and don't require a break-in period at all. On average though, I'd say about one week if you work with the glove everyday.
Does the oil make the glove heavier? Nick
If you use too much, it can make the glove heavier. Always remember that a little glove oil goes a long way and you shouldn't need to oil your glove more than 2 or 3 times per season.
I know that there are multiple different glove oils for that work for different leathers. Which glove oil would work best for a heart of the hide dual core, if any glove oil at all? tj
The Rawlings Gloveolium would work best for the Heart of the Hide
Which Oil Brand breaks in the 9SC117CD the fastest? The Detroit Tigers
Rawlings has a special glove oil called the Rawlings Glovolium that works great with Rawlings gloves.
i have a red and blue heart of the hude glove and i wondered if oiling it or aplying any break in products could make it fade tillema38
The oil will condition the leather and will not cause the fading of the leather. Use of the glove will cause the leather to fade.
What glove oil works best for the Wilson A2000 OT6? jake
Wilson has their own glove oil called Wilson Premium Glove Oil. This would be the best choice if you have a Wilson glove.
What oil is best for a All Star 3000 series catchers glove? Raul
We recommend using Rawlings glove oil.
Would you suggest steaming a glove? Is that considered a good way to breaking in a glove? Raul
We do not recommend steaming or baking gloves. We suggest using our glove care kit for proper break in. For further instructions please check out or video at
What oil should I use for my Louisville Slugger TPX HD9 Hybrid? Baller
Our Glove Care Kit's have the option for Louisville Slugger Glove Cream which would be a perfect option for your Louisville Slugger TPX HD9 Hybrid glove.
What type of oil should I use with a Mizuno Prospect Fielders Utility Glove? JDawg22
Using Mizuno specific glove oil would be ideal, or you can use regular leather conditioner to treat the leather on your Mizuno glove.
What glove oil should I use because I ordered a Wilson A2000 and I don't know what glove oil I should use. dp2197
If you order one of our glove care kits you will have the option to select Wilson specific glove oil.
If I purchased a Louisville Slugger Pro Flare glove, and get a glove care kit, will I get Louisville Slugger cream? BG
Yes if you purchase a glove care kit with your Louisville Slugger glove it will automatically select Louisville Slugger glove cream for you.
Is there a difference between glove oil and glove conditioner? Cougersbaseball9
No, the glove conditioner will be a little bit of a thicker substance compared to the glove oil but they will both perform the same.
Which glove oil conditioner or cream should I use for a Brett Bros Pro Legend series glove? Jay
We recommend the Wilson glove oil for the Brett Bros Pro Legend Series.
Does this work for catchers mitts? tybomb123
Yes, all the tools and products provided in our Glove Care Kits will help you break-in any catchers mitt and help to maintain the quality of the leather.
I have used other glove oils/conditioners that have masked the smell of the leather....glove smells like the oil/conditioner. Which do you recommend to retain the leather smell of the glove? Dan
If you dislike the smell of the glove oil, then you can use basic all purpose leather conditioner. Or if you are the smell of the glove oil is that overpowering then it would be advised to use a smaller dosage. Only a thin layer of conditioner is required to keep your glove in good condition.
I used a lot of cream now my glove is heavy, what can I do? simon
If you used too much oil or cream on your glove it will eventually dry out. Just give it ample time. Do not apply any more. Do not keep in a damp or wet area. Keep it in a dry area and play a lot of catch to work the leather in. If you have any more questions about Glove Care Kit please let us know.
I bought a Nokona Glove and the Glove Care Kit it came with glove conditioner can I use this on a Rawlings Glove? Kev
Yes. You can use Nokona Glove Conditioner on a Rawlings glove. Just be sure not to over use it, and only use a small amount.
Will this kit help prevent a crease on the palm of your glove. ak
If you use the Glove Care Kit to break-in your glove I would feel confident in saying it will break-in the right way. Whether or not there is a palm crease is how you as the owner squeeze the thumb to index finger or thumb to pinky stall to get a smaller or bigger pocket. I know middle infielder's like a more shallow pocket while outfielder's like a deeper pocket. The type of leather on the glove could help also. A higher grade more durable leather will break-in more to the players liking, while a less expensive beginner glove may not. Please feel free to watch the video on how to correctly use our Glove Care Kit. Here it is
Nokona recommended vasoline to treat glove. They also recommned glove oil. Will I have a problem treating the glove with glove oil after having treated it with vasoline? clevelandindian
You want to be very careful when using multiple products on your glove because vasoline can make the glove weigh a little more and if you add glove oil on top of that, it can further increase the weight of the glove. You can use both, but make sure you use no more than a dime-sized drop of each.
Do you recommend putting Wilson glove oil on a brand new A2000 right when I get it? JJ
That's up to you. The addition of glove oil will help you break-in your glove faster, but if you are in no rush, then it's not necessary. Here is a helpful link:
Which oil would be best for the new Mizuno MVP Prime SE Series: GMVP1277PSE-315 outfielder's glove? baseball24
I would recommend the Tanners (All-Purpose) Glove Oil for the Mizuno MVP Prime SE Series: GMVP1277PSE-315.
Doug F.
Do the rubberbands easily break or break at all? If so can I somehow re-buy them? Also... do i put oil on the whole outside of the glove too? baseball24
The rubber bands in the glove care kit are pretty strong and don't break very easily. Unfortunately, they are not available for purchase by themselves through our website. You will want to apply oil to the entire surface of the glove, here is a helpful link:
About how hard should we hit the glove with the mallet? regular smooth tap? or... baseball24
Just try to imagine how fast a baseball would travel when you normally play catch. Then, try to replicate that speed with the mallet.
What would be more recommended for the A2000 Dustin Pedroia glove or just any glove between conditioner and oil? Because doesn't conditioner make the glove heavier than oil? And lastly does oil and/or conditioner change the color of the glove or does that only happen when you apply too much pressure or even just add too much? baseball24
Wilson Premium Glove Oil is best for Wilson A2000 gloves. Conditioner is not known to make a glove heavier (assuming the proper amount is used). A slightly change in color tone will occur when oil or conditioned is applied to a glove.
Which glove oil would be best for the Mizuno Global Elite GGE42? 2nd base
I would recommend using the Nokona Glove Conditioner on the Mizuno Global Elite GGE42, petroleum based gel tends to work better with Mizuno leather.
Is the Wilson Glove Oil the same as the Wilson Pro Stock Conditioner? Jairo Moyao
The Wilson Glove Oil and Pro Stock Conditioner are two different products that can be used to soften and preserve your glove. Glove oil is in liquid form while conditioner is typically fortified with petroleum jelly.
I watched the break-in video, can you do a video on breaking in a catchers mitt? catcher
I will pass on your request to the Creative department.
Chad M.
My son has a Rawlings glove. Does it matter what brand glove oil I use with it? StevieB
You could use any type of glove oil that comes with the Glove Care Kit to break-in your son's Rawlings glove.
What glove oil or conditioner do you recommend for the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Leather? Grif
You should get the Rawlings Glovolium for the Rawlings Heart of the Hide.
What glove oil should you use for a Nike Diamond Elite Edge glove? Ty
Any glove oil or conditioner will work great for prolonging the life of the Nike Diamond Elite Edge.
What glove oil should I purchase for my Mizuno 11.50" glove? No Errors
Any of the brands of glove oil will work just fine for a Mizuno glove. They are all designed to soften and preserve the leather is a baseball glove. Conditioner is a little easier to apply than oil which means there is less of a chance of over-saturating the glove. Applying too much oil can weigh a glove down.
I just bought a Rawlings Primo and am wondering which glove oil to buy due to the gloves high quality. baseball
Any glove oil would work great. But I would stick with the Rawlings Glovolium. It will come directly with the Glove Care Kit.
Is it the Rawlings Glovolium that comes in the kit? mets9910
You have the choice of what oil you would like to put in the kit. The Rawlings Glovolium is an available choice.
Which is the best conditioner you can get in the kit? Jp
Dependent on what glove you order, the Glove Care Kit will come with that brand's oil or conditioner. We also offer a $39.99 Glove Care Kit where you can select the glove oil or conditioner you would like. They are all going to be very similar. The Rawlings Glovolium would be a good choice.
Will using Nokona NLT Classic glove conditioner change the color of my glove? Trep
The use of any conditioner or oil likely change the color of a glove; especially one that is lighter in color. Black leather won't be affected as much, but when the leather absorbs the oil/conditioner, the leather will darken. As long as you keep the application to a small amount, you can limit the amount of change.
I have a crease in the palm of my baseball glove is there any way of fixing that? If so how do I fix it? Jake
Unfortunately, there's really not a good way to remove a crease from the palm of a glove. If it is a new glove, it should work out as you break it in.
I have only used neat foots oil on my Glovesmith Model K1150-W. I am considering purchasing the care kit. I would like to know if it is okay to use a different oil? Also, I have not done any other break in techniques. mister t
The Glove Care Kit is available with several types of glove oil and the tools that come with it should be just fine to use with whatever brand you prefer.
I have a new wilson a2000 and I poured hot water on it to break it in like it says to do in the wilson video. Then I read that the water will eventually crack the leather and shorten the life of the glove. If I just use the wilson premium oil will it be fine? Michael A
Pouring hot water on a glove will break it in quickly but it does reduce the life of the glove. If hot water has already been used to break-in the glove, the glove oil will not repair the leather. If you only use the glove oil and not hot water your glove will be fine.
After using glove oil is the glove gonna be permanantly darker? Kento
Yes, it will darken the leather and it will not return back to the color it was before applying the glove oil. When the leather absorbs the oil/conditioner, the leather will darken. As long as you keep the application to a small amount, you can limit the amount of change.
Should I get Wilson glove oil with my Wilson A2K? stbats
The Wilson glove oil will work well with Wilson products as well as other premium leather gloves.
I just bought my son a Rawlings Heart of the Hide custom color, light gray, will Mizuno strong oil change the color? Do you recommend Rawlings Glovolium? What is the best for this glove? Baseball Dad
After reading through some reviews for the Mizuno Strong Oil, I will assume that there should be no alteration in the color of your Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove. The glove oil released by Rawlings is what Rawlings would suggest using on all their gloves. However, I think either product will help keep your glove in shape and durable.
I just bought my son the rawlings heart of the hide custom color light gray glove. Will the mizuno strong oil change the color? Or should i use rawlings glovolium? What is the best for the glove? thanks Baseball Dad
We recommend using the Rawlings Glovolium for Rawlings Gloves. The Mizuno Strong Oil will not damage the glove, unless it is over-used. When applying glove oil, always remember that less is more and that too much oil can actually damage the glove.
We have a black Mizuno Professional Model glove that has lost its luster. Is there anything you can recommend to bring the black color back or are we just gonna have to deal with the grey look? Punk
I do apologize, but we do not have any confident answers when it comes to finding the cure to the glove's fading leather. Aside from suggestions that could possibly compromise the leather, our best suggestion would be to continue using oil when the glove begins to show signs of cracking. While it may not help improve the color, the oiling will help maintain the durability of the leather.
Do you recommend the Glove Care Kit or Glove Steaming? Why? Baseball33
We always recommend the glove care kit as it will take care of your glove better, help form the perfect pocket, and your glove will last longer. Steaming a glove reduces the quality of the leather, which results in less durability and a immensely shorter lifetime.
Is any type of glove oil capable of being heated in the oven with a Wilson A450? olivejuice
We do not recommend baking or steaming any of the gloves on our site. Those practices can damage the glove and cause the lifespan to be reduced and possibly make the lacing brittle making the glove unsafe for play. Also, the Wilson A450 series has a game ready feel and would not need to be broken in by any means other than playing catch briefly.
Would Rawlings Glovolium be okay to use on a Wilson A1K, or should I use the Wilson Glove Oil? Brett
The Rawlings Glovolium will work, however, for a Wilson A1K, I would recommend using the Wilson Glove Oil since it is optimized for Wilson gloves.
What glove oil would you recommend for a Shoeless Jane Glove? SoonerEagle
Any glove oil will be good to use for a Shoeless Jane glove. I would recommend using the Champro glove oil.
Should I do the hot water method on my DP15 like Aso did the the Brandon Phillips or no? jon15
While the methods outlined in the video with Aso work well for break-in, if done incorrectly they can damage the glove. Traditional break-in methods can work just as well but perhaps take a bit more time. Here is a link to a good video for how to break-in your Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove (A20RB15DP15GM):
How often do you put glove cream on a glove? dillard
Glove cream should be used somewhat sparingly. I would use a small amount at a time and let it sink in before applying more when you are first breaking the glove in. From there, I would say when you first take the glove out for the season and right before you put it away after the season would be a good time to do it.
Would you recommend me to get my Rawlings GG Elite series glove steamed? Adam
We would not recommend getting any glove steamed or "baked". This will result in long term damage to the glove, as it sears the leather. Additionally, it can void any manufacturer's warranty or return policy.
Would this glove care kit work for a catchers mitt? jfsabre
The Glove Care Kit would work great for the to break in a catchers mitt.
Would you reccommend steaming a Rawlings Heritage Pro model glove when first breaking it in? Mike
The Rawlings Heritage Pro models do not require extensive break-in but even if they did, we would not recommend steaming as this can damage the glove and cause a reduction in the lifespan of the glove.
When breaking in a new glove do you recommend oiling the entire glove right away, or just the palm? tubbytundra
When breaking in a glove I would recommend oiling the entire glove but only use a small amount of oil; too much will saturate and weigh the glove down. Here's a great resource to review:
Where do you apply oil to a new glove? (A2000) Dylan
Use a small amount of oil for the entire glove. Excessive glove conditioner/oil will damage and shorten the life of a new glove. Allow the glove oil to absorb into the leather for 24 hours in a warm area, temperature between 70-90 degrees. At the end of the season, apply glove oil very lightly to keep your glove from becoming brittle.
I recently bought a Wilson A800 Soft Fit glove. What is the best way to break it in? Will
The best way to break in your Wilson A800 is to play as much catch with it as possible (catch includes regular game and practice use). This Glove Care Kit can help the break-in process as it will have the tools to break in your glove if catch is not possible (ball mallet) and it will also have supplies to shape the glove when it is not being used (shaping ball and rubber bands). The kit will also feature glove oil, but the glove oil will not need to be used until the leather on the glove begins to dry out.
In a retro Hanley edition A2000 will the colors fade when in the sun? marty
Any glove will experience fading over time but it will be very gradual. If a glove was left in direct sunlight ever single say then this fading would happen more rapidly.
Would it be ok to do the hot water method on a Pro Preferred? Rio
We would not recommend using the hot water method to break-in a Rawlings Pro Preferred. This glove can be broken in using a small amount of glove oil/conditioner and then taking time playing catch, using a mallet like the one featured in our glove kit or taking a ball and continuously throwing it into the glove. It will take some time but it also will not harm your glove like hot water could during the break-in process.
What is the best way to break in an A2000? jason
The best way to break-in any glove (including A2000s) would be to play frequent catch with the glove. The more use you put in the glove, the better and quicker the break-in will be. You can also apply small amounts of oil to moisturize and condition the leather (but usually it is best to do so when the glove begins to dry out). This Glove Care Kit would feature the tools to assist with the break-in of a glove as well.
Can you use hot water on an A2K more than once? isaac
If you find that the glove is becoming stiff you could steam it again and use the Glove Care Kit. We do not recommend steaming or using hot water because it significantly reduces the overall life of a glove.
I have a Louisville Slugger Pro Flare Series and I put Rawlings Glovolium on it. Now there is a gray residue inside. How do I get rid of it? MichaelH
I would recommend dampening one of the sponges included in this Glove Care Kit and gently wiping the residue from the glove if you feel that it can be removed. Be sure and be careful to not wet down the leather of the glove too much when using the sponge (sometimes getting too much water in a glove can weight it down and damage the glove's leather).
How often should I oil my glove? My glove is an A2000 if that means anything. Mason Sinner
Ideally you want to limit the amount of oil you use on your glove. It should be very lightly used, as the more you use the heavier your glove is going to get. It is best to lightly oil the glove after the season to preserve the leather. You can always add more, so be sure to keep the amount used to a minimum.
Will this kit work for the Mizuno Global Elite Series: GXF11? Bill
Yes, the Glove Care Kit can assist you in properly breaking in that glove, as well as any other glove that needs breaking in.
What are your thoughts on the Mizuno glove steamer being used? sito
Here at JustBallGloves, we do not necessarily recommend using a steamer as it is known to reduce the overall life of your glove.
John P.
I am a middle infielder and my glove folds "taco style." It does not have as big as a pocket for the ball than other gloves do. Is there a way to fix this? If so, how? I know putting two fingers in the pinky is a way to do that, but it seems like my glove is not the right glove for that style. Ben
It is hard to say whether or not this issue is fixable for you as it all depends on the shape of the leather and how flimsy this glove may be. The best way to retain the pocket/shape of the a glove is to place something in the pocket and have the glove wrapped with a band to help retain the desired shape.
I've heard that using glove oil shortens the life of a glove? Is this true? JJ Jessee
Over oiling may shorten the life expectancy of a glove. However, using oil in small amounts to moisten leather when it dries out will help maintain the shape and durability of a glove.
I bought a Mizuno SE. How often should I use glove oil/conditioner? Griff
We recommend using glove oil or conditioner once before and once after your regular season.
What size is the Oversized Shaping Ball? Will it work for softball? nai0248
The Oversized Shaping Ball in the Glove Care Kit is the size of a 12 inch softball.
When breaking in a new Wilson glove, do you recommend using the Wilson glove oil or the Wilson Pro Stock glove conditioner? Michael
One can use either the glove oil or the Pro Stock glove conditioner when breaking in the Wilson glove. There is no right or wrong way to go. The conditioner usually leaves a lighter "stain" mark compared to the glove oil if applied properly.
Should I use Glovolium on a Wilson A2000? Tyler Baseball
Glovolium can be used on the Wilson A2000 models to help with the break in process.
Should I use Glovolium on a Wilson A2000? Tyler Baseball
Glovolium can be used on an A2000 to condition the leather. However, at the outset, be sure and only use a very small amount as you don't want to weigh down the leather.
Will using Nokana NLT Classic Glove Conditioner on a Wilson blonde A2000 change the color? tanner
Glove conditioner/oil, regardless of the brand that is being used, can slightly discolor a glove with a lighter colorway design especially if over-applied. To help the glove or mitt keep the same color it would be best to lightly apply the glove conditioner at first and then add more if needed.
What type of oil do have to use for a Nokona X2 Buckaroo? jnops
You can use any type of glove oil that you would like. However, Nokona does make their own glove conditioner that is recommended for their gloves.
I bought a Mizuno fastpitch catchers mitt about 2 and a half years ago. How much longer will my glove last? Little Mac
It highly depends on the model of the glove, but 2-3 years is probably the average lifespan of a glove with good care. You can certainly get more than that if you take good care of it however, that is just an average.
Kyle J.
I have a backup glove that I let someone use to break it in. He has made the glove have bubbles in the palm. And there are also many creases. Do you recommend using the hot water treatment to reform the glove and fix theses problems? Luke Simoson
Unless you are an expert and have been trained to break in gloves using the hot water method, I would recommend against using water to break in any mitt. If the water method is done incorrectly, it can completely damage the glove and leave it unusable. I don't know of a sure-fire way to rid a glove of bubbling or creases, but I would recommend continuing to use the glove as much as possible. Sometimes extensive use can get those features to go away.
What other ways should I break in a heart of the hide infield glove other than playing catch with it? Little man
Here is a good video explaining exactly how to break in a glove -
Does not using glove oil make your glove last longer? Paulie
Not using glove oil is not necessarily going to make your glove last longer. How long your glove lasts is really going to depend on a number of factors.
Does this kit work for the Miken Koalition series? mikeDQ
Yes, this Glove Care Kit would certainly provide all the tools one could use to break in a Miken Koalition mitt.
Will Kiwi boot lotion be okay to put on a Louisville Icon for initial break-in? Pacl4
I would probably only recommend using glove specific conditioner or oil to break-in a mitt. I would hate to see someone use something else and ruin the leather on the mitt.
I used hot glove on my mitt and did the whole process and applied conditioner after and it's not broken in as much as I want. Can I reapply hot glove to try and break it in more or is it too late? chse 3017
You can always reapply the hot glove conditioner and would recommend using the mallet that one will find in the Glove Care Kit. The better the glove or mitt the longer it will take with regards to the break in so patience is vital as you do not want to over apply conditioner or oil as this can add excess weight to the glove.
How many squirts of glove oil should you use to not dry out the leather and make the globe heavy? ddgbgd
I would apply small amounts of Glove Care Kit spread across the glove.
How often should I condition my catchers mitt? tfrancis10
You want to condition your glove at least once per season, but depending on usage amount you can do so multiple times per season as well.
Kyle J.
I just applied Glove conditioner to my heart of the hide and the leather turned darker, its worth mentioning that my glove is a blonde color of leather. Will it stay this dark? Kbaseball
Adding glove conditioner to any glove will make it darker. It may not stay as dark as when first applied, but it will most likely stay a shade darker than the original color.
Should I do the hot water method for my new Wilson A2000? matt
I would not recommend using the water method on an A2000 or any glove while using the Glove Care Kit
Hot glove treatment left some discolored spots on the back of a white Rawlings Liberty glove. Is there a way to rub these spots out? chris dukeman
Unfortunately we would not be aware of getting spots out of the leather, especially on a white glove. Our Glove Care Kit would not offer any remedy to this issue.
Would this work good with the Mizuno MVP Prime glove? patjordan17
Yes, this kit will have everything needed to speed up the break-in process for any glove.
Kyle J.
I am going to purchase a Mizuno Pro 12.75" Baseball Glove: GMP2-700DS, will the cream or conditioner darken the leather? Do I need the cream or conditioner? Which one would you recommend? JJQ
You would not need the cream or conditioner for the Mizuno Pro 12.75" Baseball Glove: GMP2-700DS. It would help with the break in process but it is not a requirement. If used correctly in small amounts the cream or conditioner should not darken the leather of the glove.
I purchased a Wilson A2000. Is it ok to use a hot oven glove treatment on this glove? It is the foam style treatment you spray on the foam. matt
We do not recommend that you bake any glove as this puts excessive stress on the leather and will cause the glove to breakdown much quicker over time. Furthermore, if a glove has been baked, that will quite likely void the 100 day guarantee that we are able to offer our customers on all of the gloves purchased from our site. To break-in a glove we highly recommend: playing catch, wrapping the glove with a ball inside, and/or lightly applying glove conditioner.
Are there any advantages or disadvantages to applying Wilson Glove conditioner first and then applying Wilson Glove Oil after the conditioner has been on the glove for 24 hours? PonyBoy
There won't be an advantages or disadvantages for applying the Wilson Glove conditioner then applying the Wilson Glove Oil from the Glove Care Kit. Just be sure to use the oil sparingly, as you don't want to over oil your glove.
I just bought a Wilson A2K MC26. I already have a JustGloves glove care kit with the pro soft glove conditioner. Would it be better to use the Wilson Premium oil or Wilson Pro stock glove conditioner over the Pro soft glove conditioner? He gone
Using the Pro Soft glove conditioner that is included in the JustGloves Glove Care Kit will not hurt your new Wilson A2K glove. Which conditioner or glove oil to use is completely your personal preference.
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In 1986, the Hedrick family went to purchase award patches for their son's High School letter jacket. It took going to four different sporting goods stores to get them delivered, and they were never done correctly. At this time, Wes and Judi Hedrick were in the middle of negotiations for opening a Jiffy Lube in their hometown. After the experience with the purchase of award patches, they changed gears and went into sporting goods. It sounded a lot more fun than oil changes, and there was clearly a need for a better customer experience.

On December 1, 1987, Pro Athlete served their first customer.

In 1997, they placed their first Internet order. Shipping was $15 for ground service, the phone number was hidden deep in the site, prices were too high, and no confirmation emails were sent. It was an awful customer experience. How is this kind of customer service okay? It's not! So, in March of 2001, was launched.

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JustGloves Glove Care Kit
Accessories Glove Care Kit
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