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Trusted Glove Prep

Shorten the glove break-in process and start using a game-ready glove sooner. Now when you purchase a glove from JustGloves you can select to have our Glove Experts prepare your glove for the break-in process.

(NOTE: We are not breaking in your glove. We are professionally softening your glove to prepare it for the break-in process.)


Why Glove Prep?

As former (and current) players ourselves, we know the struggle of breaking in a brand-new glove. People will go to extremes to get their glove in "game ready" condition. To help properly expedite this process, our glove experts will carefully prepare your glove's leather to be softened and allow a shorter break-in period for you. The Trusted Glove Prep process will include:  softening the leather, working the break-in points and conditioning the leather with glove oil.

We will never put our hands inside your glove. This is an intentional action to ensure that the leather molds only to the hand of the intended user.


Glove Prep Benefits

  • Mindful Actions Tailored Specifically For Each Glove

  • Softer Overall Leather Upon Arrival

  • Oil Application Delivers Conditioned Leather At Arrival

  • Glove Experts Never Put Their Hands In Your Glove

  • Your Glove Will Break-In To Your Hand


How to Purchase Glove Prep

When checking out on the JustGloves website you can now add our Trusted Glove Prep to any new (or used) baseball or softball glove. Simply select it from the list of add-ons available on each glove's product page. You can also select Trusted Glove Prep on the purchase review page. After you add Glove Prep to your cart, you can proceed to checkout. We will begin the prepping process on the same day as your purchase allowing us to still ship it out without any additional delay.

It's just that simple. What are you waiting for!?


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