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4 Best Exclusive Gloves for 2024

In some ways, baseball and softball gloves are like a dress at the big dance.

You're probably thinking "That's an odd comparison". But hear this humble blog writer out...

When a young lady arrives at the big dance, they often take a detailed glance around the venue. And they're asking themselves the frightening question: "Is anyone else wearing the same dress as me?" If the answer is "no" then all is well. But if they spot the same dress being worn by another lady, tragedy may ensue.

The same thing happens when a baseball player joins up with a new team. They arrive in the dugout for their first practice, put down their equipment bag and scan the bench carefully. A chill goes through their body as they pose a similar question to themselves: "Does anyone have the same exact baseball glove as me?" Like the example above, everything is perfect if no one else has the same glove. But if two gloves are the same on a squad, you may be running into a season of players constantly mixing up gloves and team chemistry possibly being thrown off...

Now, the above example certainly erred on the side of dramatic...but if you want to avoid having the same glove as a teammate of yours, your best bet is to buy an excluisve glove. Our JustGloves Exclusives are built in limited runs and buying one makes it less likely that a teammate of yours will be showing up to the field rocking the same leather as you.

Please know that the four unique baseball gloves highlighted below will only be found at JustGloves!


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4 Best Exclusive Gloves For 2024

Wilson A2000 Super SnakeSkin 1786 11.5" Glove (WBW100793115)

Wilson A2000 Exclusive Super SnakeSkin

Buy A Rare Wilson A2000 1786

What's better than Wilson's SuperSkin? Well of course it's Wilson's Super SnakeSkin. Basically, you get all of the benefits of SuperSkin (Lightweight | Strong | Water Repellant & Easy Break-In) and the look is even cooler. And with this A2000 exclusive, things only get better. Our JustGloves blog has detailed some of the most in-demand Wilson glove patterns and this A2000 has Wilson's most popular infield pattern: the 1786. The 1786 pattern comes with an 11.5 inch length and they craft it with a Wilson H-Web which is one of the most requested webs for infielders. Those features work together to allow this infield glove to promote easy transfers from glove to throwing hand. 

More Reasons To Shop This Wilson:

  • Gold Welting and Binding Give The Glove A Stunning Look
  • Wilson's Pro Stock Leather Is Rugged & Durable
  • Pro Lux Hand Lining On Inside Of Glove is SOOOOO Soft!



Wilson A2000 SP14 SuperSkin 14" Slow Pitch Softball Glove (WBW10079914)

Wilson A2000 SP14 SuperSkin 14 Inch Slow Pitch Softball Glove

Buy Wilson A2000 SP14

Your baseball career might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little bit of swagger when you roll out to the slow pitch yard.

This slow pitch glove will have you oozing with the swagger of red, white and blue if you choose to go with it. It has red lacing, a white web and navy SuperSkin on it. And don't forget the USA palm stamp on the catching surface either.

The 14 inch length  of this A2000 will give you a crazy amount of reach in the outfield of a slow pitch field. But you can also use it on the infield as the long length of the glove won't inhibit your ability to pull out the softball in an efficient manner due to the ball's large circumference.

Take the word from one of our customers on why you should get this exclusive glove:

"Fabulous slow pitch glove. Feel, size, balance and weight. Traps and catches a 12 inch ball with ease" - Player, Randy Kelm



Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G Kris Bryant 12.25" Baseball Glove (PRORKB17T)

Kris Bryant Heart of the Hide R2G

Get Rare Kris Bryant Model

Now, the look of this Heart of the Hide from Rawlings may not stand out in a dugout of gloves (especially when compared to the two gloves previously mentioned), but hear us out on why you'll be interested in this JustGloves Exclusive...

This glove is as versatile as any glove out there. If you're a player on the hunt for purchasing ONE baseball glove that can perform on both the infield and in the outfield then this where you want to look. The 12.25" length gives a fielder on the left side of the infield the extra reach they may be wanting, while not providing a glove that is obnoxiously large. At the same time, the length should provide the necessary extension for it to be considered an outfield glove

And if you're playing slow pitch softball, don't sleep on this glove either. As we mentioned earlier, it is the length that makes this Rawlings such a versatile unique baseball glove. Although it is labeled a baseball glove, the 12.25 inch length will close easily around a softball. You could certainly get away with a bigger glove in slow pitch, but a lot of players would prefer a non-bulky, lightweight glove when fielding the softball. Overall, this glove will serve a player well on a baseball field or slow pitch diamond.

Need Two More Reasons To Be Convinced? 

  1. R2G design makes the glove Ready-2-Go (Only 35% Of Break-In Left To Player)
  2. Crafted In The KB17 Pattern Used By MLB Third Baseman, Kris Bryant



Wilson A2000 Ice DP15 11.5" Baseball Glove (WBW100795115)

Wilson A2000 Ice DP15

Shop The Ice!

Baseball players competing during the spring months never want to hear the words "baseball" and "ice" mentioned in the same breath. Unless of course, this Wilson A2000 Ice is being discussed...

This glove is built in Wilson's DP15 pattern that completely changed how A2000s were marketed. Traditionally, A2000s have featured stiff Pro Stock leather and the hand fitting has been designed more for an adult hand. Because of this, it was generally accepted that A2000s were more of an adult-type glove. Then along came Dustin Pedroia (Dustin Pedroia #15). He was an MLB star 2B and he had a small hand. Because of this, he asked Wilson to cinch up his glove's wrist as tight as could be done. Next, he preferred to have as much feel of the baseball as he could on the heel of his glove. Naturally, he then asked Wilson to thin out the felt padding in the heel of his glove. After making these modifications to the Dustin Pedroia's gamer, Wilson wondered if the retail market would be interested. Let's just say that they were. Adults with smaller hands loved it, but so did youth players that were wanting A2000s. Finally, an A2000 had arrived that could meet the demands of a young ball player.

Simply put, the all white leather look with gray lacing is clean. It looks like it'll turn double effort required. A player named Albert was kind enough to leave a review on our site that mentioned the glove's look. His review says all you need to know regarding the sight of this glove:

"Best looking glove I have had"

Nothing more needs to be said...


Still not sure which glove to grab? Contact our team of Glove Experts via telephone at 866-321-4568, email at, or you can click here to live chat. We’d be more than happy to help you find the exclusive glove that your game deserves.

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