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11 Best Baseball & Softball Infield Gloves For 2023

Best Infield Gloves

Do you or someone you know play shortstop, second base, or third base? After combing through the many infield gloves that are available at JustGloves, our Glove Experts have finally announced the best gloves for infielders that you can use in your upcoming season. Our in-house team has settled on select baseball gloves and softball gloves that you won't want to miss. Each glove has made the list under a certain category which should help you understand why it has been placed on this illustrious list! Enough chatter, let’s dive in.

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Best Infield Gloves For Baseball

Rawlings REV1X 11.5" Baseball Glove (REV204-2X)

Rawlings REV1X 11.5 Inch Baseball Glove

Shop The REV1X

In 2021, Rawlings came out with the REV1X series and they made us re-think everything that we thought we knew about baseball gloves. Rawlings had dabbled in the use of different materials in the past, but this time they dove in headfirst. With the use of a 3D printer, they created a synthetic backing for the glove that should allow it to maintain its shape longer and be lightweight. They didn’t stop there though, they also used the 3D printer to build the inserts for the thumb and pinky which will be lightweight and durable. You’ll also notice the lack of lacing on the glove’s web and heel which give it a really sleek look. As a final note, this 11.5” model displays an I-Web that should shine at 2B, 3B or SS.

Top Features:

  • Rawlings Adaptive Fit System
  • Lace-less Design On Web & Heel
  • Synthetic Shell Backing Made From A 3D Printer



Wilson A2000 Ice DP15 11.5" Baseball Glove (WBW100795115)

Wilson A2000 Ice DP15 11.5 Inch Baseball Glove

Shop The A2000 ICE DP15

You know what you’re going to get every time you settle in with an A2000:

  1. Great Pro Stock Leather
  2. Comfortable Feel 
  3. Rugged Durability.

It’ll be a glove that you grab off your shelf each spring when baseball season rolls around. And with this DP15 model (named for former Red Sox 2B, Dustin Pedroia) you’ll get even more. It comes with a super snug fit that works for youngsters wanting to get into an A2000 early in their career. It also works for adults who want a really tight-fitting baseball glove. 

Best Features:

  • 11.5” Length
  • I-Webbing
  • Dual Welting On Finger Backs Provides Long Lasting Shape



Rawlings R9 11.5" Baseball Glove (R9314-2BG)
Rawlings R9 11.5

Shop The Rawlings R9

In today’s world, things are getting more expensive and that includes baseball gloves. The key when shopping is to find the best quality at the most affordable price. This 11.5-inch R9 will do this as well as any glove. The outer shell is made of true leather material, but it is also soft at the same time. Due to that soft feel, this glove doesn’t take much time to break-in. And the versatility is incredible. 

Must-See Features:

  • Only 20% Of Break-In Required From Player
  • Rawlings’ 314 Infield Pattern
  • Tight Wrist Opening Works Best For Younger Players (But Can Fit Some Adults)



Akadema ProSoft 11.5" Baseball Glove (AMV218)

Akadema ProSoft 11.5

Shop The Pro Soft

Akadema crushes the youth gloves market. They are extremely skilled in making gloves that break in easily and last many seasons. And their Akadema ProSoft will get you those sought-after characteristics at a sub-$200 price point. If you are hunting for that infield glove that will be able to fit both a youth and an adult hand, then take the word of one of our customers concerning this glove…

“The glove is very light & soft. It fits my hand well (age 12) as well as my dad's hand (age 50). Colors and style are awesome.” - Charie-O



Nokona X2 Elite 11.25" Youth Baseball Glove (X2-200POP RWB)

Nokona X2 Elite 11.25

Shop The X2 Elite

Oftentimes, customers want to hear from players and parents who have used a glove before them. Well, here you go…

I just ordered this glove for my 10yr old son… I was skeptical about paying so much for a youth glove, but I wanted to take the next step and go for a top level model…I love the feel of this leather and the size is perfect for a 9-14 yr old in my opinion.”

As alluded to by the review, this glove is one of the highest-quality youth gloves on the market. It will have a snug fit and should work really well for a young player that has already had couple of seasons of experience. Plus, the modified T-web and USA colors make it nearly irresistible in regard to cosmetics.



Marucci Ascension 11.25" Baseball Glove (MFG2AS42A2)

Marucci Ascension 11.25 Inch Baseball Glove

Shop The Ascension

The first thing that you’ll notice about this glove is just the stark beauty of it. The blonde color is becoming one of the most popular looks on baseball fields. Regardless of the color, this glove is crafted with steerhide leather that is lightweight. And when you combine the lightweight material with the snug fit of the glove, you’re going to have an incredible item for pre-teen players.

Attributes To Know:



Mizuno Pro Select 11.5" Baseball Glove (GPS1BK-400S)

Mizuno Pro Select 11.5

Shop The Mizuno Pro Select

In the hoopla that can surround the market of baseball equipment, the brand Mizuno oftentimes gets forgotten. However, year-after-year Mizuno consistently puts out high quality gloves for every age level of player. This specific Pro Select is going to be designed for more of a high school-to-adult sized hand and it will be able to handle the baseball at 2B, SS and 3B. In addition, it has an I-Web which is definitely the most popular web design on the infield. Lastly, be sure to check the price tag on this one, it is typically being sold at a killer deal!

Can’t-Miss Details:

  • 11.5” Length
  • I-Web With A Triple-X Base
  • Can Be Used At 2B, SS & 3B



Best Infield Gloves For Softball

Wilson A2000 KS7 Kelsey Stewart 12" Fastpitch Softball Glove (WBW10043512)

Wilson A2000 SnakeSkin KS7 Spin Control Kelsey Stewart 12

Shop The KS7 A2000

There is no player or influencer within fastpitch softball (and maybe even baseball) that has more glove swagger than Kelsey Stewart. This USA-themed A2000 just takes your breath away when you look at the combo of Red, White, and Blue. Not to mention the SnakeSkin imprint on the glove’s backing that makes the glove “pop” when you view it up close. Don’t gloss over the adaptability of the glove either. Due to the closed web and the 12-inch length, this A2000 can be used in the pitcher’s circle along with 2B, SS and 3B!

Check Out These Features:

  • SnakeSkin Imprint On Glove’s Backing
  • Can Be Used By Infielders & Pitchers
  • Displays The Quick Drawstring Wrist Closure



Shoeless Joe Shoeless Jane 11.75" Fastpitch Softball Glove (1175FPHW)

Shoeless Joe Shoeless Jane 11.75

Shop The Shoeless Jane Fastpitch

At JustGloves, we strive to ensure that we get gloves to customers on time, every time just as we promise. Our Glove Experts feel like Shoeless Joe is following the same mantra with how they produce their Shoeless Jane gloves for fastpitch softball. Every time that you order one of these gloves you will know that a retro-looking glove will be arriving and that it will be able to break in quickly. Even more important, this glove will be able to remain with you for a long time. Don’t take our word for it though…

“Perfect glove for the smaller hand player. Almost broken-in when it was received.” - BO3124



Marucci Palmetto 12" Fastpitch Softball Glove (MFGPLM45A5FP)

Marucci Palmetto 12 Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove

Shop The Marucci Palmetto

Most softball or baseball fans will first think of bats when they hear the name “Marucci”. However, gloves should come to mind as well. This Palmetto will come with some butter-soft leather that should get into game-ready shape before you know it. And it is going to have that I-Web that fastpitch players really enjoy using on the infield. Plus, you’ll be able to use this across the infield at Second Base, Shortstop and Third Base.

What You’ll Get With This Glove:

  • 11.75” Length
  • Marucci’s Deep Pocket Design
  • No Thumb Or Pinky Straps On The Inside Of Glove



Wilson A500 Siren 12" Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove (WBW10042012)

Wilson A500 Siren 12 Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove

Shop The Wilson A500 Siren

Wilson has crafted this glove with a super snug fit for a young lady playing fastpitch softball. We believe that players as young as 7 could fit into this glove. In addition, the 12-inch length is going to make the glove super versatile as it can be used anywhere on the infield (plus the outfield when used by young ladies) and it should be able to handle an 11” or 12” softball with ease! Take the word of one of our customers…

“This one fits small hands and more importantly the wrist for great fit. Perfect for pre-teens.” - V. Lacy

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We appreciate you reading through our list on the best infield gloves in the year 2023. There is certainly a lot of personal opinion that can come into play when deciding on a glove and we are here to help if you need us. If you have questions about making a fastpitch or baseball glove purchase, please give us a call at 866-321-4568, email us at, or you can click here to live chat. We are JustGloves and we're here for you from Click To Catch!

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