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Founded: 2011

Contact Information:
Warstic Bat Co
9661 Audelia Road
Dallas, TX 75238
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Warstic Products:
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Warranty Information:
Phone: 1-855-927-7842
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About Warstic:
Warstic Bat Co. is an independent Texas-based company committed to building a unique brand of wood bat for serious players of any age. The company was started by Ben Jenkins, a ballplayer himself. After playing four years of Division 1 college baseball, and a brief stint in the minor leagues, Ben started Warstic Bat Co. in 2011. The goal was to create not only an extremely high-quality wood bat but also a work of art.

Focusing on Craftsmanship, Design, and Performance, Warstic bats are hand forged for battle. Warstic believes that the only wood is good wood, and that baseball is better when wood is at the heart of the game. With bats made from Northern White Ash with straight grains, Rock Hard Sugar Maple, and Dense Yellow Birch, Warstic bats are designed for high performance and durability. Plus, every Warstic bat is made in the U.S.A.

Many wood bat companies talk extensively about their magical "select" wood, unique processes, and turning techniques. At Warstic, there is the belief that it is not that complicated. The #1 most important thing to making a great wood bat, is sourcing, selecting, and paying for the absolute highest quality wood available. Then, all it takes is careful attention to detail, great finish, and unique look to give players a remarkable wood bat.

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