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History and Background of STEELO. :
In 2013, a baseball glove company was just a thought in the mind of Steve Friend. But Steve, the founder of STEELO., wouldn't let the thought die. He was dedicated to ballglove research and he provided grit & determination to the production process. His thought became reality.

Glove samples were being made in 2016 and a small launch was made the following year. As the gloves started proving themselves on the diamond, ballplayers took notice and 2018 ushered in the signing of some professionals to STEELO. contracts. And in 2019, a STEELO. glove was worn during a Major League Baseball game. That made STEELO. the first black-owned ballglove brand to be worn at baseball's highest level.

STEELO's story won't stop there! Steve Friend calls STEELO. "The Dopest Movement In Baseball" and STEELO. isn't settling in as being "just another baseball brand". You see, the term "steelo" has been used for years within hip-hop culture to describe an individual's aura -or- the reason for why they act or live in a certain way. And Steve is determined for STEELO. to exude that hip-hop culture that inspired his company's name. Along with hip-hop, fashion and baseball are Steve's 2 other inspirations for STEELO. With these 3 sources feeding the direction of the company, one can believe that STEELO. is looking to take the baseball sporting goods market to a new and different realm!

While STEELO. is changing up the baseball market, be sure to get one of their products, take it out to the diamond and increase your ballfield steelo...


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