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Founded: 1890

Contact Information:
Reebok International Ltd.
PO Box 1060
Ronks, PA 17573
Warranty Information:

History and Background of Reebok:
Reebok Brand Mission: Revolutionize our industry:
When we talk about revolution, we are talking about the spirit of the brand. A spirit that is American-inspired but global in reach and relevance. In business, it drives us to revolutionize what it means to be an athletic footwear, apparel and equipment company. It drives our innovation and creativity. It inspires us to continuously challenge the status quo. In spirit, it drives us to celebrate the individual, the right to be different, to follow your dream, speak your mind and express yourself as an individual.

Reebok Brand Vision: Empower individual achievement:
We empower our athletes, entertainers and consumers. We support their unique dreams, goals and achievements and celebrate their accomplishments. We realize that our products play a role in their lives and are tools they use to define for themselves, and for the world, who they are.

Reebok Brand Position: Celebrate individuality in sport and life:
At Reebok, we celebrate individuality and authenticity, particularly the courage it takes to forge our own path to greatness. We admire these qualities and share them with our partners and our consumers.

Brand Attitude: I am what I am:
As the articulation of our brand positioning, “I am what I am” is the emotional call to action of our brand. It is a celebration of individuality, courage and accomplishment. It is bigger than sport because the true measure of greatness extends beyond the boundaries of the stadium. It is not an excuse but rather a badge of pride, confidence and achievement.

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