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: 2005

Contact Information:
Mattingly Baseball
PO Box 2423
Shelton, CT 06484
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History and Background of Mattingly Baseball:
Mattingly Hitting Products (MHP) Company was founded to promote improved hitting ability in young baseball players through the use of the patented V-Grip TM baseball bat and Don Mattingly's approach to hitting. MHP has created the first truly unique innovation in baseball and softball bats since the introduction of aluminum bats during the 1970's.  Early in his baseball career, Don quickly realized that the key to increasing hand quickness and bat speed could be found in the grip, and that a good grip meant positioning the bat in the fingers and not in the palms. After much experimentation, Don eventually discovered that trimming the bat handle into a rounded "V" shape allowed him to effectively position his fingers and maintain the proper grip throughout the swing.

The idea for the V-Grip TM Bat was born.

The last few years, have been spent perfecting the production of wood baseball bats using the V-Grip TM handle.

In 2005, the company began to market wood bats on a small scale to ensure that bats could be produced with the V-Grip TM handle with predictable weights and with consistent quality. Most of the bats were sold at tournaments and through a small number of dealers. The new Mattingly V-Grip TM Bat is a technologically advanced, precisely engineered version of Don's original concept. The handle is specifically designed to keep the knocker knuckles aligned and shift the bat to the front part of the hands. By ensuring this alignment, the V-Grip TM Bat serves to keep a player's grip in the proper position during each step of the swing cycle. The result of this superior grip-through technology is that it is the only proven bat to maximize a hitter's quickness, and generates more power and more control through the full swing of the bat.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from coaches, players and dealers has positioned us to significantly expand the business into aluminum bats and a full line of accessories.

The company has assembled a seasoned group of successful executives from across the country to grow the company into a $ 75M â€" 100M business over the next five years.

Mission Statement: Mattingly Baseball's mission is to be recognized as the company of choice when baseball players choose their training and game equipment. We will achieve this goal through relentless product innovation in bringing to market products and training which have a meaningful impact on the baseball skills of our customers.  Here's a short promo video.

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