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History and Background of KR3:
KR3 is a family owned and operated company located in Cambridge, Ontario. Ross Huehn, KR3’s President, has been making bats for over 35 years. The company's origins date back over 100 years; making them the second oldest bat factory in the world. Recently Ross brought in MLB legend Roberto Alomar to serve in an advisory role and to take KR3 to the next level. In 2011, KR3 bats were approved by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and received approval for professional play in North America.

KR3 manufactures 100% of their wood bats in Canada from the finest quality North American maple, yellow birch, hickory, and ash available. Innovative wood/composite materials are added to many of their bats to increase performance and durability. One of the key principles that Ross Huehn manages his company with is to have the very best product on the market, and never stop improving it. That's the kind of quality you'll get from a KR3 wood bat or glove. The Kind of Performance That Only Comes From Experience.

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