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History And Background of Frost Gear:
In 2016, a group of college students banded together to cure one of the scourges of winter and early spring baseball...cold hands. Specifically, they wanted to provide a remedy for the painstaking task of gripping and throwing baseballs in chilly temperatures. Being ballplayers themselves, they knew the perils of not only gripping a cold (and possibly wet) baseball but also the difficulty in trying to throw that same baseball accurately!

The students dove into the research and development of this glove intended for a player's throwing hand. They eventually came out of the research & development with a finished glove product. Frost Gear was officially born.

Their glove was built from a synthetic material similar to what is used to make a wet suit. And to make things even better, this material was inclined to improve one's grip on cowhide (the leather used for a baseball) at the molecular level. The glove was made and then tested by collegiate and professional baseball players alike. All were in agreement that in cold weather, this throwing glove kept the hand warm and allowed them to grip a baseball effectively.

The founders of Frost Gear have continued to develop the product line and now their offerings include items such as batting gloves & cold weather clothing for baseball training and competition! To this day, Frost Gear is actively "re-thinking cold weather baseball" and how they might be able to improve player performance in spite of winter and early spring conditions.

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