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Marucci Capitol 11.5" Baseball Glove: MFG2CP53A2-AG/TF Quantity
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  • Free Shipping

  • 11.50 Inch Length

  • Recommended For Use On The Infield (2nd, SS, and 3rd).

  • Designed To Fit A High School-To-Adult Sized Hand

  • Very Stiff; Will Require An Extensive Break-In

  • Conventional Open Back

  • Colorway: Natural

  • M Type Fit System - Provides Intergrated Thumb and Pink Sleeves with Enhanced Thumb Stall Cushioning for Maximum Comfort and Feel

  • Premium Japanese-Tanned USA Kip Leather Combines a Perfect Structure and Lightweight Feel

  • Highest-Grade Cabretta Sheepskin Lining Provides a Luxurious Texture and Enhanced Comfort

  • Moisture-Wicking Mesh Wrist Lining with Dual--Density Memory Foam Padding

  • Professional-Grade Rawhide Laces Provide Maxium Tear-Resistance


Marucci Capitol 11.5" Baseball Glove: MFG2CP53A2-AG/TF
Fine tuning every inch of the glove to create only the highest performance glove on the market. Take the field with confidence and a glove to enhance your game with the Marucci Capitol series.
Glove Benefits
Marucci Capitol series has a long line of tradition of the highest quality gloves. Featuring light weight Japanese-Tanned USA Kip Leather Combines a Perfect Structure and lightweight feel for the players lucky enough to use it. The Cabretta Sheepskin Lining Provides a luxury feel and enhanced comfort. Moisture wicking wrist lining will have your hands dry on the hottest of days, tested in Louisanna. To increase the life of Marucci Gloves the laces are professional grade for maximum tear resistance.
The Marucci Capitol 11.5" Baseball Glove: MFG2CP53A2-AG/TF will be a infielders dream glove. Designed for the top tier infielders looking to make their mark on the game.


Marucci knows that it takes dedication to grow a consistent base of customers! And although they don’t list a specific warranty period on their gloves, Marucci will be happy to take a look at situations where their gloves have taken on some excessive damage. Reach out to the JustGloves Glove Experts if you bought this glove from us and feel that you have a warranty issue with it. The Experts will get you the information to reach out to Marucci to possibly begin the warranty replacement process.


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Questions and Answers

Have a question about the Marucci Capitol 11.5" Baseball Glove: MFG2CP53A2-AG/TF? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

About the Brand

At Marucci, they make their products the same way you play baseball: Hard work, determination, and attention to detail. This product is handcrafted. We are committed to never releasing a product before it meets the standard set forth by our wood bat. Our process is proven. The only way to achieve perfection is to accept nothing else. We first have gloves to Big Leaguers in our inner circle to break in and critique - knowing the extreme situations they would be put in. Players like Chase Utley allowed us to comprehend what a player needs and looks for in an ideal fielding glove. The Marucci player advisory board was integral in testing, tweaking, and ulitmatley perfecting the glove line to have the feel and features that matter to players. Understanding this professional standard of perfection has allowed us to handcraft a performance product that will last consistently maximize your game. Handcrafted, one by one, with the highest quality materials, for superior quality and feel, these gloves will require a gradual break-in period which provides a longer lasting form and shape. Professionally Inspired. Precision Crafted. Marucci: Honor the Game.

Glove Properties

Marucci Capitol 11.5" Baseball Glove: MFG2CP53A2-AG/TF
Age Range 13-15 High School-Adult
Color Natural Brown
Deals Used
Feel Extra Stiff
Position Infield Second Base Short Stop Third Base
Series Capitol
Size 11.50
Sub Type Fielders
Vendor Marucci
Web Type I-Web
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