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All Star Pro Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3100SBT
All Star Pro Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3100SBT
All Star Pro Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3100SBT
All Star Pro Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3100SBT
All Star Pro Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3100SBT
All Star Pro Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3100SBT
All Star Pro Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3100SBT
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  • 33.50 Inch Circumference

  • Japanese Tanned U.S. Steerhide

  • Extended Pocket with Profiled Toe Makes Scooping Easier

  • Pre-Oiled Treatment for a Quicker Break-In

  • Free Shipping!

  • Heavy Duty Rawhide Laces

  • Two-Piece, Closed Web

  • Index Finger Hood Provides Protection For Index Finger If It Is Worn On The Outside Backing Of The Glove

  • Flex-Action Crease - Located Near Heel Of The Glove | The Wider Heel Channel Helps Younger Hands Close the Mitt

  • Colorway: Tan | Black

  • Designed To Fit A High School-To-Adult Sized Hand (Will Fit Some Young Teenage Hands Too)

  • Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap To Adjust The Size Of The Hand Opening

  • Recommended Exclusively For Catchers

  • Conventional Open Back


The All Star commitment to innovation, advanced technology, outstanding craftsmanship, and quality service keeps them at the forefront of the industry. Their catcher's gear has been heralded time and time again as the best on the field. No matter what level of ball you play, you need quality equipment, and the All Star Professional Series delivers. This high-performance line of mitts is designed for fast break-in and hard use. Equal to the top of the line mitts of many other brands, these mitts feature premium oil-softened, Japanese tanned U.S. steer hide. Held together with heavy duty U.S. rawhide lacing, this glove is designed for maximum strength and durability. The pre-oiled treatment offers the quickest break-in while not compromising any quality. This mitt features an extended pocket and an adjustable Velcro wrist strap all for your comfort. With a return rate of only 0.1%, you can be sure that you're going to love your All Star catcher's mitt! All Star: Move Forward, Rise Above! Free Shipping!

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Overall Rating

Pros: great glove i have had it for a while now and still in great shape its going to be the only glove i ever use

Cons: just that it takes a long time to break in

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Overall Rating

Pros: very good glove never had it but friend has it used it loved it

Cons: none

Was this review helpful? 6 18
Overall Rating

Pros: breaks in two weeks very good wrist gauard live saver !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 buy it better than pro perfered

Cons: none

Was this review helpful? 5 10
Overall Rating
JT Thys

Pros: Made by All Star. Wrist guard is always nice.

Cons: Leather by pocket where your fingers are placed is weak. A lump seemed to form where i squeezed the glove. Spend the 280 and buy the All Star gloves the pros use.

Was this review helpful? 3 13
Overall Rating

Pros: Good look, very comfortable, and good size

Cons: impossible to break in; i had to bring it to someone to break it in for me, however now its great

Was this review helpful? 1 8
Overall Rating
Karl K

Pros: oil softened therefore brok in real nice, in a short period of time.

Cons: became very flappy after some use and like the other guy said a lump form where i squeezed it.

Was this review helpful? 6 8
Overall Rating

Pros: vrey comfortable...its not pro preferred but its very nice..wrist guard actually helps intentions were to take it off at first but it has helped with blocking alot....

Cons: PEOPLE, A LONG BREAK IN TIME IS GOOD...THAT MEANS ITS GONNA LAST LONG AND ITS GREAT LEATHER!!!...finger pad is a pain kinda if u like to put ur finger out of the glove like i use to until i got this glove...might wanna put that into consideration...i catch to high schoolers (70-high 80's mph) and it doesnt hurt my finger keeping it its all good

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Overall Rating

Pros: great glove. nice look. i like the look better than the pro preferred glove. it feels great on my hand

Cons: takes an incredibly long time to break in. Heavy

Was this review helpful? 3 4
Overall Rating

Pros: amazing glove. i love it. i will never buy another kind of glove.

Cons: i agree with the other guy a long break in time is good and if you break it in right it wont form a lump duh

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Overall Rating
swg player

Pros: great glove havent got it broke in yet but when i do it wil be great

Cons: none!!!!!

Was this review helpful? 3 19
Overall Rating

Pros: this is a great glove i catch kids throwing 60mph from 50 feet away and doesn't hurt my palm when i catch it.. wrist gaurd is nice.

Cons: very hard to break in. 3 weeks to a month.

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Overall Rating

Pros: good padding. can close around ball.

Cons: tough break in

Was this review helpful? 6 6
Overall Rating

Pros: As a high school catcher I will say that this mitt is outstanding for freshman thru varsity pitching. Breaks in fairly quick (do it right and it won't form a lump), great padding,durable,light and comfortable. Shapes and plays way better than my A2000 & Akadema APM40.


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Overall Rating

Pros: just great. way better than a2000.only rawlings HOH and all-star pro elite are better, and both cost more.

Cons: none

Was this review helpful? 3 4
Overall Rating

Pros: Nice mitt-second one bought-fits and feels good with lots of padding

Cons: First one bought last year almost wore out-not sure if over used or low quality

Was this review helpful? 4 5
Overall Rating
Tommy the T.

Pros: well made, breaking in nicely. Good protection and pocket. However yet to use in game situation

Cons: Does take a little time to break in but would expect that from a catchers glove

Was this review helpful? 3 4
Overall Rating
phenom 20

Pros: now catching guys throwing 70+mph. doesnt hurt my finger and is holding its shape after a year of catching mid 60's.

Cons: nothing. not to floppy. perfect.

Was this review helpful? 28 8
Overall Rating

Pros: great padding, just got it, the wrist guard seems useful

Cons: none so far

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Overall Rating
Catcher of the gods

Pros: Very nice look. The pocket is HUGE! If you break it in right, it won't form a lump. I like the look.the leather is very soft. I got mine because i traded a pair of batting gloves for it. But still worth the money!

Cons: Took a while to break in, but it was fine once i did.

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Overall Rating

Pros: this glove has a lot of padding and it held its shape fairly well.

Cons: its pocket didnt break in as deep as i wanted it to and the lace going through the middle of the web snaped after a year of use. the velcro back is kind of annoying.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Great glove, forms a very deep pocket and super comfortable, breaks in to be a great glove and wrist guard helps a lot.

Cons: hard to break in and sorta forms a lump, but no big deal

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Overall Rating
dukes 28

Pros: Very good glove. Very comfortable and very padded. Also breaks in well.

Cons: Super tough to break-in. But that's it and there is nothing wrong with a lump people, most catcher's mitts form one.

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Overall Rating
Coach T

Pros: I got the 33.5" and the 35" to see which was best for me. As a pitching instructor, and being Left Handed, quality catcher's mitts aren't that available in large sizes. All Star did an amazing job on this one. I would have opted for the higher level model, but it isn't available in Left handed. This Pro Series model is as good as any premium catcher's mitt out there. The leather is amazing and the break-in is reasonably quick. This one will last a long time.'s return policy helped me make the right choice. Highly recommended. Nice pop on good fastballs,


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Overall Rating

Pros: Durable, great pop, great padding.

Cons: HEAVY break-in time and pocket. Had this glove for over a year catching 80 mph+ and still is stiff. I love the glove but I suggest a Rawlings Heart of the Hide Pro Mesh.

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Overall Rating

Pros: good glove and feel feels like a2000 just less break in time

Cons: got glove steamed and lacing broke, then got a new one (not steamed) and had it for 2months and lacing already breaking:(

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Overall Rating

Pros: Great glove, excellent quality, perfect for my 12 year old

Cons: it is super stiff and take a lot of work to break it in- but it is worth it!

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Overall Rating

Pros: Great padding, good for catching accurate fastballs.

Cons: I have had this glove for just over a year and it is about halfway broken in. I like stiff gloves, but this is ridiculous. I think the very, very thick padding contributes to the stiffness. By the time this glove is breaking in, the leather is wearing down quickly. This glove is very heavy, making it hard to catch curves or off target pitches. The tan leather is very light and will turn dark brown with moisture. Do not loosen the pocket laces: the square part of the web is larger than other catchers mitts, so you don't want the pocket any bigger.

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Overall Rating

Pros: I bought this for my 11 Year Old son who is now catching guys throwing serious heat. We went from the Akadema AGC 98 to this. Glove is outstanding in quality. Fit is slightly big, but Velcro strap locks down the wrist well. Broken in in three weeks and is using it in games. Very good padding, but not so much that you can't receive well.

Cons: For him only (because he is 11), the size of the glove is slightly big. A 32.5" would have been ideal.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Great mitt! I actually caught with it in a game catching low 80's just 3 days after it came in and didn't drop a single ball, believe it or not. PS that wrist protector didn't affect my catching, I just thought it looked dorky so I cut it off. Very easy.

Cons: A lace came loose around the webbing, don't know where it came from but I just tucked it around another lace on the back of the mitt.

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Overall Rating

Pros: I researched mitts for nearly 2 months. I was iffy with this glove simply bc people wrote reviews based off their 15-16 year old son or younger. I am a 18yr old upcoming freshmen at Daytona state and this mitt is great! Pop, transfer, and receiving are great. Will hold up mid 80s to low 90s. Breaks in differently compared to a Rawlings mitt. All in all great glove!

Cons: The All STAR stamp in the middle fades away but mitt still works and looks good.

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Overall Rating
College bound College to the Pro's coach

Pros: Looks great, smells great with the new leather. The pocket configuration is perfect i.e.size width,length it's just right

Cons: The break in is slow. Catch everyday, 75 to 95 catches. Two weeks have gone by and the ball is still popping out of the glove. Takes heaters very good at 92mph. Hand has taken it 3 times at the bad spot. Wondering if I should of bought the larger mitt. My pro friend loves his and I took his recommendation at his word, and so far he's been spot on.

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Overall Rating

Pros: -conciderably easy break in if you now what you are doing(long break is not a con) -best glove I have had yet - thick padding

Cons: semi-small pocket but easier on throws to second

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Overall Rating
by Hunter Johnson

Pros: Very good mitt very easy to break in. With my old sons mitt (witch is 9)on the outside corner of the plate with his framing his pocket was very floppy and the all star mitt as a stable pocket

Cons: nothing get

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Overall Rating
Time to upgrade

Pros: Just upgraded my sons 31" to this (12yo little leaguer). Right out of the package it feels great. Good size, quality build. Will require break in, but not as much as feared, should be ready to go by opening day no problem. Will try to review this summer after he's been behind the plate a few innings.

Cons: Non yet! Wrist guard is suspect, but for now my son thinks he'll like it.

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Overall Rating

Pros: When I played JV it was an outstanding glove. very durable and didn't become floppy and was able to keep its form for the last few years. This is a great glove for underclass high schoolers but i did not like using it on varsity.

Cons: First one I had the x lacing on the web broke after about a month just from playing catch. Second one has been better but i feel like it is much smaller than a 33.5 it plays like a 31 and when i caught pitchers who threw in the 80's you could definitely feel it in the index finger

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Overall Rating
Highschool Catcher Chris Parent

Pros: Good padding, solid feel

Cons: Took great care breaking in the new mitt. Day 1 of winter workouts the laces snapped in the pocket (today). Scrambling to find someone to relace quickly. A little concerned moving forward.

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Overall Rating
Good first impression! Brent Archer Parent

Pros: Well made with good material, deep pocket and fits my 13 year-old son's hand well. He liked it the first time he tried it on. After less than a week, with daily work it is starting to break in. Seems to be a good glove for the price.

Cons: None so far

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Overall Rating
So far seems to be a great glove for the money Brent Archer Parent

Pros: Very well constructed, deep pocket and fits my son's hand well. Good padding and materials. Expect it to be durable.

Cons: A little stiff, which is indicative of a better glove. Will take a few weeks to really break it in.

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Overall Rating
AllStar cm3100sbt Boyd Parent

Pros: We have owned a lot of gloves including a few catchers mitts and this is an outstanding, well constructed, very tough mitt. It has a very stout feel to it, heavily padded. Best mitt for catching heat and quickly transferring the ball. Best suited for a player with large/strong hands that can really put the squeeze on it. Would take a long time to wear this mitt out.

Cons: Hardest to break-in mitt we have ever owned. After three seasons, finally feels broken in. EXTREMELY stiff and a very(too much) shallow pocket. I figured when we got it that the pocket would stretch a little as most usually do. Hasn’t stretched one bit, if I didn’t know any better, would think this mitt is laced with steel cable. It’s heavily padded body can create some bounce out and dropped balls on slower pitches even when you are certain you have the ball firmly in your grip. Great mitt, not getting rid of it, but my son is moving to something less stiff and with a deeper pocket. If you get it, I would recommend heavy saddle soaping it and working the leather. I have seen saddles softer than this mitt.

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Questions and Answers (59)

Have a question about the All Star Pro Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3100SBT? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

Is this glove available in stores so I can go and try it on before I consider purchasing it?
I have seen All Star gloves in some stores. But if you can't find it and still order it through us, you can try it out for up to 100 days then send it back to us if you're not satisfied for a full refund or exchange. Check around in your area, and hopefully you can find a store that has it.
My son is 13 (7th Grade) years old and has been catching for the past 4 years. He has used a generic Rawlings catchers glove but complains the pitching speeds are starting to hurt his hand. I want to move up in a glove, what recommendation do you have for a glove that would last him through H.S.? Current pitchers are in the 60-70 MPH. Your recommendation would be appreciated. Jim
A 33 or 33.5 inch mitt are the most common sizes recommended for High School age players, although many will use a mitt a half inch smaller or larger (really comes down to personal preference). All Star is a great place to start looking. They specilize in catcher's gear and make excellent mitts with good padding. I also really like the catcher's mitt Akadema produces. They'll have good padding and will perform great as well.
Had this glove but the lace broke. What would be a good glove to replace it? Catching pitches 70+ mph?
catching kid 20
The All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catchers Mitt is a very good glove that could replace the one that you had. This catchers mitt uses the finest steer hide and is very durable. This glove does have a little more then average padding, so it will be good in catching 70+ MPH pitches.
Does this glove last as long as the CM3000XSBT or should I spend the extra $100 and get the glove that will last longer?
In terms of quality of leather, both will be very similar to each other. The CM3000XSBT features an extended pro pocket that gives it added strength and support over the CM3100SBT. I honestly think both will last a very long time and it's up to the player whether or not to spend the extra money.
I need a catcher's mitt for my 11 year old son. He seems to have outgrown his original Mizuno youth mitt and I am wondering if there is a particular size or model that he should consider. He is a competitive player and is on the small side, 4'7" and 70 lbs.
This All Star CM3100SBT is a very nice model. I would say with his size he would be good for the 31-32 inch. Another Mizuno the GXC10 is a nice glove also. Keep in mind we do have the 100 day guarantee if he doesn't like how it feels.
My son is catching in high school and is looking for a good glove that won't sting his hand after catching kids throwing in the mid 80s.
This is a good glove. Will take a little to break in, but good solid glove.
In several of the reviews they mentioned that if the glove is not broken in "right" a lump may form in the pocket. How are you to break it in right so that this does not happen?
Breaking the glove in by closing your pinkie finger to your thumb instead of your whole hand will help break it in properly.
I am looking at buying this glove however I am not sure what size to get. I am 6', 160 lbs and a freshman catcher for both Freshman and JV baseball teams. What size mitt should I get and will this last me the rest of my high school career if taken care of well?
The All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT is a great size for a high school or college player. Staying between the sizes of 33" and 34" would be ideal. The quality of the leather you decide on correlates with the durability of the glove. Consistent treatment of the leather will increase the lifespan of this glove and allow you to use this throughout high school.
Is this mitt or the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Pro Mesh better?
Both the All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catchers Mitt and the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Pro Mesh Series: PROJP20M Catcher's Mitt are high quality gloves made of top of the line leather. The All Star Pro Series is stiffer and will take longer to break in than the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Pro Mesh Series.
I play in a men's amateur baseball league and catch a guy throwing in the low to mid 80's and sometimes even higher. Is this glove up to the task of catching guys that throw that hard? Also, what is the most typical size glove that pro catchers use, 33.5 or 35 in gloves?
All Star is known for producing high quality mitts with great padding. The CM3100SBT is a great choice and will definitely hold up for you. The average size catcher's mitt at the professional level will be right around 34 inches, some will use a mitt slightly smaller, others use a mitt a little larger.
Do you think this gloves leather would compare to an Wilson A2000 or A2K catchers glove?
The quality of leather used in the All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT would be right below the leather that is used in an A2000. Here is a link to the All Star model that would be comparable to the A2K.
Would this glove work for an 11 year old catcher playing rep ball?
The 33.50" will be too large for an eleven year old. We recommend a 32.00" to a 32.50" catcher's mitt.
Is there any way that you can remove to wrist guard?
The wrist guard is removable only if you undo a portion of the lacing at the heel of the glove.
Is this glove equipped for varsity level pitchers? As a catcher, is this glove strong enough to catch pitchers throwing mid 80s?
Yes, the leather in the All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt features Japanese tanned steer hide that will be durable enough to hold up to pitching at those speeds.
What size glove do you recommend for a 13 year old player playing travel ball. Would want it to last at least two years prior to high school?
I would recommend a 32-32.50" glove at your age, which should last you till you get to high school if properly taken care of.
What is the best way to break this glove in so it lasts the longest but doesn't become floppy?
The best way to break in the All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt is to just play catch with it and oil it about once or twice a month.
What's the best way to keep the round shape of the glove before and after breaking it in?
The best way to maintain the shape of the glove is to preserve the leather by applying a thin layer of glove or leather conditioner to your glove once every one or two weeks. Also try to use a secondary backup glove when just playing catch or practicing.
Is it a good or bad idea to keep a leather belt tied around this mitt while keeping a ball in the pocket?
We recommend using our oversized shaping bands in our glove care kit for proper break in. Keep the bands tied around the glove with the ball in the pocket.
Do you have this mitt in stock for a right handed catcher?
The All Star Pro Series is a discontinued model and we will not be receiving more inventory.
Are you going to be getting any mitts for right hand throwers in this model?
The All Star Pro Series: CM3100SB is a discontinued model. We will not be receiving more inventory of right hand throwers.
I'm a high school catcher and I'm catching pitchers from low 70s to low 90s. I'm looking for a glove that will fit right and last the rest of high school ball. Which mitt should I go with?
Ryken ball
The All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt is made with premium oil-softened Japanese tanned US steer hide. It has US rawhide lacing for maximum strength and durability and will perform well at the HS and Collegiate levels.
I'm 13 and catching guys that throw 70-80 mph. Is this the right glove for me?
The All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt would be a great glove for you. It features premium oil-softened Japanese tanned US steer hide with US rawhide lacing for maximum strength and durability.
I'm 14 and 6'0". Would this be a good size for me?
At 33.5", the All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT is most common among players 16 years old and older. A more common size for a 14 year old is 32" or 32.5".
I'm 13 years old and 5'2". I'm a serious catcher. Is this a good glove?
All Star catcher's mitts are some of the best mitts out there. The All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt is an outstanding mitt.
Would this glove be a good glove for a high school player?
Yes, the All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT is a good glove for a high school catcher.
Will the velcro wrist strap ever start coming off and not sticking any more?
baseball guy
The velcro strap on the All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt should last a very long time. After many years of play the velcro strap could possibly lose some of its stickiness though.
Is the leather quality on this glove? Is it similar to the Pro Preferred or Heart of the Hide?
Yes, the All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) features tanned U.S. Steerhide, so it will be similar to Rawlings' Heart of the Hide Series.
Justin R.
I'm 16, 6 foot and weigh 200 pounds. I tried out for my high school team as a catcher and made varsity, and I need a mitt. I was wondering whether a 33.5" or a 35 size glove would be better for me. The kids on my team throw into the upper 80s.
Most people will prefer a 33.5" glove over a 35. Being new to catching I would suggest going with the 33.5" in the All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) Catcher's Mitt. It will offer a little bit better glove control.
I am 14 years old I catch guys throwing 70 mph and no knuckle balls. What size is better for me the 35" or the 33.5"?
According to your age and league I would recommend going with the All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) in the 33.5" model. It offers an open pocket and heavy duty rawhide lacing that would work well for you.
Do you guys ship to Canada for free?
We are currently unable to ship outside of the United States or accept forms of payment outside of the US. Often, our Canadian customers will pay with PayPal or another form of online payment and ship the product to a freight forwarding service or relative in the United States. That would be the only way we could ship the All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) to you.
I am 13 years old. What size of catchers glove should I use?
Rally man Osowski
Based on your age, we recommend a 32" catcher's mitt. The All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) is a 33.50" pattern, so it may be too large for you. A great model to check out would be the All Star Pro Elite Series (CM3000XSBT). You can check it out here:
What's the difference between this and the (CM3000SBT)? Is there any major advantage in the (CM3000SBT)?
The All Star Pro Elite Series (CM3000SBT) is made from a higher quality Japanese Tanned Steerhide Leather than this All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) Catcher's Mitt. With good care, the (CM3000SBT) should offer better durability. Aside from that difference, and the wrist guard found on the (CM3100SBT), these gloves offer the same pattern size and are solid designs.
Does the CM3100BT and the CM3100SBT have the same black and tan color?
The All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) will have a darker tan color while the CM3100BT model will be a light brown and black color scheme.
How long does the glove take to be broken in and ready for a varsity baseball game?
The All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) features pre-oiled leather but it is top grade Japanese steer hide so it will still be pretty stiff. Depending on how much work is put into the break-in process it could take a week to several weeks to get it game ready. Playing with it every day and oiling it appropriately will help in the break-in process.
I am a 14 year old catcher, catching mid 60's to 70. Would this glove be okay for me?
The All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) Catcher's Mitt is a high quality glove made out of Japanese Steerhide leather. The glove will hold up and work very well for what you are looking to get out of it.
Once I receive a glove, can I try using it in a game? If I don't, can I return it?
Our 100 day policy allows for the player to use the glove like they normally would by breaking it in, playing with it, and getting a feel for the glove. If you do not like the All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) within that 100 days after the purchase, you can send it back for a refund or exchange. We simply ask that the glove not be steamed or submerged in water.
Dose this glove come for a right handed thrower?
The All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) is made in a right handed thrower style but we are currently out of stock on it. We should be getting more in in the next few weeks.
Do you know the exact date that you will have the right hand thrower?
No, we are sorry we do not. The All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt) should be back in stock in 2-4 weeks time.
How is the leather quality compared to an A2000, for example? For high school baseball, how many seasons will this glove last? Would this glove be the ideal size for a 15 year old with big hands? Is this glove effective with transfers for throwing to second? Does this glove take a while to break in?
The All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) Catcher's Mitt has a slightly lower quality leather than the Wilson A2000 Catcher's mitt. The hand size of this mitt should be a good fit for a 15 year old with big hands. Depending on the use of this mitt, it should be durable enough to last a couple seasons with average use. The pocket will be pretty effective with ball transfers throwing to second. This mitt is designed for fast break-in and hard use.
What is a better glove? This glove or the Wilson A2000? Which out of the two gloves has the smallest pocket?
Koko bb
The All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt) will be a 33.50" circumference. The A2000 with the same size will be the Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Series (A20RB15M1SS Catcher's Mitt). The A2000 should have a more shallow pocket depth. Both gloves will be very high quality. Both gloves are used in very high levels of baseball. You see them a lot in college and in the MLB.
Is this glove easy to break in? Is it good for Pony league?
beast catcher32
The All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt) would be an ideal model for a younger catcher. It features a high grade leather that will be fairly stiff even though it is factory pre oiled, so it will require a significant break in period of a week or two, depending on how much it is used.
Does the glove come in a 33.5 inch?
The All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt) does not come in a 33.5 inch.
What is the best All Star catcher's mitt that comes in a 33.5?
The All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt) is a great durable model as well as the All Star Vela Pro Series (CMW3000 Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt).
I really like this glove and I am deciding what the best size is for me. I am 13 years old, 115 pounds and 5 foot 4. Any suggestions?
tom brady
The All Star Pro Series (CM3100SBT) is specifically a 33.5 inch model. That would be a typical size for a player of your age and should work well.
How does this glove compare to the CM3000SBT? The cost difference is great. Uses a lot for high school and travel ball.
The All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt features a flex-action crease and a wider heel channel which helps younger hands close the mitt while the All Star Pro Elite Series: CM3000SBT Catcher's Mitt is designed with a serious player in mind. Other than that, the two mitts offer similar features.
John P.
I know that the All Star Pro Series CM3100SBT is a good glove for high school and one of my teammates has the glove and he says he loves it. The glove I currently have is a Rawlings and I don't like it. When I used my teammates All Star catchers mitt I fell in love with it. It was just so comfortable and I also know that it breaks in really fast. I'm in high school and I'm 16, 150 lbs and 5'7." I was wondering what's the best fit for my size.
Lhs baseball catcher
Based on your age, we would recommend getting the All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt in a 33.50 inch pattern (like this glove features) or look for an All-Star catcher's mitt in either a 32.50 or 33.00 inch pattern. All three sizes are good options. It comes down to what feels the most comfortable from a receiving standpoint as well as what allows you to transfer the ball the quickest on steal attempts.
I'm 15, 151 lbs and 5 foot 7 and I'm currently playing for my high school team. What size would I need because I've been told this is a good glove catching wise and breaking in and I'm on JV so they're throwing around 75-80. What size would you prefer?
Lhs catcher
I would recommend that you use a 33" glove. This glove is going to be small enough for you to control it well, but big enough to help you frame pitches easier. The All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt is going to be slightly bigger than the recommended size, but if you are comfortable with a 33.5" glove then this glove would be a great option.
Is there a CM3100 with the lighter tan color that is also a 33.50?
I have included a link below to all of the All Star Catcher's Mitts that we currently offer with a 33.50 inch pattern. There are a couple that feature a lighter tan color than the All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt.
John P.
I bought this mitt for my son last season. It is still not broken in. He has now gone back to using his old mitt, due to the fact that the ball continues to pop out of his glove. I hate to have to buy another mitt. This has been the only mitt that has not lived up to expectations. Any suggestions?
The All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt is a very good catcher's mitt. With that said, All-Star catchers mitts are going to be tougher to break in than most other models. To help facilitate proper break-in of a catcher's mitt we would recommend reviewing the following short video: If you have a pitching machine at your disposal then catch as many balls from the machine as possible; if not, then catch as many bullpens as possible.
What is the difference between the CM3100SBT and the CM3100BT?
The All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt is 33.50" pattern while the All Star Pro Series: CM3100BT Catcher's Mitt is a 35.00" pattern.
Is the 35" glove too large for high school? Is it a knuckleball mitt? Is the pocket 1 1/2" larger than the 33" or is the size difference in other places? I have a very large catcher but I need him to be able to get the ball out of his glove quickly.
The 35 inch catcher mitts would be better served for someone catching a knuckleball pitcher. For most high school catchers, anywhere from a 32.50-33.50 inch pattern would be ideal depending on personal preference; essentially the size that allows for the easiest transfer on steal attempts. The pocket of a 35" glove will be larger than that of a 33" model and could make it harder on some with the transfer.
How does the padding on this mitt compare to the CM3200SBT model? I currently own the CM3200SBT mitt and the padding wore out very quickly and I'm looking to upgrade.
The CM3100SBT is all around a better model than the CM3200SBT. Is uses higher quality leather and comes with the padded wrist guard as well.
Kyle J.
What is the best way to break-in this glove?
Ideally the best way to break-in any glove, including the All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt, is to play catch with it. That way the glove breaks in better specifically for the player that is using it. Lightly oiling the glove can help as well, but it is best to keep the amount of oil applied to a minimum since it can weigh the glove down.
Would this be good for a competitive 15 year old player?
Yes, the All Star Pro Series: CM3100SBT Catcher's Mitt would be good for a 15 year old player playing competitive baseball. They use Japanese Tanned U.S. Steerhide which will hold up against above average pitch speeds.
This might sound like a crazy question but I am a former catcher and want to start just playing catch with some friends. No one throws hard, we are all in our 50's but being a catcher I like to use a catcher's mitt. Is this too much mitt for me? I never like to buy entry level and don't like to upgrade so I prefer to get higher quality than I might need. Thoughts?
I think this would be fine for you if you like good quality mitts. It might take awhile for you to break in, as I would rate this is a quality high school glove intended for pitches in the 75-85 mph range, but All Star makes some of the best quality gloves around. You could always just go to a batting cage for a little bit and catch pitches off the machines if you want to speed up the break-in.
Kyle J.
What is the difference between the CM3000SBT and this glove?
The All Star Pro Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3100SBT and CM3000SBT are similar in size and design. However, the CM3000SBT is designed to hold up better for faster pitching and more play. It will also take a bit longer to break in.
What's the difference between the cm3100 sbt and the cm3100 sbtr?
The All Star Pro Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3100SBT and the CM3100 SBT are very similar but do have a small difference in regards to color.
Is the CM31000SBT even manufactured in blonde and black, or only comes in the more yellowish tan and black colorway? I know I can get the CM3100BT model in black and blonde.
As far as we know, All Star only makes this CM3100SBT in the tan and black colorway, but you can try contacting them directly for more information.
My son is a high school catcher, does this glove have any added protection for a catcher's thumb?
The All Star Pro Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3100SBT does not incorporate anything additional to help with thumb protection.
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Glove Properties

All Star Pro Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3100SBT
Color Black Tan
Deals Bundle and Save
Feel Stiff
Glove Type Baseball
Position Catcher
Recommended Age Range 13-15 High School-Adult
Size 33.50
Sub Type Catchers
Vendor All Star
Web Type Two Piece Closed Fully Closed
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