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All Star Pro Series 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3200SBT: Image #417448
All Star Pro Series 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3200SBT: Image #417449
All Star Pro Series 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3200SBT: Image #417450
All Star Pro Series 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3200SBT: Image #417451
All Star Pro Series 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3200SBT: Image #417452
All Star Pro Series 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3200SBT: Image #417453
All Star Pro Series 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3200SBT: Image #417454

Glove Profile

All Star Pro Series 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3200SBT

Extra Stiff
Game Ready
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  • Free Shipping!

  • 33.50 Inch Pattern

  • Recommended Exclusively For Catchers

  • Should Feature A Fairly Easy Break-In

  • Designed For A Teenage Sized Hand (Might Even Fit Some Players At 10-12 Years Old Too)

  • Two-Piece, Closed Web

  • Premium Tanned Cowhide Leather Construction

  • Colorway: Black | Blonde

  • Index Finger Pad On Shell Backing For Protection & Comfort

  • Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap

  • Heavy Duty Rawhide Laces

  • Partially Open Backing

  • Pro Guard Padding Within The Inner Hand Lining To Prevent Sting

  • Flex-Action Crease - Wider Heel Channel Helps Younger Hands Close the Mitt


The All Star's commitment to innovation, advanced technology, outstanding craftsmanship and quality service keeps them at the forefront of the industry. No matter what level of ball you play, you need quality equipment, and the All Star Professional Series exceeds player's expectations! This high-performance line of mitts is designed for fast break-in and hard use for even the longest, grueling seasons. Equal to the top of the line models of many other brands, these mitts feature selected premium tanned cowhide leather, and US grade rawhide lacing, for maximum strength and durability. This glove also sports special contrasting index finger padding, a pro-formed pocket and profiled toe and flex action that make this mitt not only a top performer but a high performing monster machine! Whether or not you're a Pro or a Rookie let All Star help revolutionize your game. Always the BEST! All Star. Free Shipping Included!


An All Star glove purchased from JustGloves will feature a twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty that is handled by All Star (does not cover improper cleaning, storage or usage). Reach out to JustGloves if you have an issue within 12 months of the purchase date and we will help set you up with directions for reaching out to All Star. Our Glove Experts are trained in product and warranty knowledge and will be eager to receive your contact. 


Average Ratings Based on 12 Customer Reviews

4.0 Stars:Overall Rating
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4 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: quick break in not heavy perfect pocket feels durable


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4 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: easy break in great pocket feels durable light weight

Cons: pointing finger slot is uncomfortable *everyone is different*

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
jett plane

Pros: Excellent best catcher's glove yet.


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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: For the money, you will not find a better mitt!! Heavy LEATHER Laces!!! I first saw this mitt when one of my travel players bought the youth version. Was so impressed with the quality/value that I bought one for my own son who is a backup catcher. After getting his in, and him playing a season with it, I came back to purchase the adult model for myself. It's a high-end glove at a low-end price!! GREAT VALUE for someone just getting into catching or working as a backup.

Cons: Wish I had found this mitt several mitts ago! None!

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
Coach Stacy

Pros: Very high quality leather and solid feel. it will take some time to break in though. i still get a sting from index finger, but putting finger on outside makes catching painless

Cons: none. great quality product. exceeded my expectations.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: All around great glove. Feels great, preforms great, and looks great. Love this mitt

Cons: None

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2 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Adjustable strap.

Cons: I had this glove for just over a year, but it already has a rip right below the web. It has also lost much of the padding where I put my pointer finger

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3 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Good pocket and broke in quick

Cons: Seems like the tunnel for wear your middle finger goes into is in the wrong spot. To much pressure into your finger, my dad tried to form it better with a wooden mallet but no luck.

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4 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Breaks in quickly and conforms to your hand very well. Does a very good job of scooping balls in the dirt. The velcro wrist is definitely nice to have if you need to make adjustments.

Cons: Wears down quickly and the padding is poor after just a couple of games. Wouldn't recommend this mitt if you catch a lot games.

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1 Stars: Overall Rating
Disappointed Richard Ortz Parent

Pros: It's cheap. $99.00

Cons: After 3 mo it needed replaced. My 15u son really loved the way it looked so we replaced it with a CX3000XSBT Pro Elite. Glove got soft and puffy. No oils used and broke in with pitching machine only. Broke it in to a box shape but would hardly keep shape and the center turned into a pillow. Spend the $400 get the Elite. This might be good for maybe a 10yr old.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
Nice mid level Mitt for 13-14 year olds Paul Parent

Pros: Son loves it. Needs a little break in but not too much. He's 13.

Cons: None yet!

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
Great youth glove Adam Jordan Coach

Pros: Fits my 9u kid great. I did pay for Trusted Glove Prep from company but was easily broke in after about a week.

Cons: None

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Questions and Answers

Have a question about the All Star Pro Series 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3200SBT? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

I'm 14 and need a glove for the next couple years of high school. I'm using a Rawlings 33 in. and need one for myself. Would this glove be the one for me? cookie
I would stick with either a 33" or 33.5" glove. All Star specilizes in catcher's gear and they're well known for making high-quality and high-performing mitts. I think that this mitt would work well for a catcher in their first couple of years of high school. After that though, you might need to bump up to something with a little higher quality build and leather.
Does this mitt have thick padding or thin padding? Is it durable? corndog1111
This mitt will have slightly above average padding in the palm. All Star excels in the world of catcher's gear and this will be a pretty durable mitt.
Can this glove help me not hyper extend my thumb? Louie
This glove does have a lot of padding around the thumb. This glove is probably in the top tier of under-$100-mitts that has the most padding around the thumb.
How well should this leather hold up? tommy J
The CM3200SBT will be a very good catchers mitt in the sub $100 price range. It won't be as high of a quality and durable as the All Star Pro Elite Series, but compared to other mitts in the same price range it is definitely above par.
Does this glove have a deep pocket? 808boiz
This glove will have a pretty deep pocket due to it having a larger 33.5-inch circumference.
Is the CM3200SBT for baseball or softball ? Joe
The All Star Pro Series: CM3200SBT Catcher's Mitt is a baseball mitt.
Would it take two weeks to break in? patrick
The All Star Pro Series: CM3200SBT Catcher's Mitt has been known to have a little bit of a longer break-in. That being said, if you were diligent and worked with the mitt every day for a 2 week period, I think you could get the glove in game-ready condition.
My 11 year old has been using a 31.5" mitt but it seems small. Would this glove be too big for him? tb
The All Star Pro Series: CM3200SBT Catcher's Mitt is 33.50" in diameter. It is going to be a little large in regard to circumference size, but the fitting is actually more designed for a teenaged player. Since your player is on the verge of becoming a teenager within a couple of seasons, this may not be a bad mitt to get and let him grow into it.
Would this be a good choice for a 16 year old in high school? john
The All Star Pro Series: CM3200SBT Catcher's Mitt would be a possible choice for a 16 year old catcher. However, I don't know how long it would be able to be used. If you started catching pitchers that were tossing at high velocities, you may want to step up and get a mitt with a high quality build and materials.
Is this mitt good for a 2nd year high school catcher? cowboy
Yes. The All Star Pro Series (CM3200SBT) Catcher's Mitt is a solid glove for a catcher in their first couple seasons of high school ball However, as you progress and the pitchers start tossing harder, you may want to get a mitt with a little higher quality leather. The All Star Pro Elite Series (CM3000XSBT) Catcher's Mitt will be the higher quality model.
I am looking for a catcher's mitt to catch my daughter's. After two hours of catching them during their fast pitch softball lessons my hand and glove are getting worn out. I was wanting to know if this would be a good choice or not.There are not a lot of choices for left handed people. scott
The All Star Pro Series (CM3200SBT) is a high quality model with good durable leather and above average padding. It will be slightly small for softballs but could be broken in with a larger ball to help form a large pocket that could work for catching softballs.
I am 13 year old who catches a lot and wants a pretty good glove. From my palm to my middle finger it is 6 inches. Do you think this is a good choice? Dequan
The All Star Pro Series (CM3200SBT Catcher's Mitt) is a great glove, however, for your age, we would suggest around a 32" circumference mitt in most situations. Since this mitt features a 33.5" circumference it may be a little large at the start, but I think you can grow into it with a little bit of time.
I'm a high school JV catcher. I'm in 8th grade, am 13 years old, and my hand is about 7 1/2 inches in total length. Would this mitt be good for me? Baseballislife_14
Typically, for a 13 year old catcher, I would recommend a 32.00" catcher's mitt. The All Star Pro Series: CM3200SBT Catcher's Mitt features a 33.50 inch pattern so this would be a glove that you would probably have to grow in to.
John P.
Would this glove work well for a starting high school catcher? Andy
Although it may not have the leather quality to hold up to the demands of a high school catcher for their entire high school career, I think that this All Star Pro Series (CM3200SBT Catcher's Mitt) will have a solid circumference and hand fitting for use in a season or two of high school play.
What is the glove size? Baker15
The All Star Pro Series (CM3200SBT) Catcher's Mitt has a 33.50" circumference!
Can it withstand 90 mph+ pitching? Jerry
I would probably recommend something a bit higher quality if you are consistently catching velocities that high. I would recommend this mitt more as a middle school/early high school glove. Something like the CM3100SBT model or higher would be more suitable for 90+ mph velocities.
Kyle J.
Is this a suitable size for an 11 yr old or a 10 yr old with big hands? Richard
The All Star Pro Series: CM3200SBT Catcher's Mitt will likely be too big for a 10 or 11 year old. For someone of that age, a smaller mitt at 32.50 would likely be a better fit.
What is the size of this glove? coay
The All Star Pro Series (CM3200SBT) Catcher's Mitt features a 33.5" circumference.
How do the leather stiffness compare between this, the CM3030, and the CM3031? Jonathan
The leather stiffness is going to be about the same on all three gloves as they all have about the same leather quality. They will all be pretty close to game ready. The All Star Pro Series: CM3200SBT Catcher's Mitt may be slightly more stiff than the other two.
Can a glove like this be used to catch fastpitch softball? Is the basket large enough? Softball size would be 12". David Walker
This All Star Pro Series 33.5" Catcher's Mitt (CM3200SBT) does feature a larger 33.5" circumference. Even though it is technically a "baseball" mitt, I think there is a shot the circumference will be large enough to handle a 12-inch softball.
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About the Brand

Design Leadership: In the area of baseball protective products, All-Star's design leadership is unsurpassed. From batter's helmets to leg guards, All-Star holds many patents and has made numerous developments that have now become standard in the industry. Wraparound shins and triple knees on leg guards, lightweight wire masks, adjustable batter's helmets and sternum and collarbone protection in chest protectors are just a few of the many advancements made by All-Star.

Technology and R&D: All-Star's production facilities use the latest in manufacturing technology, including several patented manufacturing processes. All-Star invests heavily into the research and development of new products as well as the processes required to manufacture them.

Quality and Value: These are prime concerns of the retailer and consumer alike. With a defective rate of less then 1/10th of 1%, you can rest assured that once a customer buys an All-Star product the sale will be final. All-Star's products are designed to give the retailer and the consumer the quality and value they are looking for.

Glove Properties

All Star Pro Series 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3200SBT
Age Range 13-15 High School-Adult 10-12
Color Black Tan
Deals Bundle and Save Personalization Eligible
Feel Soft
Glove Type Baseball
Position Catcher
Size 33.50
Sub Type Catchers
Vendor All Star
Web Type Fully Closed Two Piece Closed
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