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Resource Guide | How to Size Your Glove

Let's take a look at the following Glove Sizing Guide. This will help both baseball and softball players find the perfect size of glove.

At JustGloves, we like to keep things simple, which is why we like to determine glove size guide by age and what position you play. Whether you play infield, outfieldpitcherfirst base,  or catcher, we've got you covered.  

*Note* Catcher gloves are measured by their circumference rather than top to bottom, which is why the sizing is so vastly different from other positions.

These size recommendations are a general guide and may not pertain to every player.  However, they do provide a nice reference point to get you started. If you need additional help, we recommend downloading our Glove Sizing Tool and following the quick step-by-step instructions to determine the type of glove that's best for you. Or, you can always reach our Glove Experts via phone at 866-321-4568, Live Chat, or email

Adult Baseball Gloves

For adult baseball gloves, here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Typically, players 14 years and older use adult-sized gloves.
  • Outfield Gloves offer a larger pattern size in comparison to infield gloves. This is because outfielders need a larger pocket to assist with pop flies while infielders need a smaller, shallower pocket to help with quick transitions.

Intermediate Gloves

Intermediate gloves are designed for players with smaller hands but are playing at a level where they need a high-quality glove. There are two popular editions for this glove style including the Wilson Pedroia Fit (DP15) and the Rawlings Contour Fit.

  • Starting with the Wilson Pedroia Fit (DP15), these gloves guarantee a smaller wrist opening with more narrow finger stalls.
  • The Rawlings Contour Fit gloves allow for narrow and lowered finger stalls and an adjusted back opening with a smaller wrist opening. This lets younger players and older players with smaller hands start using the Heart of the Hide gloves.

Youth Gloves

For youth baseball gloves, here are key things to keep in mind:

  • Youth gloves are recommended for younger players who are likely to outgrow their gloves sooner rather than later.
  • This is typically the case for players 12 years or younger.
  • While the sizes of youth infielder gloves and youth outfielder gloves are comparable to adult baseball gloves, the difference is in the fit. 
  • Youth gloves will have smaller wrist openings and shorter finger stalls.
  • Most manufacturers, such as Wilson and Rawlings, craft their youth gloves with a smaller wrist opening and tighter finger stalls for a more secure fit on a youth player's hand.

Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Due to the larger softball being used, Fastpitch softball gloves for both infield and outfield feature a larger pattern compared to baseball gloves. However, similar to youth baseball gloves, most fastpitch gloves will feature a smaller wrist opening and tighter finger stalls to accommodate a female athlete's hand. Typically, these softball gloves range from 11.75 inches all the way up to 13 inches.

Age: 13 & Over


Slow Pitch Softball Gloves

Slow pitch softball gloves are generally different than most other types. Slow Pitch softball gloves tend to run much larger in comparison to both baseball gloves and Fastpitch softball gloves and range from 12 inches all the way to 15 inches.


Pitcher's Gloves

The main difference between a fielder's glove and pitcher's glove is the webbing. Most, if not all, pitcher's models feature either some form of a modified trapeze web or a fully closed web. This is intentionally done so that pitchers can hide the ball before they deliver a pitch. Other than that, sizes are similar to an infielder's glove.


First Base Mitts

To be able to play first base, you need to be able to catch extremely well. Having the right-sized mitt helps. First base glove sizes will range anywhere from 11.50 inches all the way up to 13 inches.


Catcher's Mitts

Catcher's mitts are not like any other glove. They have extra padding for protection while often being oval-shaped. These gloves range in size from 31 inches to 35 inches. This isn't because they are three times the size of a normal glove, but rather because these mitts are measured by their circumference rather than top to bottom.


We hope this guide helped you figure out how to size a glove to fit your needs.

* Still needing help finding the perfect baseball glove or softball glove? Our knowledgeable Glove Experts are available by email:, Live Chat, or toll-free phone number: 1-866-321-4568! *

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