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Frequently Asked Glove Questions

Do you have questions about baseball gloves and softball gloves? JustGloves has your answers.

How do I break-in my new glove?

There are several methods to break-in your new glove. Time is the key to breaking in your glove. Typically, the better the leather, the longer it will take to break-in. Please see our BreakingIn A Glove section for more information.

What size glove should I get?

Usually, infielders are going to use smaller, more controllable gloves because their reaction time is much less than that of an outfielder. Infielder gloves are also smaller so the fielder can get the ball out of the pocket faster to throw out runners. The outfielder gloves are usually larger with a deeper pocket because they are running down and chasing fly balls and having a larger mitt helps them cut down a little distance off the ball. See Sizing a Glove.

Can I get my name or number embroidered on the glove I order?

Sewing a name or number on a ball glove needs to be done before the glove is created. At this time, we are unable to offer this service.

What is the difference between left-hand thrower and right-hand thrower?

The glove goes on the right-hand for a left-hand thrower, and the glove goes on the left-hand for the right-hand thrower. A left-hand thrower is rarer than a right-hand thrower.

How long does it take to break in a glove?

As a general rule, the better the leather, the longer it will take to break-in the glove. 

Can I make a custom glove?

Of course. In fact, we offer custom glove builders from some of the best glove makers today:

Do Major League Baseball Players use the same gloves on this site?

Yes, most of the gloves you see on a Major League diamond are stock gloves. Some players do have their gloves custom made, but most of the time it is just a color change of the same patterns you will find on the site. Some manufacturers list the gloves that are worn on the field. See Glove Manufacturers.

What if the glove I order doesn't fit right?

We understand that a glove is something that should be tried on before purchase. If your glove doesn't feel right, please send it back to us with a note letting us know if you would like to exchange it for another glove, or refund. We process all returns the same day we receive them, typically within one hour. So if you are exchanging your glove, we will get it back out to you the same day we receive it. There is no need to call for a Return Authorization number. Please send back to:

10800 N. Pomona Ave
Kansas City, MO 64153

For more on returns see Return Policy.

I can't decide between two/three different gloves, what should I do?

Order each glove you're deciding between and try each one. Try them on when you get them, pick the one you like and then send the rest back. We will process your return the same day we receive it, usually within one hour, and send you an email confirmation the day we receive in the glove(s) that were returned confirming that we got them back.

Please send back to:

10800 N. Pomona Ave
Kansas City, MO 64153

For more on returns see Return Policy.

What is the best way to return a glove?

If you do not have access to UPS or Fed-Ex, just bring it to your local post office. This is how we receive most of our returns. The cost of this service is usually $4-$10. We are in Kansas City, MO, right in the middle of the United States, so an average delivery time to us is two-three days. We will send you an email confirmation the day we received your returned item confirming that we received it. Also, see Return Policy.

Do I need to call and get an RMA number to return an item?

No, you do not need to call for an RA number. Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal. There is no time limit that unused items in their original condition may be returned for an exchange or a refund. Used products can be accepted for a refund or exchange within 30 days of the purchase date. To return an item, just box it up and fill out our returns page. You will have the ability to select a refund or exchange during the process. Once the returns page is completed, a pre-paid shipping label will be emailed to you. All returns are processed the same day we receive them. We cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected returns, so for your protection, insure all returns and send them to:

10800 N. Pomona Ave
Kansas City, MO 64153

For more on returns see our Return Policy.

Do you have or can you get a particular old glove?

If you are looking for a particular glove that you had when you were younger or a glove that is 2-3 years old and you don't see it on our site, it is probably not made anymore. We stock almost every glove that every manufacturer makes and our inventory system almost always assures that if it is a current model, we will have it in stock. To get more information on the older glove you are looking for, you can call the manufacturer directly, and they can give you information on when production has stopped and if they have any ideas on where you might find the glove you want. For a list of manufacturer's phone numbers see our Vendors.

Can you get this glove in a different color or size?

We try to stock every glove that is made by each manufacturer. If we do not have the color or the size of a particular model you are looking for, it is probably not made. If you see a different color of a particular model on a Major League Baseball field, then it is probably a special makeup for that player and was not available to us.

Which glove breaks in the fastest?

There are several pre-oiled gloves on the site that have a quick break-in. As a general rule, the better the leather, the longer to break-in.

How is the size of a glove measured?

Fielders gloves and first base mitts are measured by starting at the top of the index finger of the glove down the finger along the inside of the pocket and then out to the heal of the glove. Lay the tape measure across the palm of the glove, so that it folds across and into the indenture, down to the heel of the glove. A catcher's mitt is measured by the circumference.

What are the most popular gloves?

Using the Sort By filters, here are the Most Popular Baseball Gloves and Most Popular Softball Gloves on

How does glove oil help protect and break in a ball glove?

Glove oil is the choice among serious ballplayers at all levels, including professionals. The professional formula used in glove oil is a light all-purpose oil specially blended to penetrate deeply and evenly. It contains only the finest ingredients without any harsh chemicals. It helps break-in and soften new gloves, and also helps to restore and protect the original freshness of older gloves by feeding the leather and replacing lost oils. Glove oil also guards against harmful moisture, mold, and mildew. It dries quickly without leaving a residue. It will not harm the stitching or make your glove heavy, even if accidentally over oiled. Glove oil also works great on gloves that are pre-oiled.

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