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Wilson Professional Gloves And Mitts


Wilson Professional Gloves & Mitts

Wilson endorses a number of professional baseball and fastpitch players who have proven themselves as fantastic defenders in the field. Check out all the impressive names on this list and set yourself up with a glove for the outfield or infield. As well, consider shopping for a first base or catcher's mitt!

Wilson A2000 CK22 Clayton Kershaw 11.75" Baseball Glove: WBW1002361175 $199.95 - $229.95 Price was: $299.95
Wilson A2K JS22 Juan Soto 12.75" Baseball Glove: WBW1010101275 $219.95 - $279.95 Price was: $399.95
Wilson A2K SuperSkin MB50 Mookie Betts 12.5" Baseball Glove: WBW101012125 $239.95 Price was: $399.95

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