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About Us -

Here at JustBallGloves we know the game inside and out. From the thrill of making your first catch to the joy of watching your kid turn a double play; baseball and softball are what we do; it’s how we live.  Our friendly staff, with experience ranging from Tee Ball through college, and even into the professional ranks in both baseball and softball, knows what it takes to be the best, and we are here to help you become your best.

Our business strategy is simple; get the perfect glove for you on time, every time, exactly as promised. We not only provide you with the gloves, but we also provide you with a winning experience, and a promise like no one else can.

The Story

In 1986, the Hedrick family went to purchase award patches for their son's High School letter jacket. It took going to four different sporting goods stores to get them delivered, and they were never done correctly. At this time, Wes and Judi Hedrick were in the middle of negotiations for opening a Jiffy Lube in their hometown. After the experience with the purchase of award patches, they changed gears and went into sporting goods. It sounded a lot more fun than oil changes, and there was clearly a need for a better customer experience.

On December 1, 1987, Pro Athlete served their first customer.

In 1997, they placed their first Internet order. Shipping was $15 for ground service, the phone number was hidden deep in the site, prices were too high, and no confirmation emails were sent. It was an awful customer experience. How is this kind of customer service okay? It's not! So, in March of 2001, was launched.

Our Customers

It's very simple; the customer is why we are here; you are why we are here. Every time, at every interaction with the customer, it is our promise to provide a trusted and fun experience. You can rely on us to provide the product and service you expect, require, and deserve to improve your game.

Our Employees

We seek to be a leader in employee job satisfaction, and we try to create one of the best work environments in the country. strives to help each employee get what they want from life. The family will always come first at and to donate time, talent, and treasure is a must for all employees.

Our Facilities

Our building location centrally located in the heart of America was chosen specifically to deliver products to our customers on time, every time, exactly as promised and quickly. The facility also has a baseball and softball batting cage for the testing of bats and employee batting practice.

What Our Fans Are Saying

You guys are proffesionals and know how to treat a customer!!! I love how you guys ship so fast and have the lowest prices I find for gloves.


Katy, TX

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