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5 Best Holiday Gifts for a Baseball or Softball Player in 2023

Jingle bells, snowmen, Christmas cookies…plus baseball and softball!

Yeah, that probably read weird. But if you have baseball or softball players in your life, then you know the Christmas season is a prime time for stocking up on baseball and softball gear! 

Lucky enough for you, JustGloves has a list of shopping leads to follow this holiday season. And we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we have to recommend!

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1) Routine Baseball Gear

Head on over to Routine if your player wants to increase your swagger on the baseball diamond this next season. If he is in need of  some dynamic, off-the-field baseball gear that will have random folks coming up to him and giving compliments...then Routine is the brand for him. They have an ice creamed themed Scoops Shirt plus their Launch Party and Hot Streaks Drops from this past year that we think he'll love. 

And don't forget that Routine is the official gear sponsor of the Baseball Bat Bros. You can shop their entire collection right HERE!

Routine Baseball Offerings


2) JustGloves Glove Care Kit

If you’ve just bought a new glove and didn’t select our Trusted Glove Prep service before checking out, there is no need to fret. You can still purchase our JustGloves Glove Care kit. The kit has everything that you will need to complete a proper glove break in. It includes the following items:

  • A glove mallet for softening up the leather
  • Conditioner for keeping the leather in top condition
  • Sponges for applying conditioner equally
  • Rubber bands plus an oversized shaping ball to help form the pocket.

JustGloves Glove Care Kit

Shop The Glove Care Kit

Be sure to know that you don't need to get a new glove to purchase the Glove Care Kit. Gloves will last multiple seasons. Sometimes your trusted infield glove just needs a little care during the offseason and it’ll be ready to pick softballs or baseballs all across the dirt.

Be sure to watch below to learn how to use a few of the tools from the kit to help break in your glove!




3) A Pro Model Baseball Or Softball Glove

We are stocked to the rafters at JustGloves with the signature gloves of both fastpitch and baseball players.

Meet Keilani Ricketts! She is a former D1 standout at the University of Oklahoma, a former pro player for the USSSA Pride and she’s even competed in the Olympics. And oh yeah, her Rawlings Liberty Advanced looks phenomenal. It can get just about everything done on the fastpitch field with a closed web and 12.5” length. Rock this Rawlings in the pitcher’s circle, on the infield or in the outfield. Smash the image below to get a closer look:

Keilani Ricketts Glove

Shop Keilani's Signature Glove


And this next guy needs no introduction. Clayton Kershaw is a true shining star within the highest ranks of professional baseball. If he keeps pitching for another handful of years and keeps his career microscopic ERA close to where it is right now, we might start to hear his name mentioned alongside greats like Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson. He has been a Wilson guy for many years and if you want his signature model of glove, you can click the image below to pick one up:

Clayton Kershaw Glove

Shop Clayton's A2000



4) Scents of the Game 5-Tool Travel Kit

The creators of Scents of the Game found the smells of the fastpitch and baseball field so pleasing that they wanted to bring them right to a toiletry bag. And through hard work, they have put together a collection of aromas that will excite every baseball and softball fan out there:

  • Glove Leather Shampoo & Conditioner that provides sniffs of a vintage glove
  • Pine Tar Body Wash that looks like its ready to be applied to a freshly lathed wooden baseball bat
  • Champagne Shower Body Wash that emits all of the excitement of a bottle popping postseason celebration
  • Fresh Cut Grass Deodorant that takes you back to stretching before a game in the outfield of your home ball park
  • A Body Scrubber that’ll leave you feeling as clean as when you slide on a fresh patch of field turf

If you are hoping to smell excellent at your company’s Christmas party this winter, then definitely go for the Scents of the Game kit!



5) A Pickleball Paddle

Yes, you read that correctly. Once Christmas and New Years have passed, it will be time to start getting ready for the upcoming softball or baseball season. No matter if you are playing infield, catcher, first base or outfield; you are going to be relied on to have quick reactions. Getting out on the pickleball court will not only help you build and reinforce those quick twitch reactions, but it will also help you condition for some of those long days you’ll be spending at the ball field.

Pickleball, a tennis and racquet style sport, is growing rapidly in popularity with all age groups. No matter if you’re a high schooler looking to stay in shape before spring training or a senior citizen wanting to be active; Pickleball can be the sport for you!

Head over to JustPaddles right now to shop the most popular paddles out there. If you’re looking for a few of the top brands, we’d recommend checking out the JOOLA, Selkirk and Engage paddles!



Thanks for reading through the JustGloves Holiday gift guide for 2022! We hope that we at least inspired you for making a purchase for your baseball or softball player that will help make the season merry. If you have any glove related questions, please reach out to our JustGloves Glove Experts. You can call at 866-321-4568. Email via And lastly, you chat an expert by clicking here.

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