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Breakdown of Left Handed & Right Handed Baseball Gloves

Breakdown of Left and Right Handed Gloves

Whether you are a southpaw or a righty, finding the right baseball glove can prove to be challenging. However, with over 85% of people being naturally right-handed, it can be even more difficult for a lefty to find a quality baseball glove or softball glove

Now, before you run off and start scanning hundreds of different gloves and mitts, hang with us. We're going to make it simple to shop for a left-handed glove. Using our team of Glove Experts, we've got a full breakdown of our top left-handed baseball and softball gloves. We have also provided you with detailed glove reviews as to why we recommend them.

Righties, don't worry, we didn't forget about you. Also included in this glove breakdown is a list of our favorite right-handed gloves. So whichever your dominant hand is, let’s find a glove to fit your personal needs.

On this Page:

  • Top Gloves for Left-Handed Ballplayers
  • Left-Handed Gloves Under $100
  • Traditional Left-Handed Positions
  • Why don’t lefties play on the infield?
  • Why don’t lefties play catcher?
  • Left-Handed First Base Mitts
  • 6 Right Handed Gloves We Love
  • Most Recent MLB Lefties to Play the Infield

Top Gloves for Left-Handed Ballplayers

In no particular order, here are our picks for the best left handed throw baseball gloves on the market. These gloves were selected based on customer feedback, proven performance, and our team of Glove Experts' knowledge and expertise.

1. Wilson A2000 12.75" Baseball Glove (WTA20RB20OT6)

This Wilson A2000 is built for a left-handed outfielder. Toting high-end Pro Stock leather and rocking "pocket perfect" Dual Welting, this large outfielder's glove is made for a high school, college, or adult left-handed baseball player. It will require an extensive break-in period (a couple of weeks,) so keep that in mind when you go to checkout.

2. Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75" Baseball Glove (PRO205-4CT)

This Heart of the Hide by Rawlings is an unbeatable option for infielders and pitchers alike. The modified trapeze web combined with plush, full-grain finger-back lining provides an unreal fit and feel. And with a 30% factory break-in, the time it takes to get this model game ready isn't quite as long as some of the other high-end designs. 

3. Shoeless Joe Professional 12" Baseball Glove (1200VL)

If you're in the market for a handcrafted, all-leather, left-handed baseball glove - look no further than this Shoeless Joe model. Beyond all of the previously mentioned glove features, the Professional offers a reinforced closed web. This is the perfect glove for left-handed pitchers.

4. Nokona Alpha Select 11.25" Youth Baseball Glove (S-200I)

Nobody does it better than Nokona. Made in America, this handcrafted leather glove checks every box. The 11.25-inch build suggests that it should be used around the infield; however, given the youth fit, this size would also be acceptable in the outfield for any player not yet in high school baseball. They don't make better left-handed gloves for a younger baseball player than the Alpha Select from Nokona.

5. Miken Player Series 13" Slow Pitch Softball Glove (PS130-PH)

We know that it's not easy to shop for a slow pitch specific glove. Add the additional requirement of southpaws, and shopping for a left-handed slow pitch softball glove can be a real nightmare. This is why the Player Series from Miken is the ultimate glove for a left-handed slow-pitch softball player. The large 13-inch size provides great ball security while still allowing you to play any position on the diamond. We'd recommend that you don't overthink this. Buy the Miken Player Series and don't look back.

6. Mizuno Pro 12.75” Baseball Glove: GMP2-700DH

Made from US Kip Leather, the Mizuno Pro sits atop the Mount Rushmore of left-handed outfielders gloves. It's soft, smooth, and looks even cleaner in person. If you are lucky enough to ever try out the Mizuno Pro, jump at the chance. And if you're looking to buy a left-handed glove for a serious ballplayer, you've gotta check this one out.

7. Rawlings Liberty Advanced Color Sync 12.5 " Fastpitch Softball Glove (RLA125-18RG)

To all the left-handed fastpitch softball glove shoppers in the world, this is your next glove. The Liberty Advanced Color Sync offers the full complement of premium glove features. The all-leather design arrives relatively soft with a minimal break-in required before you can bust it out in game-action. Try the Liberty Advanced from Rawlings if you need a left-handed glove for a fastpitch softball outfielder.

8. Wilson A2000 Monica Abbott 12.25" Fastpitch Softball Glove (WBW1002421225)

Want to be the best left-handed pitcher in fastpitch history? No better way to start than to use the glove made for the current GOAT. Monica Abbott, 3-time World Champion and the all-time leader in wins, knows a thing or two about left-handed softball gloves. Skip the browsing process and order this team USA-themed Wilson A2000 from JustGloves today.

Left-Handed Gloves Under $100

You don't have to break the budget to find a great left handed throw baseball glove for the player in your life. We've scoured the markets and used our expertise to determine the best deals on left-handed gloves under $100. Enjoy saving runs and money with any of the following gloves.


Traditional Left-Handed Positions

The most common baseball or softball positions for a left-handed thrower to play are in the outfield, pitcher, and first base. Speaking primarily of the pitcher and first base, teams benefit by having a left-handed player in these slots. Left-handed pitchers provide a different look for opposing hitters and excel at holding baserunners at first base because their bodies face the first base as they come set. Left-handed first basemen receive a slight benefit from a better receiving angle on throws from the shortstop and third baseman, while also benefiting when it comes to throwing the ball around the infield.

Why don't lefties play on the infield?

Considering the setup of a baseball diamond, it's improbable that you will ever see a left-handed second baseman, shortstop, or third baseman. It primarily has to do with body position when throwing the ball to first base. A right-handed baseball player can simply field a ground ball, take a step or two towards first, and sling it across the diamond, all while still seeing the entire infield. A lefty in the same position would be forced to turn their back to the rest of the play.

Why don't lefties play catcher?

It's unfortunate for left-handed ballplayers, but the infield isn't the only spot in the game that excludes southpaws. Left-handed players will likely never play catcher. With most hitters batting from the right side, each throwback to the pitcher or down to second base becomes obstructed. And in the case of a runner on first, each throw would force a left-handed catcher to turn their back on the baserunner, giving them ample opportunities to sneak off the bag and grab second nearly risk-free. That being said, JustGloves does have a selection of left-handed catcher's mitts available for purchase. These can be especially useful for a left-handed dad looking to catch their son(s) or daughter(s).

Left-Handed First Base Mitts

As mentioned above, first base is one of the only positions on the field that lefties can truly call home. Left-handed first basemen have been making names for themselves in the game for over a century now. Lou Gehrig, Yankee legend, was a left-handed first baseman that made the game look effortless. To all the left-handed ballplayers out there that love to field ground balls and record forceouts, it's time to invest in a first baseman's mitt. We've got our picks for the best left-handed first base mitts waiting for you below.

Not sure if your left-handed player needs a first base mitt or not? We've got the breakdown for you. Read more on why your first baseman needs a first base mitt.

1. Rawlings Heart of the Hide 13" First Base Mitt (PRODCTCB)

2. Wilson A2000 SuperSkin 12.25" First Base Mitt (WTA20RB202820SS)

3. Adidas EQT 13" First Base Mitt (EQT1300FBM)

4. Shoeless Joe Professional 13" First Base Mitt (1300FBTT)

5. Mizuno Prospect 12.5" Youth First Base Mitt (GXF102-BLK)

6. Mizuno MVP Prime 13" Fastpitch First Base Mitt (GXF50FPW)

7. Louisville Slugger LXT 13" Fastpitch First Base Mitt (WTLLXRF19BM)

6 Right Handed Gloves We Love

Did you know that people are seven times more likely to be right-handed than left? Righties run the world, and they even dominate the ballfields. If you are looking for a right-handed glove, you've got a multitude of available options. But sometimes, it can be paralyzing to cipher through all of the gloves on the market. What separates one from the other? Well, lucky for you, we live, sleep, and breathe baseball and softball gloves. The following list is compiled of our favorite right-handed gloves, in no particular order.

1. Rawlings HOH Mark of a Pro Series

These JustGloves' exclusives give you the benefits of a Rawlings Heart of the Hide with a noticeable price discount. Because of their smaller wrist openings, they are intended to be used by younger players. However, if you are a more experienced player looking for a snug fit, you could definitely capitalize on these great gloves' low price points.

2. Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Series

We've touched a little bit on the benefits of Wilson's SuperSkin, but let's expand on it a little bit. SuperSkin was developed to benefit former MLB star Barry Bonds. Bonds was looking for a lightweight, durable glove. Wilson not only succeeded in making a lighter glove but in doing so, they also made their gloves moisture repellent and even more substantial than an all-leather glove. These A2000 SuperSkin models blend the benefits of SuperSkin with the exceptional quality of Pro Stock Leather. Don't believe us? Take a look at the glove reviews.

3. Nokona Alpha Select Youth Series

Albeit more expensive than most youth baseball gloves, the Nokona Alpha Selects provide a natural leather build, handcrafted quality, and unmatched durability. The feature that makes these gloves even more impressive is that they require far less break-in time than similar quality mitts. If you've got a young player serious about baseball, a Nokona Alpha Select is the perfect investment.

4. Worth Player Series Slow Pitch Softball Gloves

Leave no doubt when it comes to your game. The Worth Player Series is a lineup of game-ready, low-price, leather softball gloves that get the job done. Each is designed to comfortably fit adult hands. You can use them all over the diamond and every utilizing leather lacing to provide exceptional durability, especially at this price point. So if you're needing a slow pitch softball glove, be sure to take a look at the Worth Player Series.

5. Mizuno Prime Elite Fastpitch Glove Series

The Mizuno Prime Elite softball gloves arrive pre-oiled for the ultimate feel. Each glove has perforated paneling to reduce the overall weight and additional padding to nullify negative sting when catching screaming line drives. It's pretty simple, fastpitch softball players in need of a new glove should at least take a look at a Mizuno Prime Elite. 

6. All-Star Catcher's Mitts

Alright, catchers, we didn't forget about you. You're the hardest working players on the diamond and the only ones brave enough to do it. So why not treat yourself to a really nice catcher's mitt? We're talking about the best-of-the-best. All-Star catcher's mitts stand above the competition because of their hand-friendly padding and their calendar-flipping longevity. Try an All-Star catcher's mitt once, and you'll never go back.

Most Recent MLB Lefties to Play the Infield

While it may be wildly unusual for a left-handed baseball player to take the field at second, short, or third, it has been done before. While there isn’t much recorded data on the topic, there are a few notable MLB players shown below.

  • Second Base: Don Mattingly (NYY) 07/24/1983
  • Shortstop: Mark Ryal (CAL) 09/04/1987
  • Third Base: Anthony Rizzo (CHC) 08/23/2017
  • And just because... Catcher: Benny Distefano (PIT) 08/18/1989

(Note: LHT Anthony Rizzo technically played 2B as a result of the Cubs defensive alignment in bunting situations)

If you still aren't sure about which left handed baseball glove to grab, please contact our team of Glove Experts. They're always available via phone (866-321-4568), email (, or live chat.

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