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Why Your First Baseman Needs A First Base Mitt

Why Your First Baseman Needs A First Baseman's Glove

Are you starting to get serious about playing first base? But all you have is a utility glove

Is it REALLY that important to get them a first baseman’s glove? We believe having a first base mitt to play the position is important. Furthermore, we are going to break down the differences between a standard glove and a first baseman’s glove and explain the importance of each difference.

3 Main Differences Between First Basemen Mitts and Other Gloves and How They are Beneficial

Mizuno First Base Glove

The Shape

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The first difference about a first baseman’s glove is the shape of the mitt. As opposed to a standard option, a first baseman’s glove will have a continuous round edge, almost mitten-like, designed to enhance the likelihood of scooping balls thrown in the dirt. This is done by the edge acting like a funnel to guide all errant throws into the webbing of the glove. This construction also helps limit bobbles, which can be the difference between an out or a hit.

The Overall Size

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Building off the benefits of the shape of the glove, a first baseman’s glove will be the widest of all the gloves. The overall size, when coupled with the aforementioned shape, will allow for a larger surface area for the receiving player to be successful when attempting to catch a throw.

The Web

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A first baseman’s glove will have the deepest web available on the market. This creates complete control over all incoming throws, with very little likelihood of a ball popping out of the mitt. If you watch someone scoop a ball, they are going to be swinging their arm upward at a fairly quick pace. This can often cause a ball to squirt out of the top if the web is too shallow. A deeper web will control the ball throughout the completion of the play. The one downfall of a web this deep is that it is tougher to locate the ball when transferring it to throw. That is why you see middle infield gloves, positions that require quick transfers, with small, shallow webs.


In conclusion, if your player is serious about playing first base then they should invest in a first baseman’s glove. They, and their teammates, will see a noticeably positive difference when they begin to receive throws from across the diamond with their new glove. Lastly, if you have any questions about which glove might be best for your player, feel free to comment below because we would love to help you out.

Still have questions about First Base Mitts? Don’t hesitate to give our Glove Experts a call at 1-866-321-4568 send us an email at or live chat with our glove experts. And remember, with our customer service, we'll be here for you from Click to Catch!

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