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Why Your First Baseman Needs A First Base Mitt

Why Your First Baseman Needs A First Baseman's Glove

Is your player starting to get serious about playing first base? Did you check your equipment bag to find out that you don't have a first base mitt for him?

If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, a natural follow up question might be the following: Is it REALLY that important to get them a first baseman’s glove?

Well, at JustGloves, we do believe having a first base mitt to play the position is important. And to help nail home the point, we have broken down why a first base mitt is important based off the three unique characteristics of the mitt.

The Three (3) Unique Characteristsics of First Base Mitts

Mitt Design

First Base Mitt Design

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The first unique aspect of a first base mitt is that it is designed as a mitt. As opposed to a regular fielder's glove where you can see the fingers of the glove externally, there is no external view of the fingers on a first base mitt. This design should help the mitt stay more rigid for a long period of time. As well, a common adage is that the mitt design promotes a deeper pocket compared to a glove design. In other words, first base mitts will have deeper pockets than regular fielding gloves in most cases.

Reinforced Web

The Reinforced Web of a First Base Mitt

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If you take a look at the web of a first base mitt, you'll see that it has more lacing and more leather when compared to a a regular fielding mitt. And this makes sense as a first basemen will consistently receive high velocity throws from its infielders throughout a game. Because of this, there needs to be as much reinforcement as possible to prevent the web portion of the mitt to break down easily. Similarly, a catcher's mitt (which will receive even more high velocity throws when compared to 1B) will also have a heavy duty web design.

Curved Edge

The Curved Ridge Of A First Base Mitt

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There is a curved ridge that runs along the top of the fingers of a first base mitt. This shape makes the mitt as conducive as possible for scooping errant throws that hit the dirt before making it to a first basemen's mitt. As well, this shape should help funnel balls scooped out of the infield dirt into the pocket area of the mitt. This is important becuase when a ball gets to the pocket area and is squeezed by the glove, it will be very unlikely for the ball to slip out of the grasp of the mitt.


In conclusion, if your player is serious about playing first base then they should invest in a first baseman’s glove. They, and their teammates, will see a noticeably positive difference when they begin to receive throws from across the diamond with their new mitt. 

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