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7 Best Wilson Gloves For 2023

In 1957, Wilson left an indelible mark on the baseball sporting goods world when it released the A2000 baseball glove. At that point in time, it was bestowed with the odd honor of being the first glove crafted without a major flaw. Since then, Wilson has further established themselves as a giant within the baseball and softball glove industry. Each year ushers in a new wave of A2000s and A2Ks along with an impressive line of youth models too.

Wilson didn’t let up in 2023 and because of that, we have built a list of gloves that you need to get your eyes on for this year!


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Best Wilson Baseball Gloves For 2023

Wilson A2000 1786 11.5" Baseball Glove (WBW100390115)

Wilson A2000 1786 11.5 Inch Baseball Glove

Shop The A2000 1786

At JustGloves, when the term "1786" gets brought up, we're usually not talking about American history. Most likely, we're discussing one of the most beloved Wilson A2000 patterns ever built! The 1786 shown above has everything a second baseman or shortstop could want: 11.5 inch length, Wilson's H-Web and a design that promotes quick transfers from glove to throwing hand. As well, this individual glove's brown and tan colors truly shine when they contrast with the red Wilson logos on the glove's backing. If you want not only the most popular Wilson glove we're carrying, but the most popular glove we're carrying from any glove manufacturer; this 1786 A2000 is the glove to get!

Customer Chatter:

"It is very stiff and the dual welting [will make] the glove will stay stiffer and last longer. Shallow pocket [is] great for quick transfers. Would recommend for any middle infielders." - JG Customer, PJ Pinegar



Wilson A2000 SuperSkin 1785 11.75" Baseball Glove (WBW1009711175)

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin 1785 11.75 Inch Baseball Glove

Shop The A2000 1785

Players want to have as much swagger as possible when they take their position on the diamond. Because of that, any infielder handling shortstop or third base is going to be appreciate the cosmetic benefits of this 1785 pattern Wilson A2000. Blonde palm leather and red lacing work great in contrast to the grey SuperSkin on the back of the glove. And that SuperSkin is going to offer four performance benefits to the glove:

  1. It will be lighter than a regular leather-backed glove
  2. The SuperSkin backing is actually stronger than regular leather
  3. The SuperSkin repels moisture better than a regular leather-backed glove
  4. This glove should break in easier than a regular leather-backed glove

Between the look and the performance edge that the SuperSkin brings this glove, you just about cannot pass up on this beautiful 11.75 inch glove!



Wilson A1000 1912 'Merica 12" Baseball Glove (WBW10083812)


Wilson A1000 1912 'Merica 12 Inch Baseball Glove

Shop The A1000 'Merica

Red, white and blue baseball gloves always look incredible! It also helps when the design and build of the glove is high-level too! That is going to be the case with this A1000

First off, this glove will come with a fitting that is more inclined to a player in their early teenage years. Next, this glove will feature a full grain leather that allows this A1000 to be considered a soft glove. The leather is a little bit of a step down from the Pro Stock leather Wilson is putting on their A2000s. But because that softer leather is being used, this A1000 should feature a pretty quick break in period! And lastly, be sure to note that if the glove is given proper care, it should be able to last for multiple seasons of use!

Can't Miss Details:

  • Single post web features an awesome X-style lacing to it
  • 1912 pattern of this glove provides a 12 inch length that could work on the infield or in the outfield
  • Dual welting on the finger backings helps the glove retain shape better over time



Best Wilson Softball Gloves For 2023

Wilson A2000 Spin Control SR32 Sierra Romero 12" Fastpitch Softball Glove (WBW10043412)

Wilson A2000 Spin Control SR32 Sierra Romero 12 Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove

Shop The A2000 Sierra Romero

Although Sierra has switched over to team Rawlings within the past year, her signature Wilson fastpitch glove is still one at which to marvel. It comes at a 12 inch length which will be perfect for use at second base, shortstop or third base on a fastpitch diamond. In addition the Dual Post Web offers a classic look that any fastpitch player will enjoy. And the Spin Control technology on the glove's catching surface cannot go without mention. Spin Control tech exists in the form of hundreds of dimple indentations on the catching surface. As a softball enters the glove, these dimples increase the friction on the softball by 5%. This should decrease the ball's amount of spin and make it less likely to spin out of the grip of the glove. If you are shopping for a high level fastpitch infielder, this glove is certainly one to consider!

Three More Reasons To Purchase:

  • Pro Stock leather from Wilson is some of the best leather in the glove market
  • Drawstring Lace Wrist Closure allows for wrist size adjustments to be made on the fly
  • Wilson's Comfort Pro Fit allows for a luxurious feel when the hand is in the glove


Wilson A2000 SB22 Sis Bates 11.75" Fastpitch Softball Glove (WBW1010161175)

Wilson A2000 SB22 Sis Bates 11.75 Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove

Shop The A2000 Sis Bates

Sis Bates is skilled is skilled at defending the softball...nuff said! Last year she took home defensive MVP honors in the Athletes Unlimited fastpitch circuit and now she's got a signture Wilson A2000 fastpitch glove. Bates stars at shortstop, but her 11.75" glove should also be able to handle the demands of second base or third base on the fastpitch infield. And in addition to the glove being versatile, it is also cool looking too. The tan and blonde are an all-time color combo and they help make the purple Wilson logos (purple being a shout out to her alma mater, the University of  Washington) jump right off the glove. 

Just check out the video below to get an even more excited about Sis' skill and her glove:



Wilson A500 Siren 11.5" Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove (WBW100419115)

Wilson A500 Siren 11.5 Inch Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove

Shop The A500 Siren

When chatting with the parents shopping for youth gloves, it is common for our Glove Experts to hear parents say "I just want something soft that fits my player's hand". Well, if that is what you're looking for, then this Wilson A500 Siren is the glove for you. It'll be the perfect fastpitch glove to help increase a young lady's interest in softball as it can fit fastpitch players aged 7-12 years old. As well, the top grain leather is lightweight in its feel and should not be a burden to the young player using it.

Need more reasons to buy an A500 Siren?

  • This glove has the look of an infield glove, but for a young lady, it most likely will be able to work at any position
  • Quick Fit Wrist System consists of an elastic band that easily tightens to the size of a young player's wrist
  • Dual welting on the back of the glove should help it maintain shape over time



Wilson A2000 SP14 SuperSkin 14" Slow Pitch Softball Glove (WBW10079814)

Wilson A2000 SP14 SuperSkin 14 Inch Slow Pitch Softball Glove

Shop The A2000 SP14

Wilson does not forget about the slow pitch players! They've actually started adding slow pitch gloves to their illustrious A2000 line of gloves! Now slow pitch players can bring the benefits of the A2000 from the baseball diamond to the slow pitch field!

This specific model is going to be 14 inches in length which will allow this slow pitch glove to  provide players with ample length. And the nice thing about a 14 inch glove in softball is that it can be used anywhere on the field (infield or outfield). Since the slow pitch softball is so large, you should not have any trouble with the softball getting lost in the extra length of this glove.

And finally, we have to mention the SuperSkin material on the back of the glove. It not only provides a nice textured look to the back of the glove, but provides a bevy of benefits. Two of the top benefits are a lightweight feel and an easier break in (when compared to a glove with a regular leather backing).


We hope that you've enjoyed reading up on the seven Wilson gloves that we believe will turn heads in the year 2023! If you feel as though you have more questions, please reach out to our Glove Experts! They are trained in product knowledge and ready to help you in your glove search. Reach out to them via phone at 866-321-4568, through email with or by live chatting right here!

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