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7 Best Pitcher Gloves For 2022

What does a pitcher need a glove for? Some fans out there might pose this question numerous times throughout a baseball season as they simply see a pitcher as someone who tosses the ball toward home plate. But if you examine the game closely, it is impossible to ignore the coordination needed to handle hot shots up the middle or the deftness required to pounce on a bunted ball. Pitchers need a nice glove while they’re in the pitcher’s circle or up on the mound. Luckily for you, our Glove Experts have put in the time to create a list of the best gloves for pitchers in 2022…

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Best Pitcher Gloves For Baseball

Best Professional Model Pitcher Baseball Glove

Wilson A2000 CK22 Clayton Kershaw 11.75" Baseball Glove (WBW1002361175)

Wilson A2000 CK22 Clayton Kershaw 11.75 Baseball Glove

Everything Clayton Kershaw touches becomes instantly cool. Wilson had “cool” under control before they inked Clayton to a glove contract early in his career. But they knew that having him on their roster of professional players would certainly help. Kershaw's glove brings an under-the-radar level of cool as it features an all-black leather design with the electric yellow stitching to it. It really has a bit of a retro “pop” to its look. As well, the closed web allows the pitcher's hand to be shielded from the batter while gripping pitches.

Top Features

  • 11.75” Length
  • Clayton Kershaw’s CK22 Pattern
  • Two-Piece, Closed Webbing

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Best Classic Pitcher Baseball Glove

Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G 11.75" Baseball Glove (PROR205-4T)

Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G 11.75 Baseball Glove

Heart of the Hide…the name says it all. When a ballplayer hears these words uttered, they know that ball glove excellence is being discussed. To make this pitcher glove even better is that it comes with a throwback tan color that gives this modern glove a touch of nostalgia.

The 11.75” length gives it enough “body” for a pitcher to conceal their hand and wrist into the glove while on the mound. As well, the tightly-laced Modified Trapeze web will shield a pitcher’s hand from any batters that might be extra pesky and try to see what pitch is being gripped.

Lastly, the R2G design should make it a little softer than a regular Heart of the Hide and easier to break in!

“Seems like a glove that will hold up well multiple seasons”

- JustGloves Customer Brandon

_ _

Best Pitcher Baseball Glove For Youth And Adult Players

Rawlings Sandlot 11.75" Baseball Glove (S1175MTS)

Rawlings Sandlot 11.75 Baseball GloveSay hello to the Sandlot! Every once in a while a glove comes along that checks the boxes for both youth and adult players. This Sandlot is one of those gloves. The full-grain and pre-oiled leather is going to be extra soft and the hand slot should be able to accommodate adolescent players all the way to adults. The 11.75” length and and Modified Trapeze web will give it all the characteristics needed to meet the job requirements of humming fastballs from the bump!

Must-See Attributes

  • Very Little Break-In Required (Only 20% Needed From The Player)
  • Rich Brown Color (Rawlings’ Sherry Color)
  • Zero Shock Palm Pad

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Best Youth Pitcher Baseball Glove

Marucci Ascension Series 11.75" Baseball Glove (MFGASM44A6)Marucci Ascension Series 11.75 Baseball GloveThis Ascension Series glove was built with beauty in mind. The blonde leather will stop you in your tracks when you see it on the mound. And then it will fade away as the game paces forward. Enough of the look though.

This Marucci model will give a young pitcher everything they need to shove from the more. The design is perfect as the modified T-webbing closes off the pitcher’s hand from the hitter. The quality is remarkable too as it is made from tight-grain steerhide that should be lightweight and durable!

Glove Highlights

  • 11.75 Inch Length
  • Designed For Pre-Teen & Teenaged Hands
  • Moisture Wicking Liner Keeps The Backing Of The Hand Dry

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Best Pitcher Gloves For Fastpitch Softball

Best Professional Model Pitcher Fastpitch Glove

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Keilani Ricketts 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove (RLA125KRG)

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Keilani Ricketts 12.5 Fastpitch Softball Glove

Keilani crushed it as a pitcher at the University of Oklahoma where she won back-to-back national player of the year awards in 2012 and 2013. She then continued her pitching prowess through the professional fastpitch ranks for a number of seasons. Rawlings commemorates her success with this glove that can do it all for fastpitch hurlers. The 12.5” length gives it plenty of room to fit both the softball and your hand when gripping pitches. As well, the look of it is just incredible. The gold binding and welting stand out in contrast to the stark white leather.

As well, with it being a part of the Liberty Advanced lineup, it’ll come with a soft, full-grain leather shell. The glove should not be much of a chore to break in. Take our customer’s word for it…

“Easy to break in…Love the look”

- JG Customer Collins

_ _

Best Classic Pitcher Fastpitch Gloves

Wilson A2000 Spin Control V125 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove (WBW100222125)

Wilson A2000 Spin Control V125 12.5 Fastpitch Softball Glove

A2000s always come through for fastpitch pitchers. The Pro Stock leather has been tested by legions of players and that material always passes the test on playability and durability.

And Wilson adds a little modern flair to this classic pitcher style of glove. They have added their Spin Control Technology to it which is going to exist in the form of hundreds of dimples on the catching surface of the glove. This should cut down on the rotation of a softball if the pitcher catches a hard comebacker and should prevent the ball from spinning out of the pitcher’s grasp.

In regard to this glove’s general make-up, it is going to have the shape and web wanted by fastpitch pitchers. The 12.5” length makes it plenty large and the closed web will keep batters from taking a pesky look at how the pitcher has gripped the ball.

Best Glove Aspects

  • Snugger Fit For Female Hands
  • Wilson’s V125 Pattern
  • Comfort Pro Fit Allows For The Softest Hand Fitting

_ _

Shoeless Joe Shoeless Jane 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove (1250FPBW)Shoeless Joe Shoeless Jane 12.5 Fastpitch Softball Glove

Shoeless Jane gloves (made by the company Shoeless Joe) come with one of the most nostalgic looks for a softball glove. The leather is hand-rubbed with old-time ingredients to allow for real softness on the leather. Here’s what one of our customers said about it’s feel…

“Glove felt ready to use right out of the box. My daughter (high school player) loves this glove!”

- JustGloves Customer Browman

Like both fastpitch gloves mentioned earlier, this one will also come with the 12.5” length and closed web. It works extremely well in the pitcher’s circle and it also functions across the diamond (infield and outfield).

_ _

There it is! We’ve created our list of what we believe will be the best gloves to serve both baseball and fastpitch pitchers in 2022. If you still have more questions on selecting a pitcher glove for 2022, then do not hesitate to reach out to our trained Glove Experts. They can be reached on phone at 866-321-4568, by email at or by chatting with an expert here!

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