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9 Best First Base Mitts In 2023

Best First Base Mitts

When you dig into the dirt at first base, you want to feel confident in your mitt. It’s gotta have that undeniable 1B shape which consists of a long length and curved edges. That unique design is what will allow the mitt to handle the errant throws tossed your way. And if you’re stumped on what first base mitt to purchase, you can relax. Our Glove Experts have compiled a list of the best first base mitts for both baseball and fastpitch players. All of the mitts have been grouped by sport and category to help you dissect the list easily. Let’s dive in!

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Best First Base Mitts For Baseball

Rawlings Pro Preferred Anthony Rizzo 12.75" Baseball First Base Mitt (PROSAR44B)

Rawlings Pro Preferred Anthony Rizzo 12.75 Inch Baseball First Base Mitt

Shop For Anthony Rizzo's 1B Mitt

Even after a move from Chicago’s Northside to the Bronx, Anthony Rizzo still proudly rocks his Rawlings Pro Preferred with blue lacing. Rizzo’s retail mitt comes with a 12.75” length. In regard to extending your reach, this mitt will definitely do it. Lastly, Rawlings crafted it with Anthony’s special AR44 pattern that has a deep pocket and standard width.

Most Notable Features:

  • Full-Grain Kip Leather Is Very Stiff
  • Made For High Schoolers & Adults
  • Sheepskin Palm Lining Wicks Away Sweat


Wilson A2000 SuperSkin 2820 12.25" Baseball First Base Mitt (WBW1001211225)

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin 2820 12.25 Inch Baseball First Base Mitt

Shop The A2000 Mitt

Within the baseball glove world, the name Wilson A2000 says it all. The gloves and mitts that Wilson produces under this A2000 name come with their Pro Stock leather that performs at high levels season after season. This specific 1B mitt is designed with a 12.25” length and SuperSkin material. That shorter length and special material will make this mitt easy to maneuver when scooping baseballs out of the dirt at first base. Coach Andy Ford wrote on our site and spoke to the benefits of the SuperSkin backing with his comment on this mitt…

Light weight and great construction. Broke in fast and my high school son loves it.


Marucci Oxbow 12.75" Baseball First Base Mitt (MFGOXM38S1)

Marucci Oxbow Series 12.75 Inch Baseball First Base Mitt

Shop The Oxbow 1B Mitt

Marucci gloves are guaranteed to take your defense to the next level and this Oxbow mitt is no exception. With very little break-in required, this first base mitt arrives nearly game ready right out of the box. Typically used by teenagers, this model features an "M Type" fit that adds an integrated thumb and pinky sleeve for maximum comfort and feel. The best part? You can pick one up for under $150! Other notable features include:

  • Single Post, Double Bar Web
  • Deep Pocket Design Improves Confidence
  • Full-Grain Cowhide Leather Construction


Rawlings Player Preferred 12.5" Baseball First Base Mitt (PFBDCT)

Rawlings Player Preferred 12.5 Inch Baseball First Bae Mitt

Shop The Player Preferred 1B Mitt

If you’re looking for a low cost first base mitt that will break-in easily, then look no further! The Player Preferred will have you covered. The full grain leather is pre-oiled in Rawlings’ factory and should come with a buttersoft feel to be used right away. And it should have some versatility in regard to fitting. It has a good shot at working for an adult and there are many youth players who will be able to use the mitt as they grow. 

In our experience, we’ve found that it’s best not to mince words when describing gloves and mitts, so we’ll give you this short review from one of our customers:

Easy to break in. Great fit! Son loves it.” - DJ Deprey


Mizuno MVP Prime 12.5" Baseball First Base Mitt (GXF50PB4)

Mizuno MVP Prime 12.5 Inch Baseball First Base Mitt

Shop The MVP Prime 1B Mitt

This Mizuno is just a hair over $100. And when you consider that price and it’s quality of build, we don’t believe you’ll find a better value for a 1B mitt. Mizuno has crafted it with their Bio Soft Leather. Despite the leather’s name, we’ve often found that these MVP Primes can display some stiffness. But the stiffness of the mitt allows it to last for many seasons. Ultimately, if you’re okay putting in some time to get it game-ready, you’ll be looking forward to multiple seasons of catching baseballs with this beauty!

Notable Attributes:

  • 12.5” Length
  • Center Pocket Design Allows For Perfect Pocket Formation
  • Horizontal Bar Web


Akadema Prodigy 11.5" Youth Baseball First Base Mitt (AHC94-12)

Shop The Prodigy 1B Mitt

We know what you’re saying, “This isn’t a fastpitch first base mitt.” And you’re correct. Technically, it is a baseball mitt. But for a young lady (7-9 years) that wants to get comfortable using a 1B model, this is a great option to consider. It will have a shorter 11.5” length and a snug fitting which is great for a young player's hand. And even though it is technically made to handle a baseball, a softball will be able to fit into the pocket too!

Notable Attributes:

  • U.S. Steerhide Leather Construction
  • Single-Post, Double-Bar Web
  • Quick Break-In



Best First Base Mitts For Softball

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 13" Fastpitch First Base Mitt (PRODCTSBW)

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 13 Inch Fastpitch First Base Mitt

Shop The HOH Fastpitch 1B Mitt

When you see the famed snorting bull in the palm, you know that you’re looking at one of the best mitts on the fastpitch market! This mitt will be made with full grain leather that should last many seasons. However, getting it game-ready won’t take long. In fact, Rawlings says that only 35% of the break-in will be left to the player. This Heart of the Hide is a must-have when you consider its great leather material, easy break-in and irresistible look.

Can’t Miss Features:

  • 13-Inch Length
  • Adjustable Pull-Strap Backing
  • Rawlings’ DCT First Base Pattern


Mizuno MVP Prime 13" Fastpitch Softball First Base Mitt (GXF50FPW2)

Mizuno MVP Prime 13 Inch Fastpitch First Base Mitt

Shop The MVP Prime Fastpitch 1B Mitt

Value is the name of the game when buying a new mitt and this 13” MVP Prime fastpitch mitt delivers in the value department. For the quality of leather that you’ll get, the price tag is quite a shock (in the best way). In addition, customers have raved about the workability of the leather right after they pulled it out of the box. And lastly, it will squeeze like a vice grip around a softball. Just take the word of a youth coach that posted a review on our site:

“Balls pop in, they don't pop out. Light weight, easy break in, pocket is like a ball magnet.” - Happy Coach


Shoeless Joe Shoeless Jane 12.5" Fastpitch First Base Mitt (1250FPFB)
Shoeless Joe Shoeless Jane 12.5 Inch Fastpitch First Base Mitt

Shop The Shoeless Jane Fastpitch 1B Mitt

With the Shoeless Jane series of fastpitch 1B mitts, you know what you’re going to get each and every time: a retro-looking mitt that delivers quality leather and breaks in quickly. In addition, it is going to be designed with an adjustable wrist strap on the back to allow for a snug fit each time a lady puts the mitt on her hand. 

Top Features:

  • 12.5” Length
  • Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather
  • XRD Impact Tech Protects The Palm

Shoeless Joe Gloves

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Well there it is for you! The list is set and now the discussion can begin. Overall, we believe that our Glove Experts made some pretty good recommendations for first base mitts. However, if you still have some questions, feel free to send them our way by calling us at 866-321-4568, by emailing us at, or by clicking here to chat with us.

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