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3 Best Catcher's Mitts In 2023

Best Catcher's Mitts

Finding the right catcher’s mitt can be a challenging task for even the most veteran shoppers. With so many different mitts to choose from, it’s essential to know what to look for when shopping for the best catcher’s mitt. 

For starters, it’s important to know the quality of leather used to build a mitt is directly correlated to the price tag. Exceptions such as closeout catcher’s mitts do exist. But for the most part, the more you are willing to spend, the better your baseball catcher’s leather quality will be. 

We have picked out three of the best catcher’s mitts, along with the top mitt manufacturers to shop from. As always, if you have any questions or need assistance while shopping, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team of Glove Experts

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The 3 Best Baseball Catcher’s Mitts For 2023

All Star Pro Elite 33.5” Baseball Catcher’s Mitt (CM3000SBT)

All Star Pro Elite 33.5 Inch Baseball Catchers Mitt

Shop All Star Pro Elite Mitt

This is our highest-reviewed catcher’s mitt, and it’s easy to see why. Built from Japanese Tanned U.S. Steerhide leather, the Pro Elite offers a long lifespan compared to market competition. It provides baseball catchers with a reinforced closed web that can hold up against the highest velocities. Given the size, cost, and effort required to break it in, we would only recommend this mitt for a high school or older catcher.

Enjoy these glove reviews of the All Star Pro Elite:

  • Pros: I love this mitt. No wonder so many pro players use this. You’ll be amazed at how soft it is. 
    Cons: I prefer a conventional back to a Velcro strap.

  • Pros: This mitt is the best there is. Great leather, very comfortable, and amazing pop! I can’t wait till I start catching it in games this spring.  
    Cons: NOTHING!!

  • Pros: This glove is gorgeous! So far I’ve had it for only a week now. Close to game ready but not quite. I have only caught a few bullpens, but it’s very close. Beautiful glove, greatest sound a glove could make and overall great quality.  
    Cons: A bit pricey but worth every penny.



Wilson A2000 SuperSkin M1D 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt (WBW100401335)

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin M1D 33.5 Inch Baseball Catcher's Mitt

Shop A2000 M1D Mitt

When talking about the “best gloves/mitts,” it’s nearly impossible to keep a Wilson A2000 off the list. This fan-favorite mitt is made from Pro Stock leather. The Half Moon web consistently aligns the ball in the pocket to allow for fast transfers when throwing out baserunners. Lastly, you can expect this A2000 to be lightweight for an 33.5" mitt. The SuperSkin backing is designed to be lighter in weight than regular leather (and even stronger than regular leather). Overall, this glove should be able to handle every task behind the dish!

Three more features of the Wilson A2000 33.5” Catcher’s Mitt:

  • Comfort Pro Fit - Pro Lux Hand Lining Is Super Soft & The Comfort Sleeve Prevents Irritation On The Wrist
  • M1D Pattern Provides A Deep Pocket On The Mitt
  • Index Finger Pad On Shell Backing Improves Comfort & Protection



Rawlings R9 32.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt (R9CM325BG)

Rawlings R9 32.5 Inch Baseball Catcher's Mitt

Shop Rawlings R9 Catchers Mitt

Much like the Wilson A2000 mentioned above, how could you have a glove list without a Rawlings mitt on it? This 32.5-inch catcher’s mitt is an extremely versatile model as it can be used by players ranging from ten years to high schoolers (and it can probably fit some adult hands). And this mitt will only require 20% of the break in to be done by the player which is going to be a huge advantage for the younger players using it. If you need something that can be bought at an affordable price, be soft in its feel and fit a variety of hand sizes...this is your choice!

Enjoy these glove reviews of the Rawlings R9:

  • Pros: Breaking in has been quite easy. My son can use it now and it’s only been a week.  
    Cons: A little stiff in the beginning.

  • Pros: Quality seems good. Fits my adult hand [and] works for my 9u son.
    Cons: Haven’t found any yet. Will take some break in time but that’s expected with a quality mitt.



Frequently Asked Catchers Mitt Questions...

  • What Size Mitt Does My Baseball Catcher Need?

    When sizing a catcher’s mitt for a baseball catcher, you’ll want to use the following chart as a general guideline. Mitt size will vary by player. This chart is merely a means to get you in the right ballpark regarding your catcher’s mitt.

  • How to Shop for a Baseball Catcher’s Mitt?

    It’s important to factor in all of the responsibilities of a baseball catcher when shopping for your next mitt. Beyond just receiving pitches, a catcher must control opposing baserunners, block pitches thrown in the dirt, and frame borderline pitches back into the strike zone.

    Shop for a smaller catcher’s mitt if you want to be more active behind the dish, develop a faster pop time, and have more control over your glove.

    Shop for a larger catcher’s mitt if you want to provide a larger target for your pitcher and block more balls thrown in the dirt.

  • What Are The Top Catcher Brands To Shop?

    Baseball manufacturers continue to produce new catcher’s mitts each year. It can be challenging to learn the pros and cons of each new release, but if you know the most reliable brands to shop then, you’ll start to get a sense of what to expect from your purchase. The following (in alphabetical order) are our customer’s favorite catcher’s mitt brands to shop from:

    Shop Akadema Catcher’s Mitts
    Grab for a value mitt with Akadema. Typically around the $100 range, these mitts are made from genuine leather and provide outstanding performance for multiple seasons.

    Shop All Star Catcher’s Mitts
    All Star makes a mean catcher’s mitt. All Star mitts are designed from the most durable leather for the most serious ballplayers.

    Shop Nokona Catcher’s Mitts
    Nokona has built its business upon handcrafted, American-made leather gloves. Their catcher’s mitts are no exception.

    Shop Rawlings Catcher’s Mitts
    Rawlings is the most popular brand of baseball glove used at the Major League level. The top catcher’s mitts made by Rawlings rival any other brand in the game.

    Shop Wilson Catcher’s Mitts
    You can’t go wrong with Wilson. Whether you grab an A2000 or an A2K, Wilson never fails to deliver.


Only 30 players can be starting MLB catchers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the best mitt. If you still need help finding a new catcher’s mitt, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact our Glove Experts via phone (866-321-4568), email (, or LIVE CHAT

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