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Akadema Reptilian 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77: Image #407005
Akadema Reptilian 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77: Image #281130
Akadema Reptilian 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77: Image #281131
Akadema Reptilian 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77: Image #281132
Akadema Reptilian 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77: Image #281133
Akadema Reptilian 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77: Image #281134
Akadema Reptilian 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77: Image #281135

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Akadema Reptilian 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77

Extra Stiff
Game Ready
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Akadema Reptilian 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77 Quantity
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  • Female Fastpitch Fit - Smaller Hand Opening and Finger Stalls with Shorter Distance Between Thumb and Index Finger

  • 12.50 Inch Pattern

  • Reptilian Pattern - Fingerless Design Allowing for Quicker Ball Transfer

  • B-Hive Closed Web

  • Conventional Open Back

  • Deep Pocket

  • Game Day Glove of Julie Smith, USA Gold Medal Second Baseman

  • Free Shipping!

  • Grasp Clasp Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap

  • U.S. Steerhide Leather Construction (Palm and Web) with AkademaLyte Leather on Back to Reduce Weight


  • Infield Model

Akadema is the most exciting baseball and softball company in the world. Akadema's ownership attributes an increasing market share to their innovative quality professional product line in contrast to mass-produced products that have little to do with quality, feel, or design that raise the level of play. Born to satisfy the needs of the competitive fastpitch player, the Akadema Fastpitch Design Series ATS77 is handcrafted to increase your level of performance on the field. Constructed of U.S. Steerhide throughout the pocket and webbing, the back of the glove features exclusive AkademaLyte leather, decreasing the overall weight of the glove and allowing for a faster break-in period and a more manageable feel. Smaller finger stalls utilized to decrease the distance between the thumb and index finger and Akadema's Grasp Clasp adjustable wrist strap allow for increased playability for female fastpitch players. Akadema: Bring Your "A" Game! Call JustBallGloves for free glove advice!


Akadema gloves will come with a manufacturer’s warranty of nine (9) months from the purchase date. This warranty will cover ripping and tears of the leather of the glove. It will not include ripped laces -or- scuffing of the glove’s leather, binding or welting. If you feel that a warranty issue has arisen with your Akadema glove that was purchased from JustGloves and it has been 9 months or less since the purchase, please contact the Glove Experts from JustGloves. The Glove Experts are knowledgeable of the warranty processes and can help you get set up with directions for doing a warranty replacement with Akadema.

Average Ratings Based on 21 Customer Reviews

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Overall Rating

Pros: the attached fingers were unique to look at but this thing catches everything.


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Overall Rating

Pros: I bought this glove for my daughter who plays 12U fastpitch. She had out grown her other Akadema glove which is still in great shape. This allows her to play infield and outfield. The wrist strap is nice so she can tighten it to where she is comfortable. I am very impressed with the quaility of gloves that Akadema makes.

Cons: It is a stiff glove to start, and takes work to break in - but after about a week of playing catch and working with it was good.

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Overall Rating
Kokomo, IN

Pros: Ready to use right out of the box, or I should say...right out of the bag (comes with a very nice bag). Daughter (12U) already has an Akadema catcher's glove that she has used for years, but was given an opportunity to play a tournament and needed a fielder's glove. Great purchase, great glove, and great service. Speedy delivery too! This site deserves more than 5 stars...

Cons: There should be more than 5 stars to choose from when rating a glove or the company!

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Overall Rating

Pros: This glove is comfortable, the inside is soft and fits my hand well. It was easy to break-in. As a pitcher, I like the pocket design. I also like the padding, I feel confident catching line-drives on the mound.


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Overall Rating
3 boys

Pros: none

Cons: I bought this glove with high hopes. After reading reviews I bought one for my 12 year old. I have 3 boys playing ball and I have played for 25 years. This has to be the worst glove I have ever purchased. Looks good at first but after break-in the ball would not stay in the glove. Every time my son would try to catch a ball it would pop out of the top of the glove. I thought it was him but I put the glove and and it did the same thing to me. I use a Nokona and now he will too. Thanks to the best place to buy gloves (this site) we are able to return it for his new Nokona.

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Overall Rating
the amazing glove

Pros: it is ready for game rite away

Cons: kinda snug

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Overall Rating
King's Choice

Pros: Awesome glove. Meant for softball, and fastpitch softball at that. It has smaller finger stalls, so it's meant for most female players. To the parent/player who is considering buying this glove for their children to play baseball with - DON'T. Please READ the description of the glove so you can make an educated choice. This glove deserves a 5 star rating for construction quality, innovative features and great fit. Break in is easy and the glove just plain works FANTASTICALLY.

Cons: Doesn't make coffee, nor does my taxes for me.

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Overall Rating


Cons: Have had it for a year and used all the time but still hard to close. Ball does not even stay in at all! Do not waist your time or money like I did with this glove.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Intriguing look and concept design is what sold me - plus all the "Pros" in the reviews. Thought they might be onto something.

Cons: Unfortunately, this is NOT a good glove design!!! My daughter has the same problems as noted in all the poor reviews - ball pops out of the glove... It's because there is no stitching between the fingers, the pocket collapses after it gets broken in and you squeeze the glove to catch the ball. I can see this now even with my larger hands since the glove has been broken in.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Excellent glove, my 14 year old daughter loves it. She plays pitcher, shortstop and outfield. Nice and soft, relatively lightweight, durable, comfortable and made for softball.

Cons: Laces come undone easily (but that is easily remedied). She lost it (or it "walked away") recently, so now we have to buy another one!

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Overall Rating

Pros: My SS needed a new glove 2 years ago in 12 U Travel ball. We went with this glove on the design concepts that it espoused. To this day, 2 years and over 150 games later, she still only wears this glove. We have never had the issue of the ball popping out of the glove, but we rehearse proper fielding technique almost daily, ensuring she focuses on catching the ball with her finger tips, not her palm.

Cons: None that I have seen.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Easy Break in, very well made and very comfortable for my daughter to use. This is the second Akadema glove she has owned and we have been very satisfied with its performance and durability. Worth every cent.

Cons: None

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Overall Rating

Pros: Easy to break in. Nice size.

Cons: My daughter wore this glove out after 1 1/2 seasons of travel ball. The leather inside where the hand is placed is coming apart. The leather ties are always coming loose. Once completely broken-in, the location where the ring and pinky finger go does not close very well. Akadema has placed a very stiff piece of leather in that section. Very disappointed to have to replace this glove after only 1 1/2 seasons.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Soft and flexible right out of the package. 12 year old daughter loves it. Gets better as the pocket breaks in. I recommend this glove,and the price is right too.


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Overall Rating

Pros: Unique design

Cons: Looks more like it was designed for baseball. My 12 year old daughter plays 1st base and can catch pretty much anything. Like some other people said, the ball kept popping out of the pocket. It did it with me also. Pinky edge of glove never closed right around the ball either. It just folded backwards away from it. No ball control at all. Pocket way to small for 12" softball.

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Overall Rating

Pros: I got this glove for my senior year this year and I love it! this is a softball glove so of course its not ganna work for baseball!!! catches pretty much everything thrown at it even the ones that go over my head. The balls don't pop out of the glove and it broke in pretty easily. Hasn't torn or anything and Im rough with it. All in all pretty good glove!


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Overall Rating

Pros: easy break in.

Cons: glove tore after 1 1/2 months use for my daughter who pitches. maybe ok for a 10 or 12 u player but thats it.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Buying a new glove after 4 years of use with the exact same glove. She is a pitcher and middle infielder and almost nothing gets past this glove.


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Overall Rating
:( NSB4me

Pros: The manufacturer customer service

Cons: Horrible. No padding at all. Fake leather on most of the glove. Looks and feels like a $25 Walmart glove. I was so excited to get this and it took about 6 catches to know, it was a huge disappointment! Went for the All-Star Vela.

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Overall Rating
Coach Terry

Pros: Bought this identical glove for my granddaughter four years ago, almost to the day (5/1/2014), she absolutely loved the unique Reptillian style being a pitcher, playing middle infield, literally has worn it out playing high school and travel ball seasons; subsequently, the recent purchase of a second glove to replace the worn out glove! She is also a catcher and, via me, owns an Akadema catcher's glove, I find Akadema gloves to be a top quality product for a very reasonable price, relatively speaking of course!

Cons: None

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Overall Rating
Good glove for the money Bob Parent

Pros: My daughter used a 12" version of this glove playing center and pitching for travel and H.S. and liked the glove. It fits her hand well and is durable. Easy to transfer ball from glove to hand, no issues with the ball popping out. A good glove for the money, we are buying the same glove but in a 12.5" version. You could spend a lot more for name brand, dont know if you getting a lot more glove.

Cons: Black color can get a little hot in summer

Was this review helpful?
No results. If you searched for a specific term, please broaden your search. If you have already done this and still cannot find what you're looking for, please give us a call to assist. Thanks!

Have a question about the Akadema Reptilian 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

Do your gloves come already broken in?
No, we do not do anything with the gloves when we get them from the manfacturer. However, some gloves are easier than others to break-in.
Which Akadema glove do you recommend for my 13 yr old 5'5" daughter who pitches and plays the outfield?
Yes, this glove would work great for a 13 year old playing the outfield and who pitches. This glove does have a deeper pocket so that it will work for an outfielder and pitcher. This glove does have an open back so that the glove can be tightened and loosened for the player.
What is the padding like in this glove compared to Mizuno MVP series at a similar price point?
Softball Mom
Both have very good padding. It may be hard for some to tell the difference, but I would give the Mizuno MVP series a slight edge due to the ParaShock padding they use.
I am a college softball player looking for a new glove. I am a middle infielder, about 5'7" and could use some advice. I need a very durable versatile glove and I loving having a good easy pocket with good padding. Hope this is not too complicated.
This would be a very good glove for you that is also very durable. This is going to be a great glove under $100 and has a lot of padding. It will not take very long to break in.
I have a 10 year old pitcher/2nd baseman that is starting the travel ball circuit. We need a new glove, but not sure if this one is too big for her. Suggestions?
A 12.5 inch glove would probably be a little too big for a 10 year old playing 2nd base and pitching. A 12.5 inch glove like this would be better suited for 12-13 year old girls playing the outfield, or High School age girls looking for a good utility glove. For your daughter I would recommend something around 11.5 or 11.75 inches.
What is the difference in a fast pitch glove versus a slow pitch? My 10 year old daughter plays slow pitch softball as a center fielder/ 2nd base. She is needing a new glove, as she has out grown her size 11 Mizuno Fitch.
Fast pitch gloves have smaller finger stalls than a slow pitch glove. Fast pitch gloves are designed for smaller female hands. We suggest a 11.50" to a 12.00" fastpitch glove.
My daughter is 13 and pitches. She currently has a 12 inch Louisville slugger glove and loves it. Her pitching coach used to be a rep for this company and has had high praise for this brand. When not pitching she is very fast so they like to use her in the outfield, I was thinking she needed a 12 1/2 fielders glove but what would you suggest?
We suggest a 12.00" to a 12.25" glove for her age and position.
My son is 15 yrs old, 5'11", 180 lbs. Looking for a durable utility glove he can use mostly in the infield. Could this glove work?
The Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Series is a fastpitch glove, designed for a smaller female hand. For an infield player, we recommend a 11.50" to a 12.00" Akadema glove.
What size glove would you recommend for a 14 year old girl playing outfield, 2nd and 3rd base? She has long fingers.
A 12.25" or 12.5" glove is most common for a 14 year old fastpitch softball utility player.
My daughter is 13. Plays all over. 2nd, short, and a little outfield. She has a smaller frame. What size glove is recommended?
Based on her height and weight, we recommend a 11.50" fastpitch glove.
Will this glove suit me? I'm a utility player now in high school playing softball and I have a really big hand with long fingers and I want a glove around $100. Can you please help me find a glove?
At 12.5", the Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Series: ATS77 is a good choice for a utility player at the High School level.
My daughter is almost 14, weighs 110 lbs., and is 5'3". What size glove do you recommend?
Much depends on the position(s) she plays. Our Glove Coach is a great tool to determine glove size:
My daughter is 9 and plays pitcher and outfield. She currently has glove size 12.50". She is a small frame, 4' 9" in height and weighs 65 lbs. What size and type glove would be right for her?
The Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Series: ATS77 is slightly large, at 12.50". We'd recommend closer to an 11.00" for a 9 year old pitching and playing outfield. The Wilson A500 Game Soft Fastpitch Series: A0500FP11 Youth is an 11.00" model that is intended for youth hands, so it will have a smaller wrist opening and narrow finger stalls.
Is this a good glove for 16 year old who plays center field and 2nd base?
The Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Series: ATS77 With FREE Akadema Sunglasses would be a good choice for a utility player. It may be a little big and you may want to get a 12.25''.
Does this glove come in a non velcro option?
The Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Series: ATS77 is only available with a velcro option. The other Akadema 12.50" fastpitch gloves are also velcro.
My player is 13 years old, 5'3" and 110 lbs. She is a utility infielder and outfielder. What size glove would you recommend? I was looking at the Akadema Fastpitch Series (AJB74) or the ATS77?
For a player of her size and age, our glove coach would recommend the Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Series (ATS77) in a 12.00 inch pattern. The ATS77 is actually a 12.50 inch pattern, so I would lean more towards the Akadema Fastpitch Series (AJB74). Most infielders prefer a 12.00 inch model, while outfielders prefer a 12.50 - 12.75 inch pattern.
My daughter is 11 and she is playing 12u travel. She is a pitcher and uses a 12 1/2 inch size glove now. She is around 5 foot 3 inches tall with a slender build. We are looking for a new glove. Is this product worth trying? I have heard good reviews.
The Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Series (ATS77) is a great option and would work well for her at that age and position.
I'm 16 years old and an outfielder for our jv varsity team. I'm looking for a new glove that I can break in fast and use for the next two years. Is this glove right for me?
The Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Series: ATS77 would be a good option to consider for someone who plays the OF in softball and is looking for a durable glove. With the U.S. steerhide leather construction, the Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Series: ATS77 will be able to hold up well for a competitive player. If you feel comfortable, would recommend going with a slightly bigger pattern such as a 12.75 inch pattern as this might be a better fit for a OF over the next 2 years.
My daughter is 5'9", weighs 180 pounds, and plays third base, first base, and pitches. Would this be a good glove for her?
The Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Series: ATS77 is a suitable glove for the positions that your daughter plays as it has an infield pattern.
What size is this glove?
Johnny Baseball
The Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Series (ATS77) is a 12.50" glove.
My daughter plays 14u softball and is a utility player. Is this the right glove for her?
jonny appleseed
At 14U, this Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Glove Series (ATS77) and its 12.5" length should function well as a utility mitt for use in the infield and outfield.
My 10 year old is using a youth 12' glove, but it seems to be too small. She drops the ball. What size should we try?
clayton softball
The size of the glove mostly depends on personal preference and position mostly, and can vary from player to player. If you think it's too small, going up to a 12.5" or 13" could help.
Kyle J.
Show all 22 Questions and Answers about the Akadema Reptilian 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77
No results. If you searched for a specific term, please broaden your search. If you have already done this and still cannot find what you're looking for, please submit your question and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks!

In Akadema's short but remarkable history it has become one of America's hottest baseball and softball equipment company for professional, college, high school, and serious youth players. The Akadema phenomenon started with the Professional Glove Series and continues with the Reptilian®, Praying Mantis®, Pro Soft™ and Prodigy™ Glove Series as well as the Amish Wood™, Tacktion™ and Xtension® Aluminum Bat Series. Akadema's ownership attributes increasing market share to their innovative professional baseball and softball product line in contrast to mass-produced products that have little to do with quality, feel, or design to raise the level of play.

Akadema's products are manufactured for professional players but are now accessible to semi pro, college, high school, and serious youth players. Akadema products are still designed with the professional player in mind but competitively priced for the professional player at heart. So it's your turn to think like a professional, play like a professional, and use Akadema Professional!

Akadema now has both baseball and fastpitch softball advisory staffs that they work with closely to implement new ideas. Members of the baseball advisory staff include Hall of Famers Ozzie Smith and Gary Carter as well as Howard Johnson, Reggie Smith, Luis Polonia, Sandy Martinez and many others. Fastpitch stars that are on the advisory staff include Crystl Bustos and Julie Smith. The input on performance from the advisory staff gives Akadema something they cannot put a price on. Their advisors don’t talk about marketing or places to sell the gloves, they just care about performance.

Akadema Reptilian 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77
Age Range 13-15 High School-Adult
Color Black
Feel Soft
Glove Type Female Fastpitch Softball
Position Infield Pitcher Second Base Short Stop Third Base Outfield
Price $100 - $199.99 $100 - $149.99
Size 12.50
Sub Type Fielders
Vendor Akadema
Web Type Fully Closed
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