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Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12: Image #421974
Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12: Image #421971
Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12: Image #421975
Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12: Image #421973
Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12: Image #421807
Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12: Image #421972
Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12: Image #421810

Glove Profile

Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12

Extra Stiff
Game Ready
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  • Free Shipping!

  • 11.00 Inch Length

  • Recommended For All Positions On A Youth Diamond

  • Should Feature A Fairly Easy Break-In

  • Designed To Fit Pre-Teen Ballplayers

  • Thick, Single-Post Web

  • U.S. Steerhide Leather Construction (Palm and Web) with AkademaLyte Leather on Back to Reduce Weight

  • Colorway: Black

  • Conventional Open Back


Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12

Akadema is the most exciting baseball and softball company in the world. Their increasing market share can be attributed to their innovative quality and professionally designed product line. Focusing on the quality, feel, and small details has lifted Akadema to the next level.

Glove Benefits

With a goal to provide products for all ball players, Akadema has created the new Prodigy Youth Series. Constructed from U.S. Steer hide throughout the pocket and webbing, the Prodigy Series provides ideal toughness and padding. On the back of the glove, this series features the exclusive AkademaLyte leather that decreases the overall weight. This not only allows these gloves to be more easily playable, it also significantly decreases the break-in time to the point where these gloves are virtually game-ready out of the box. With the younger player in mind, Akadema slightly narrowed the finger stalls on these gloves to provide a more snug fit. Akadema: Bring Your "A Game"! Free Shipping!


Average Ratings Based on 31 Customer Reviews

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
the bomb

Pros: amazing

Cons: nothing

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: I bought last year's version of this glove for my 9 yo with the velcro wrist. If this glove is anything even close to the quality of that glove (which I expect it is) then this is a great glove. Akadema has to have the best youth gloves. They're light and durable. My son loves it

Cons: None.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
Coach J

Pros: Wow! When I finally received the glove I was blown away by the quality of the leather, especially in a youth glove. It's so hard to find an adult quality glove that is made for youth hands. It is similar or slightly better than my Mizuno infield glove. I handed it to my son and he loved the fit, feel, and weight (he's 9, 4' 3"). We immediately went to play catch and he loved the protection it gave him on the hard throws, especially on off center catches. Mizuno has never let me down, which is why I usually go with Mizuno, but they don't have a glove of this quality thick (& light) leather for young players on the smaller size.

Cons: None, but Akadema should consider making this size glove in the Reptilian style, since middle infielders prefer 11" gloves.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: This is a great glove. I bought this for my son to play on his 9U team. It took a little bit to break in, but now that it is nothing gets by him. As soon as I took it out of the box, I could tell that it was a high quality glove. It is also a sharp looking. I am now a fan of Akadema. So much so that I picked up a glove for myself.

Cons: No cons to speak of. I don't see an extended break in time as a con. It just speaks to this gloves high quality.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: This is a really nice glove. My almost 9yo son loves it. The break in time should be expected in a glove of this quality. He is an average size for his age and the glove fits him well. The AZR95 glove is a serious upgrade from his Vinci Custom Pro Jr. from last year. I would recommend this glove to anyone looking for a quality youth glove.

Cons: None

Was this review helpful?
4 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Good quality leather. Good shape. Well constructed. Looks good; the white welting and white stitching on the black glove is a clean, tough industrial look, it is a very "clean" look, simple bold logo. I like that that the lettering is stamped in rather than printed.

Cons: The material between the fingers on the inside is man-made, not leather, also the "binding" looks to be man-made rather than leather. If these pieces were leather it would be a top quality glove. A little tough to break-in that one spot at the bottom of the web where the vertical post connects to the glove.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: This glove was bought for my son when he was 9. He came from the Louisville Slugger Genesis 10.5" and 9.5" before that. He favored ultimate control since no one on those teams threw hard enough to hurt his hand. Later that changed and he wanted a new glove. This glove uses real thick leather on the inside. On the outside it features a pleather shell along with the edging around the openings. So far it has held up well. Although, the leather doesn't look too good from the scratches it will get from the infield diet. However, the rest of glove is A+. It has a deep pocket that is not really as good for infielders that can get quick transitions for double plays but my son has not had any transition issues from glove to hand. The deep pocket does allow the glove to be more versatile when playing outfield. Takes longer to break-in than Mizuno's and Rawlings youth gloves but that's the difference between real leather and synthetics.

Cons: Velcro strap is gone in current version.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Well made. Nice quality of leather for a youth glove. Smaller finger stalls make the glove fit a youth very well. I did a bunch of research and for the price I think this is the best value. You can get better but at a much higher cost.

Cons: We found it hard to break in but I feel that is a result of higher quality leather.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: This is a nicely crafted glove, and the high-quality leather is supple enough to allow for a short break-in period, yet still firm enough to keep its shape and manage hard hit balls. My son, who is 7, had his glove broken in after playing catch with it about 5-6 times, along with me providing additional manipulation to help it form a pocket and close more easily. The laces are quality leather and look very durable, which is an improvement from previous youth gloves we've owned. I would have no reservations giving this glove my highest recommendation.

Cons: I have nothing negative to report about this glove.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: I bought this glove for my 8 year old last year. He plays middle infield. This glove was perfect for him and he loves it. I was really impressed with the quality for the price. For a few dollars more than a big-box glove you get a ton more quality. You'll need to budget a little break in time, but the flip side is that the glove has held its shape after thousands of balls over the last 1 1/2 years. I'm going to buy another one for my younger son.

Cons: Absolutely none. Great glove at a great price.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Very durable and forms a great pocket. It also is very breathable and keeps your hand cool. This glove is worth more than it is priced at!!

Cons: Not many but one thing is the black attracts heat and warms up the glove. :(

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Excellent glove - despite being rather stiff out of the box, it broke in very quickly and was used in a tournament a few days later with excellent results. Great glove.

Cons: None

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: this is an amazing glove for a youth. Yes it is stiff when you get it but the fun of a new glove is breaking it in. I searched all of the sporting goods stores in No.VA. and they had nothing worth buying unless i wanted to move up to an adult model. So i ordered the akadema and the louisville slugger omaha series. My son chose the akadema. Best benefit is the super firm thumb and pinky and the deep pocket. It is not too heavy either.

Cons: none so far

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: This is my first Akadema glove that I purchased for my 7yr old son. He plays travel ball and I am very impressed with the quality of the leather and the snug fit for his small hand. The pocket is good and the palm has good padding.I would definitely recommend this glove to ages 6-10yrs of age. This wont be my last Akadema Glove:)

Cons: NONE

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3 Stars: Overall Rating
Cypress Baseball

Pros: Good Low Mid Level grade glove. Most will be happy with it. Fits all youth players 5 or 6 yrs of age to 10 or 11 yrs old. Very happy w/! Notice there answer to a customer's question on this compared to the Rookie series, it's subtle, but their honest, this isn't worth even $10 more. for $69 I would give this glove 4.5 stars & the rookie 4 stars.

Cons: Basically identical to the rookie series. IMO this is a $69 glove & Rookie series is a $59 glove. Not even close to quality of Rawlings GG Pro taper. Which cost $10 more, but it doesn't fit a 7 yr old. Go w/ the rookie series or order both & use 100% easy return policy & see for yourself. If your kid is 5 yrs old, invest in the Nokona, & it will last him 4 years. & you won't be stuck like me not wanting to spend that much for 2 years of use & don't have a good $99 option for a 7 yr old.

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4 Stars: Overall Rating
All Star

Pros: Best value out there for a youth glove. Good leather, fits my seven year old's hand and fingers perfectly for a solid feel. His catching improved right away.

Cons: Be patient on the break in period. I'd allow at least two days of good treatment before starting to play catch for final break in. Well worth the wait.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
Team Dinger

Pros: Best youth glove on the planet! No pleather here. Nothing but good quality leather. This glove is built to last. Great product.

Cons: none

Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating
Marty C

Pros: This is an awesome glove! I was extremely impressed with both the material and construction. Akadema is definitely on my watch list for any future glove purchases. Also, the customer service and return policy from JustGloves is second to none. Thanks for the great experience

Cons: This particular glove seemed bigger than advertised. I purchased it for my 7 yr old, but turned out to be way too big.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
Awsome glove!! Dawson parent

Pros: Bought this for my son who plays 8u.He played 63 games, countless practices and scrimmages with this glove last year and it held up really well. He plays first base so the glove got plenty of abuse over the season. I did switch the black laces for him with neon green laces which looks awsome!! I will be buying another one of these for a back up just in case.

Cons: none. Great glove for the price

Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Absolutely love this glove. Bought it for my 8 year old son who is a bit on the small side and it fits his hand perfectly. Nice large pocket to make snagging line drives, popups and grounders much easier than the 9.5 inch he had been playing with.

Cons: Took a little work to get it ready for a tryout he had that weekend but with some effort we got it there and he made the team.

Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating
Great glove! LB parent

Pros: Great fit on my son's smaller hands. Broke in pretty easily and the larger pocket is making him a lot more effective in all aspects of fielding.

Cons: None

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Outstanding youth glove for a 7-10 year old. High quality leather that will require some break-in. Develops a mid-deep pocket, and holds its shape extremely well. Showing normal wear on the fingertips in it's second full spring. Used by a select level player, mostly in the outfield.

Cons: None

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Perfect for smaller hands. My son is a smaller size 8 year old and we decided to upgrade from a Mizuno Youth Prospect 10.5 to this 11 and real leather to help next year when the kids start throwing harder and he moves back to outfield. This glove looks legit, solid black with white stitching and nice real leather. The pocket IS pretty deep for a fielders glove but that has helped break it in right and doesn't affect his transitions, he plays infield right now. He was and is excited every practice to bring out his new glove. Another big plus was the weight of this glove is perfect, not a burden even coming off that super light Mizuno. Wanted to get it early to break in for next season but now that it is ready to go it is his primary glove.

Cons: It is a tough one to break in, but coming from a Mizuno Youth Prospect which needed no breaking in have no reference. One night using hot glove treatment to initially soften it, then mallet for a a while, then cream conditioner and a wrap the next night, then mallet more, then finally catch day 3 and 4. Not even near the well worn Mizuno, but the pocket is established easy, and my son was catching the balls fine even though the closing action was still stiff. Another note, though the Mizuno material is way more flimsy than this leather glove, the protection on fast balls that hit right on the palm is only slightly better. But I will take that for a nice pocket and a light quick glove.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: High-quality youth glove Soft, durable leather Strong construction

Cons: Price for a youth glove Stiff when new, requires break in

Was this review helpful?
4 Stars: Overall Rating
good quality Wampus parent

Pros: you can tell the palm area is going to be durable. good pocket

Cons: stiffer than I thought it would be starting out, especially the pinkie finger, had it steamed and was a huge difference.

Was this review helpful?
3 Stars: Overall Rating
Nice Glove Jason Cook Coach

Pros: Very nice leather, Well made.

Cons: Very hard to break in. Very Stiff. Have taken it to get steamed twice and used conditioner and tossed for 2 months and its still very hard to close. Even used the wooden baseball mallett and still tough for my 8 year old to close it. Other than that great glove.

Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating
2 years in, still going strong Joe Parent

Pros: We bought this glove nearly 2 years ago for our almost 7-year-old. Now, with an almost 9-year-old and after well over 100 games and countless practices, this glove is still in great shape. It was the first glove we ever bought that was over $30, and my son still loves it. We talked about buying him a new Nokona this summer, but he said he still loves it and wants to use it another year.

Cons: The black leather turns into a gray color over time, but it still works. It might not have the same color, but has held its shape after heavy use.

Was this review helpful?
4 Stars: Overall Rating
Good but kind of operated! Corey Parent

Pros: 75% of the reason for buying this glove was the reviews stating how high quality it is. I am going say it is good but not great. My son came from a 9" Shoeless Joe glove and there is a pretty noticeable difference between the two in the quality field that I wasn't quite expecting because of the reviews. Although, the Shoeless Joe glove in 11.25" is nearly double the price so I suppose the difference in quality is to be expected. Glove is super nice and I am not upset with it, just wanted to point out although its nice, it is not top of the line. It is new and we haven't played with it yet. This is just my first impressions and may be helpful.

Cons: None yet.

Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating
Solid glove Kevin Parent

Pros: Appears to be high quality leather. Looks great.

Cons: N/A

Was this review helpful?
5 Stars: Overall Rating
Great glove Molly Parent

Pros: My 8yo son couldn’t find his glove so we had to order another in a hurry before his next tryout. He had an 11” akadema rookie series. I was pleasantly surprised when this showed up (the next day). It looks different than what is in the picture though. The welting is all black and not white. But I actually like it better. The leather feels great and the glove seems more comfortable. He’s very happy. And we purchased the break in service and he was able to try out with a brand new glove less than two days later and do well.

Cons: None so far! This seems like a great glove

Was this review helpful?
3 Stars: Overall Rating
Tough break-in Coach

Pros: Nice leather and thick padding for good protection.

Cons: Takes quite awhile to break in.

Was this review helpful?

Questions and Answers

Have a question about the Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

Is this a good glove for a 10 year old? glynn
It is an excellent glove. And would work well if he plays infield. If he plays outfield, it might be too small.
First time my daughter will be playing softball, she is 8 years old and will play coach pitch . Is this a good glove for her? What is the difference slow pitch and fastpitch? Son plays baseball and will love Akadema gloves but not sure what is suitable for softball. Irma
Yes, she needs to be in youth model glove. Fast pitch softball is for girls. Slow pitch is under-hand softball.
Is the glove pictured the 11" model? The name is AZR95-12 and it does not show that adjustable wrist strap. Can you verify that this is the 11" model without the adjustable strap? JR
The older model AZR95 did have an adjustable strap. The new model AZR95-12 doesn't have the adjustable strap.
My son will soon be 7, and I'm looking for a good quality glove to last him awhile. He has a very small hand so its been hard to find a good fitting glove. Will this gloves hand opening and finger slots be small enough for a younger player to wear comfortably without struggling to keep it on his hand? Arron
Since the Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 Youth is a youth glove, it will have a smaller hand/wrist opening and smaller finger stalls in order to better fit a small, young players hand. This glove is also pretty durable and should be a good glove for your son.
My son is 8 and becoming an avid baseball player. Would you recommend an 11" glove size or maybe 11.5"? John
Based on his age, we would recommend an 11.00" glove.
How good of leather is this glove made out of? Also, how heavy is it? jhumphries
The Akadema Prodigy Series uses very high quality leather and is lightweight as well.
Between this and ARA93B which glove is better? Built, feel and durability? 702
Both the Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR92-12 Youth glove and the Akadema Rookie Series: ARA93B Youth glove feature U.S. Steerhide leather and AkademaLyte leather. They both have a quick break-in period and will be durable. Both gloves are very good options.
How will the Akadema Prodigy AZR95-12 glove compare in quality with the Gold Glove Gamer 11 inch Baseball Glove (GG1102G)? What about weight and play ability? Son is 9.5 years old and plays middle infield and pitcher. TEC
Compared to the Rawlings Gold Glove Gamer Pro Taper Series: GG1102G, the Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 will be slightly softer and easier to break-in. The Rawlings Gold Glove Gamer Pro Taper Series: GG1102G features slightly higher quality leather and will be a tad more durable. The Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 will also be just a little lighter in weight.
How does this glove compare to the Akadema AOZ91-12? Which would you recommend for an 8 year old? Also are the free Akadema sunglasses youth sized? CD
The Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 Youth and the Akadema Prodigy Series: AOZ91-12 Youth are the same glove with the exception of the webbing and the size. Based on his age we recommend the 11.00" Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12.
My 9 year old plays infield and outfield. Would you recommend this glove or a larger size? He is slightly smaller for his age. For travel ball he plays outfield and for rec ball he plays 2nd Base and Shortstop. We have the Vinci Pro Custom Pro Junior Series: BRV1957 since last year and that glove really helped with his game. I know they have the Vinci Pro Custom Pro Junior Series: BRV1953, but I am just undecided on which one to pick. Mike
The Akadema Prodigy Series and the Vinci Pro Custom Pro Junior Series: BRV1953 are great gloves, but I think an 11.00" will be too small. You should try taking a look at the Rawlings Mark of a Pro Series: TP1150BC Youth.
How do i know it will fit my kid? michael
Our Glove Coach is a great tool to help determine glove size:
I have a 7 yr old, average size (4'1") playing infield and outfield in a recreation league currently. He plays competitive in the Fall. I have him in an 11.00" now and he catches the ball with confidence, but he doesn't seem to have much feel and can't close it real well. I'm looking for a quality glove that will take him through another 2 years. I'm new to baseball so I'm unsure as to what to get him. The glove coach says 10.50" but he doesn't catch nearly as well with that size. nik
The Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 Youth is an excellent choice for him. It has a smaller hand opening, designed for a young player. It will be easy to open and close.
How much does the AZR95-12 youth glove weigh in ounces? ncbowhunter
Akadema does not provide the weight of their gloves. The Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 is very lightweight and durable.
How does the Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 Youth compare to the Wilson Youth A500 (model WTA0500BB110? Which is the more quality glove for a 7 year old? curious
The Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 Youth is slightly higher in price than the A500 Game Soft Series. In gloves, price is a good reflection of the quality of materials used in them. Both of these gloves are very lightweight, are designed to fit a Younger player's hand, and are great pattern sizes for a 7-9 year old.
I have a 7 yr old. Currently plays mostly outfield, but will play infield as well. He is currently using the Mizuno Prospect Series: GPP1076 Youth. It seems to have a good pocket, he catches the ball well with it. It has been a good glove, but looking for an upgrade it quality and durability. Does the AZR95-12 glove have a large deep pocket for catching? How would it compare with the Mizuno Prospect? pg
The Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 Youth has a good size pocket. It uses a higher quality of leather than the Mizuno Prospect Series and is more durable.
My 8 year old son has small hands. Would the "narrowed finger stalls" on this glove be more snug than the Akadema AJT99, Vinci BRV1953 or Rawlings P1153? He's using a Mizuno GPP1076 right now. Tom
The Akadema Prodigy Series (AZR95-12) will be more snug than the AJT99m BRV1953, P1153, and the GPP1076. It is ideal for a player with smaller hands.
How does this glove compare to the Shoeless Joe Junior 10 inch model? tom
Asside from being an inch larger pattern, the Akadema Prodigy Series (AZR95-12) will have a similar high quality leather to the Shoeless Joe Joe Junior Series (1000JR) although the way the Shoeless Joe is manufactured makes it slightly more game ready with a softer feel and more retro feeling leather.
My son who plays 8u baseball has a LS Genesis 11 inch inch glove but it seems smaller than a true 11 inches and I feel that he needs a bigger glove. I was looking at the AZR95-12 as it comes highly recommended but I fear that it wont be any bigger than his current LS Genesis. Can you comment on how they compare in size? mb
The Akadema Prodigy Series (AZR95-12) has a slightly wider pocket but the length of the fingers will be very similar to the Louisville Slugger Genesis Series (FGGN14-BN110). The size of the glove is determined by measuring from the tip of the index finger along the inside of the pocket down to the heal so the glove length can vary based on how deep the pocket runs.
What is the actual size of the AZR95-12? v
The Akadema Prodigy Series (AZR95-12 Youth) features an 11.00 inch pattern. Since it is a youth model, it will have a noticeably smaller hand opening and finger-stalls than all adult gloves.
Looking for a outfield/pitching glove my advanced 6 year old that plays 9U travel ball. Would this be a good size? shawn
Typically, for a six year old playing multiple positions, I would recommend a glove with a 10.00-10.50 inch pattern. The Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 Youth features an 11.00 inch pattern so it may be a glove that he would have to grow in to. This particular glove is perfect for any position so it would definitely work in both the outfield and pitching.
John P.
Any good tips for breaking in this glove? My 8 year old son has been playing with the softer already broken Mizuno and Vinci gloves. I have applied leather conditioner and wrapped with a ball, but the glove is still very stiff. We are going to try playing catch next. Scott
The Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 Youth glove can be broken in by playing catch, using a mallet like the one featured in our glove care kit or taking a ball and continuously throwing it into the glove. It will take some time, but will be beneficial in addition to the leather condition and being wrapped with a ball.
Would this glove be too big for a 7 year old? Colby
A player who is 7 years old is probably better suited using a smaller glove, anywhere from a 10.00-10.50 inch pattern. The Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 Youth is a 11.00 inch pattern and may be too big.
My son is 9, but bigger for his age. Plays travel ball. Would this size work or something bigger. Plays both infield and outfield. OC
The Akadema Prodigy Series (AZR95-12) Youth would be a good option for your 9 year old son. It is a good size for what you are looking for.
My son used a Vinci Youth Glove 10.75 last year and really liked it. He plays travel ball and plays second and short. He is smaller in size and is 9 years old. He liked Vinci because it was easy to close and lightweight but still good quality. We were thinking of going to a 11 inch Akadema Prodigy - how will it compare to Vinci in weight and ability to close for a smaller had child? How does the overall quality compare? Glenn
The Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 Youth would be a good fit for a 9 year old player. The leather quality and break-in time is going to be relatively similar to the Vinci glove you had.
My 7 year old has been using a LS genesis 11" for the last year or so. He does good with it but it's time to get something better. I'm reading a lot of answers saying this 11" Akadema model might be too big for a 7 year old. Would this be a good replacement for the 11" LS Genesis if he's use to that size already? Brooks' Dad
This would be an excellent choice for a younger player, yes.
Kyle J.
Looking at this for my 7 year old, who is playing a year up. He currently has a 10.5 glove and looking to upgrade. Would this be a good fit? Devon Dean
The Akadema Prodigy Series: AZR95-12 Youth would be a good option for your 7 year old that is playing up. I would only worry about the longevity if your son is playing lots of competitive play.
Would this glove be too small for my 10.5 y/o son? He plays mostly middle infield and uses an 11 inch currently, needs a new glove--wants to stay with the 11 inch size but I don't want the finger stalls, etc. to be too small in a year or two. Thanks so much! Lauren
Thgis glove should be a good fit for him. The Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12 is designed to fit a pre-teen hand, so it should work well for him for a few years.
Does this glove come in all black or does it have white one the fingers, if so in youth baseball are you allowed to pitch with a glove with that amount of white on it? Kevin
The Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12 is only offered in an all black model on our site. The small writings and logos in white, will not make the glove ineligible for pitchers.
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About the Brand

In Akadema's short but remarkable history it has become one of America's hottest baseball and softball equipment company for professional, college, high school, and serious youth players. The Akadema phenomenon started with the Professional Glove Series and continues with the Reptilian®, Praying Mantis®, Pro Soft™ and Prodigy™ Glove Series as well as the Amish Wood™, Tacktion™ and Xtension® Aluminum Bat Series. Akadema's ownership attributes increasing market share to their innovative professional baseball and softball product line in contrast to mass-produced products that have little to do with quality, feel, or design to raise the level of play.

Akadema's products are manufactured for professional players but are now accessible to semi pro, college, high school, and serious youth players. Akadema products are still designed with the professional player in mind but competitively priced for the professional player at heart. So it's your turn to think like a professional, play like a professional, and use Akadema Professional!

Akadema now has both baseball and fastpitch softball advisory staffs that they work with closely to implement new ideas. Members of the baseball advisory staff include Hall of Famers Ozzie Smith and Gary Carter as well as Howard Johnson, Reggie Smith, Luis Polonia, Sandy Martinez and many others. Fastpitch stars that are on the advisory staff include Crystl Bustos and Julie Smith. The input on performance from the advisory staff gives Akadema something they cannot put a price on. Their advisors don’t talk about marketing or places to sell the gloves, they just care about performance.

Glove Properties

Akadema Prodigy 11" Youth Baseball Glove: AZR95-12
Age Range 7-9 10-12
Color Black
Deals Bundle and Save
Feel Soft
Glove Type Baseball Youth
Position All Positions Catcher First Base Infield Outfield Pitcher Second Base Short Stop Third Base
Series Prodigy
Size 11.00
Sub Type Fielders
Vendor Akadema
Web Type Single Post
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