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2024 Wilson A2K Lineup

The 2024 Wilson A2K Series of Gloves Headlined By The B23 Model!

All of the lore surrounding Wilson ball gloves seems to center around their bread and butter product: the A2000.

But even though the A2000 has been the staple of Wilson’s glove offerings for nearly 70 years, they have not rested on the laurels received from that series (which was created way back in 1957). Wilson has sought to continually improve the A2000, but they’ve also attempted to build models that could be considered upgrades as well.

Notedly, they tried to usher in the era of the A3000 which featured an exoskeleton look to it that definitely generated glances due to its futuristic look:

Ultimately, the A3000 didn't last long.

But one stab Wilson took to improve the A2000 did indeed endure. That attempt came in the form of the A2K series crafted during the 2007 year. Instead of implementing intricate designs to the glove, Wilson stuck to processes and materials with which they were familiar. The result was the creation of an A2K glove that offered baseball players an option that was technically better than their A2000.

The A2K has endured into 2024 with this latest release from Wilson featuring new fresh looks, professional models and even a never-before-seen webbing! Read on...

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The A2K Mainstays

If you decide that one of these 2024 edition A2Ks will be the glove that you don on the field next season, you can expect a few features to be present…

Pro Stock Select Leather

Before we can understand what makes the Pro Stock Select leather of the A2Ks so special, we first have to understand what makes the Pro Stock leather of the A2000s such an excellent material.

According to Wilson’s Glove Guru, Aso, the Pro Stock leather used to build A2000s is perfect for providing the needed level of “softness” and “stretchiness” in a glove. Simultaneously, Pro Stock leather also provides the necessary structure for an A2000 to last for many seasons of use. For years Wilson has sought to select the perfect leather for their A2000s that will always deliver (1) Softness (2) Stretchiness (3) Structure.

Now that we have a little background on the Pro Stock leather of the A2000s, we can move to the A2Ks.

To get the leather to be used for the A2Ks, Michael Markovich of Wilson informs us that they triple sort all of the Pro Stock leather for “consistency and flawlessness” so that they are able to find the absolute top 5% of the Pro Stock material. That top 5% is deemed to be the Pro Stock Select material and that is what is used on A2K gloves and mitts. Markovich also indicates that the leather deemed to be Pro Stock Select is typically harvested from the thickest part of a sample of Pro Stock leather. This should allow it to be stronger and more durable (when compared to regular Pro Stock material).

You might be wondering “Are the A2000s and A2Ks made of the same material?” The answer would technically be “Yes”. However, the A2Ks are built with the top 5% of that material and thus we know that they technically are the superior glove regarding the quality of material used. Another way you could think of it is that all Pro Stock Select leather can be considered Pro Stock leather. But not all Pro Stock material is considered Pro Stock Select.

Double Palm Construction

When an A2K glove is built, it receives a little extra component in its construction that won’t be included on any A2000 gloves. This exists in the form of a thin piece of leather that is placed between the inner palm liner and the palm shell:

The A2K Double Palm Construction

When that extra piece is put in place within an A2K glove, Wilson says that the glove has “Double Palm Construction”.

The Wilson Guru, Aso, comments that this extra element may add a little bit of weight to a glove, but more importantly he says that it should promote “longer life” and “no wrinkles” in the palm of the glove. Wilson’s general marketing materials (like that shown above) will mention that Double Palm Construction provides maximum "pocket stability" and should also help the glove "hold its shape better over time".

3x More Craftsman Shaping

As mentioned above, the Pro Stock Select leather used to construct an A2K is usually cut from the thickest part of a sample of Pro Stock leather (remember that all Pro Stock Select is technically sourced from Pro Stock leather). The glove is therefore durable and strong, but it is also really stiff. Because of this, the glove technicians at Wilson’s factory will pound and shape an A2K glove three times more than they will pound and shape an A2000 glove. 

When you receive your A2K, it is still going to be stiff, but it will be much easier to get into game ready condition than if Wilson’s technicians only gave it the same level of pounding and shaping as an A2000 glove.


Recent A2K Innovations

Since its introduction in 2007, the essential design of the A2K series has remained the same. That being said, there have been some small features and updates introduced on A2K gloves and mitts that have allowed A2K release day to be a marked date on the calendars of glove aficionados.

Pro Player Models

Over the past handful of years, Wilson has been able to haul in a number of uber-talented professionals to rock the A2Ks on the diamond. For this 2024 launch, they have four pros that have featured A2K models on JustGloves:

Specifically, we have to call out Mookie Betts. We have had the pleasure of carrying seven versions of Mookie’s glove. It’s pretty neat to be able to take a glance at how it has evolved from his days spent in Boston to now as he stars in Los Angeles:

The Evolution Of Mookie Betts Gamer Glove

The Swordsman Web

Regarding cosmetics, one of the best innovations that Wilson has ushered in for this 2024 release of A2Ks is the Swordsman webbing. Wilson hinted that this webbing might be coming in their 2024 release when they highlighted the game day model of Zach Plesac in their Cleveland Glove Day Video. When the web finally showed up on one of the stock A2Ks that Wilson brought out in preparation for the 2024 season, we were fired up. Here’s to hoping that Wilson continues to get crafty and creative with the webs on their A2Ks moving forward!

Wilson's Swordsman Webbing

Shop The A2K Swordsman


Two 2024 Expert Picks

1) Wilson A2K D33 11.75" Baseball Glove: WBW1013771175

The A2K D33 Baseball Glove


Shop The A2K D33

This glove may not have the swordsman web like the one we highlighted earlier, but it’s dripping with swagger all its own. The blonde leather of the glove looks fantastic when it is set against the tan welting and binding of the glove. Plus, the tightly weaved lacing of the webbing is a gorgeous sight to behold. If you’re looking to dominate on the pitcher’s mound…be sure to grab this glove before ascending the bump!

Two More Reasons To Buy:

  • Made for pitchers, but is usable on the left side of the infield (3B and SS)
  • Dri-Liex Wrist Lining keeps the back of your hand and wrist dry while wearing the glove


2) Wilson A2K 1810 12.75" Baseball Glove: WBW1013811275

Wilson A2K 1810 Outfield Glove

Shop The A2K 1810

This A2K glove is built in the 1810 pattern from Wilson. The 12.75 inch length length is quintessential for outfield play and the single post web compliments that length. However, the adjustment that Wilson made to the wrist strap is what is super cool about this glove. They have created it with a slightly updated shape as can be seen below:

The Wilson A2K 1810 Wrist Backing

Most outfielders wear their pinky and ring finger in the pink slot and the angle on the strap (shown above) helps create a wearing experience that is more comfortable when the glove is donned in that manner. Plus, when that new wrist strap design is combined with the Pro Lux inner hand lining, this glove becomes one of the most pleasant-to-wear outfield options on the market!

JustGloves Customer Feedback On Another Wilson A2K 1810 Model:

“Firm glove that has broken in after a few days of use. Good quality leather with quality stitching to prevent sagging in the web.” - Coach Mark


The 2024 editions of the Wilson A2K series are here and ready for you to pick one up! That being said, we know that there is often a lot of thinking that needs to be done before making a multiple hundred dollar glove purchase. If you have questions about the new A2Ks or any glove that we have featured at JustGloves, please reach out to our Glove Experts. They can be called at 866-321-4568, emailed via or you can simply Live Chat with an expert at THIS LINK!


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