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Wilson 1799 Pattern Gloves


The JustGloves Exclusive Wilson 1799 Outfield Glove With Gun Metal Leather!

The 1799 pattern from Wilson is the quintessential outfield glove. The 12.75 inch length allows the glove to have plenty of reach and the H-Webbing can allow the glove to play extremely wide as well. Due to there not being a lot of lace that runs between the H-Web and the thumb plus index finger of the glove, a player can really pull on the thumb and pinky to ensure that the leather and lace stretch to give the glove a very open catching surface. Another sneaky benefit of the 1799 glove is the size of the wrist opening. On the heel of a 1799, there are six lace loops that are contained within the hand opening (most gloves only have four). If you're a player or a father who needs a glove to fit your larger sized hand, this is the glove to snag!

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