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What Gloves Do Pros Use?

What Gloves Do Pros Use?

Have you ever wondered what gloves your favorite pros are using? Or which brand is the most popular among professional baseball players? Well, according to WhatProsWear, the top glove brand worn by MLB players is Rawlings. While Wilson remains a close second.

As most ballplayers know, your baseball glove is a cherished part of your game. The right glove makes a difference. JustGloves looks at six (6) popular players and the what gloves they use.

Following are game-day baseball gloves used by some of the most popular Major League Baseball players.

Bryce Harper Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove

Rawlings Gloves | Outfielders Gloves | Uses Rawlings bats

From teen phenom hitting balls out of MLB stadiums to a prennial All-Star outfielder, Bryce Harper continues to live up to the hype and expectations. But what you may not know about the Phillies' slugger is that he plays an intergral part in advising Rawlings's glove designers. This means he weighs in on how a number of Rawlings gloves are designed. As you can imagine, Harper holds the ultimate say in how his own glove is built. Key features of Bryce Harper's game-day model glove include:

  • 13.00 inch glove size.
  • Deer tanned cowhide plus palm lining provides exceptional protection.
  • Heart of the Hide traditional leather shell is cut from top 5% of Rawlings' Hides.
  • Plus, full-grain finger back lining provides an unbeatable feel and fit.
  • Recommended for outfielders.
  • JustGloves offers the same construction of Harper's glove, just not his personalized all-blonde colorway.
Jose Altuve Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove

Wilson Gloves | Second Basemen Gloves | Uses Victus bats

Jose Altuve has put together one of the most polarizing careers in recent history. But at the end of the day, he is one of the best middle infielders in the game. And one of the reasons Altuve has risen to stardom is because of his glove. This Wilson A2000 is built from the top-of-the-line Pro Stock leather. It has more of an adult fitting when compared to the fitting of the popular Dustin Pedroia A2000 glove. This A2000 has meticulous craftsmanship with hand-picked leather lacing for exceptional feel and durability. Key features of Jose Altuve's game-day model glove include:

  • 11.50 inch glove size.
  • Dri-Lex wrist lining provides ultra-breathable, moisture wicking material.
  • Pro Stock leather provides rugged durability and an unbeatable feel.
  • Gap welting creates a durable pocket and long-lasting break-in.
  • Recommended for middle infielders.
Javier Baez Rawlings Pro Preferred

Rawlings Gloves | Infielders Gloves | Uses SSK bats

Widely considered one of the best defenders in the game, Javier Baez has recently made the switch from SSK glove to the ever-popular Rawlings gloves. The Pro Preferred he utilizes now combines professional-grade leather with a sleek colorway to fit his flashy style. Baez's gloves have a limited edition design and a multi-colored pattern. Key features of Javy Baez's game-day model glove include:

  • 11.50 inch glove size.
  • Top 5% leather construction
  • Infielder specific design
  • Recommended for infielders.
Mike Trout Rawlings Pro Preferred Baseball Glove

Rawlings Gloves | Outfielders Gloves | Uses Old Hickory bats

Baseball's best player over the past decade uses Rawlings gloves on the diamond. Combining classic color combination with a professionally inspired design, Mike Trout's Rawlings glove is extremely high-end. The Pro Preferred baseball glove has a long-lasting, full-grain kip leather, and it continuously breaks in to form a perfect pocket based on Trout's preference. Key features of Mike Trout's game-day model glove include:

  • 12.75 inch glove size.
  • Full-grain kip leather provides long-lasting structure.
  • Pittards sheepskin palm lining adds superior comfort.
  • Tennessee Tanning Company rawhide laces add strength & structure.
  • 70% Player | 30% Factory break-in
  • Recommended for outfielders.
Mookie Betts Wilson A2K SuperSkin Baseball Glove

Wilson Gloves | Outfielders Gloves | Uses Axe bats

Since signing in Los Angeles, more and more people have contacted us to find out what glove Mookie Betts uses. He, like Altuve, works exclusively with Wilson's glove guru to ensure the perfect glove. This high-end Wilson A2K SuperSkin glove has 3x more master craftsman shaping that reduces the break-in time. Betts' glove has a double-palm construction which places a thinly cut piece of leather between the palm liner and the outer shell for maximum pocket stability. It's unsuprisingly one of the top outfield gloves on the planet. Key features of the Mookie Bett's game-day model glove include:

  • 12.75 inch glove size.
  • Quicker break-in compared to an all-leather A2K.
  • SuperSkin helps lighten the glove, repel moisture, and is 2x stronger than traditional leather.
  • Rolled dual welting creates a perfect pocket with long-lasting shape.
  • Recommended for experienced outfielders. 
Ronald Acuna Jr. Rawlings Pro Preferred Baseball Glove

Rawlings Gloves | Outfielders Gloves | Uses Louisville Slugger bats

Ronald Acuna Jr. has rapidly risen to the top of baseball. He's a five-tool superstar with the unlimited potential. The glove he uses to patrol the outfield in Atlanta is a Pro Preferred from Rawlings. It is second-to-none in terms of leather quality and the red and blue colorway perfectly matches any uniform the Braves might throw at him. Key features of the Ronald Acuna Jr. game-day model glove include:

  • 12.75 inch glove size.
  • Full-grain Kip leather.
  • Sheepskin palm lining for an exceptional feel.
  • RA13 Pattern - super long h-web for extended reach on flyballs.
  • Available at JustGloves.

Like you, professionals try new gloves all the time, but most players have their favorite brands. What's your favorite player's glove choice? Let us know in the comments.

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