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What Glove Does Mike Trout Wear?

Mike Trout's Baseball Glove

He’s worn a lot of names throughout his career like the Millville Meteor, Kiiiiid, and more recently, the GOAT. Obviously, we are talking about the Angels’ superstar outfielder, Mike Trout. The 2012 AL Rookie of the Year, 3x MVP, and 9x All Star has shown off his talents on the field for the past decade. As a result, players and fans have grown quite interested in what Mike Trout is doing and the equipment he uses. Today, we’re taking an in-depth look into the baseball glove used by Mike Trout. If you are interested, Mike Trout’s glove is available for purchase at JustGloves. Now, let's begin. 

Mike Trout's Baseball Glove

Our Glove Experts previously broke down the gloves used by the best players in baseball. Players like Ronald Acuna Jr. and Bryce Harper were included in the breakdown. We spoke briefly about Trout’s glove, but now let’s take an even deeper look at the Rawlings Pro Preferred 12.75" Mike Trout Baseball Glove (PROSMT27B).

Rawlings Pro Preferred 12.75

Notable Features:

  • Full-Grain Kip Leather - The Best of the Best
  • 12.75” Glove Size
  • Trap-Eze (Six Finger) Web Style
  • Closes Thumb to 4th Finger/Pinky
  • Single Finger Backing
  • Pittards Sheepskin Palm Lining
  • Pro Grade Leather Lacing

Watch as Glove Expert Ben goes into detail as to why this is one of the best outfielder's gloves in the business. 

To recap, this Rawlings Pro Preferred professional outfielder’s glove sports some of the best leather in baseball. Full-Grain Kip leather is as tough and durable as any leather in the world. While it will arrive fairly stiff, it breaks in softly for comfortable usage. The six finger web design is also commonly referred to as a Trapeze web. Popularized by Ichiro Suzuki in the early 2000s, the trapeze web offers more flexibility and an extended reach in the outfield. You typically don’t see any trapeze web gloves made for any position other than the outfield. If you want to learn more about glove web types, watch as Glove Expert Tyler breaks down a couple of the more common web types. 

What Bat Does Mike Trout Use?

Now that we've covered his glove, what brand of bat does Mike Trout swing? In short, Mike Trout swings Old Hickory wood bats. Our friends over at JustBats have a full array of wood bats for sale, and even offer wood bat engraving on every bat sold.

Old Hickory Bat Co. Mike Trout Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MT27M Adult

Mike Trout Defensive Highlights

Trout made the switch to his current glove at the beginning of the 2021 baseball season. The following series of defensive highlights showcases his former glove (also a Rawlings Pro Preferred) but it is fun to marvel at the amazing player that Mike Trout is. Enjoy 10 minutes worth of the best defensive plays in his illustrious career.


There you have it. Hopefully we answered all of your questions about Mike Trout's baseball glove. If you have any additional questions, our Glove Experts are standing by to help. You can give us a call at 866-321-4568, email at experts@justgloves, or click here to live chat. We're JustGloves and we're with you from Click To Catch!

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