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Post Season Training Tips

The season has ended, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop improving your game. In fact, now is the time to take your game to another level. Outwork your opponents during the offseason so that you can dominate next season.

But how do you go about training during the offseason? For starters, you’ll want to set some goals for yourself. A player looking to get quicker and faster will want to focus more on speed and agility drills than a player looking to improve their strength. The same goes for pitchers looking to improve their stamina versus those looking to add a few MPHs to their fastball.

Set your goals and develop a game plan. If you can have enough discipline to stay true to your regime, you’ll definitely see the results.

Training Tips for Pitchers

Pitchers, make the offseason your best friend. During the season, everything is about preparation and recovery. Which means you have very little time to work on improving your game. So take the time to invest in your game, and you’ll be amazed at what can happen.

Squats & Lunges

We recommend pitchers strengthen their legs during the offseason to stabilize their delivery. Increasing leg strength will also help increase pitch velocity and durability. 


As any coach will tell you, the core is the engine for the rest of your body. It connects and drives everything from a baseball swing to a pitcher’s wind-up. When you strengthen your core, you improve your game.

Resistance Bands

It’s essential to find other measures to build arm strength beyond throwing bullpens. Use resistance bands to help build your arm muscles without overworking your arm.

Towel Work

There is tons of value using a towel while replicating your pitching delivery. Focus on the details of your motion. Find your balance point and finish through your motion.

Long Distance Running

Improve your stamina while strengthening your legs. Get into a rhythm and commit to the grind. The more you run, the better you will pitch.

Training Tips for Fielders

For fielders, the offseason is all about repetition. Repeat the drills and skills you wish to improve upon until you can do them subconsciously. Mindless exercises like throwing a ball against a wall may feel minute, but the impact can be massive. Here are a few quick and easy drills for fielders looking to improve their game during the offseason.

Short Hops

Any seasoned infielder will tell you that the game gets a lot easier once you learn to love short hops. Find a teammate or stand about ten feet away from a wall and throw/field short hops for as long as you can. Trust us.

Agility Cones / Ladder Drills

Work on your feet. Nobody needs their feet more than an infielder. Cones and ladders help players improve their balance and quickness around the infield. You don’t have to spend all day on them, but 5-10 minutes a day can make a world of difference.

Grounders from Your Knees

To completely contradict ourselves, we’re going to take your feet away from you. Learn to field the ball with your hands by fielding ground balls from your knees. As you get more advanced with this, range side-to-side in a diving motion to help build up your confidence during the spectacular plays.


There are a few different ways players like to field backhands. We won’t discuss those, but whatever way you prefer, make sure you master it. Get your glove down. Get your feet right. And let’s make some plays!

Slow Rollers

You don’t even know a ball for this one. This drill can be all about your footwork. Charge in a few steps, field off your left foot, and throw off your right foot. Slow rollers are tricky... Unless you’ve spent the time practicing them.

Want to become a better fielder?

Wind Sprints

Outfielders looking to get better during the offseason should invest time in maintaining/improving their top-end speed. After all, you are the only defensive position that often has to sprint while in the field. 

Over the Shoulder Pop-Ups

Another outfield drill that is great for reaction time and angles is to have someone throw) a ball up in the air while your back is turned. Your job is to locate the ball and catch it before it hits the ground. We certainly recommend it for any aspiring outfielder or infielder if you can find the space for it.


There you have it! Those are our recommendations for pitchers and fielders looking to get better this offseason. 

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