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Everything to Know About the '21 A2Ks

2021 Wilson A2Ks

With the latest lineup of 2021 Wilson A2K gloves recently released we wanted to provide insight as to what you can expect when you purchase one. We’ll dive into some of the most common questions and provide our analysis from the early feedback received. Let’s start with a few of the notable features that all A2K’s deliver.


What makes an A2K so great?

For starters, Wilson A2K's take advantage of Pro Stock Select leather. This leather is 3x thicker, stronger, and tighter than the Pro Stock leather used to construct A2000s. This high-caliber leather delivers durability that can potentially make an A2K the last glove you ever have to buy. The A2Ks also receive intense craftsmanship to ensure each glove's leather arrives softer as well as easier to break-in. Each glove will come standard with a comfortable, soft wrist lining for every player to enjoy.

‘21 Wilson A2K 11.50” Gloves


Notable 2021 Wilson A2K Features

Looking at the latest A2K releases for the 2021 season, there are a few features that are found in each glove. For starters, half of the lineup will sport a colorway that includes black leather with Saddle brown laces. The other half will rock black leather with black laces and red stitching. Each of the gloves will arrive stiff, however after a few weeks of work you should be able to start utilizing your glove. If you are needing tips for the break-in process, check out our do’s and don’ts for breaking in a glove. Each of the new A2Ks will also have rolled dual welting to help you form the perfect pocket and retain that shape for years to come. Lastly, you can expect your 2021 A2K to have Double Palm Construction for both hand protection and glove stability.

‘21 Wilson A2K 11.75” Gloves


How much does a new A2K cost?

A new 2021 Wilson A2K baseball glove will cost $379.95 from JustGloves. Older models can occasionally be purchased at a lower cost, but generally speaking, because the A2Ks are such a premium glove their price point will remain the same. Keep in mind that JustGloves always offers free, fast shipping and multiple glove enhancement services such as Trusted Glove Prep, our Glove Care Kit, and 24/7 access to our team of knowledgeable Glove Experts. 

‘21 Wilson A2K 12.00” Gloves


Who should use an A2K?

Only players that are serious about the game of baseball should use a Wilson A2K. Considering the steep price of purchase and the labor requirements of glove break-in we would not recommend an A2K or A2000 to any casual player. Instead, we would recommend that you look into something along the lines of Wilson’s A1000 lineup

‘21 Wilson A2K 12.75” Gloves


Glove Review on the 2021 A2Ks

Expect SuperSkin to continue to be more and more prevalent in A2Ks. All but two of the recent releases have incorporated SuperSkin into the construction of the gloves and considering the documented benefits of SuperSkin, we fully anticipate this to be a trend that continues into the years to come. The latest A2K gloves will be comfortable, dependable, durable, but still really stiff on arrival. Give yourself at least a two-week buffer before you unveil one for game usage. Wilson has done a nice job of creating a sleek look to add a fresh new vibe to the A2K line. We don’t recommend this glove to just any old player though. Only those that are serious about the game and looking to find a glove for at least the next few seasons should entertain the idea of a new A2K. If you have any questions or just want to talk to a Glove Expert directly, feel free to give us a call at 1-866-321-4568! 

‘21 Wilson A2K First Base Mitts




If you have any specific baseball glove questions, our Customer Coaches are available via telephone at 866-321-4568, email at, or you can click here to live chat. Don't forget, with our 24/7 customer service, we'll be here for you from click to catch! 


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