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5 Best Nokona Gloves For 2024

Best Nokona Gloves

Nokona has long been the flag bearer when it comes to crafting classic-looking baseball and softball gloves. While other brands have felt the pull to get crazy with neon colors and leather material alternatives, Nokona has been steadfast in sticking to their traditions. And you know works! While maintaining their commitment to creating gloves with natural tones and adding a few small tweaks here and there, their ball gloves are as beautiful as ever.

And there is no question when it comes to the quality of the leather materials being used on these beauties. If you settle in with a Nokona ball glove, you can rest assured that they put in the time when crafting the glove and it will serve you well on the baseball or softball diamond!

Now, without further ado, here is what we think are five of the top choices from Nokona in 2024...

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The Best Nokona Baseball Gloves For 2024

Nokona Alpha 11.25" Youth Baseball Glove (S-200I)

Nokona Alpha 11.25 Inch

Pick Up An Alpha 11.25 Inch

Oftentimes, youth gloves designed for the smaller hands don't quite receive the same attention and craftsmanship during their construction as adult gloves. However, if you're shopping for a Nokona youth glove, you can toss the worry aside that your glove might not have received the attention it deserved. This Alpha 11.25" Baseball Glove is a true testament to the dedication that Nokona pours into each and every glove they produce. This glove is built with a combination of Nokona's AmericanKIP leather and their SuperSoft leather. Because of these materials, this youth glove should be able to maintain its structure, while also providing a softer feel at the outset (when compared to Nokona's adult models). That softer feel at the outset should allow for a fairly quick break in. And even though this specific glove features more of an "infield look" to it, a young player would be able to take this glove to most every position and have success!


Nokona Walnut 11.75" Baseball Glove (W-1175H)

Nokona Walnut 11.75 Inch

Buy The Walnut 11.75 Inch

When I say to you "baseball glove", what image comes to your head? I would be willing to bet that it is something like this 11.75" Walnut glove from Nokona. This model is THE quintessential glove. The brown color takes you back to the mid 20th century when baseball was truly the "king" of the sporting world in the United States. As well, the 11.75" length is perfect (not too large, but not too small). It's perfect for an adult player that needs something big enough to fit their hand, yet not so large that its cumbersome to hold and store.

However, don't pigeon-hole this glove as one that's just for dad. The 11.75" length combined with Nokona's legendary Wanut Crunch steerhide is going to make it an option for high level baseball players defending short stop and third base.  If you want to combine a classic look with modern performance...the Walnut is your model!


Nokona DesertKIP Pro 12.75" Baseball Glove (DK-1275H)

Nokona DesertKIP Pro 12.75 Inch Glove

Get Your DesertKIP Pro 12.75 Inch

The DesertKIP Pros broke the mold regarding the glove looks that Nokona was producing. This line of gloves was released in the fall of 2022 and in this writer's opinion, the look of this glove matches the "pop" and "swagger" of the high end gloves being delivered from other large manufacturers. The really cool thing is that Nokona was able to do this while still remaining true to the more "earthy" colors that are their reputation. This DesertKip Pro glove is going to be made from their AmericanKIP leather that is lightweight and "buttery" in its feel.

A player can plan on a pretty extensive break in period with this stiff glove. However, if they put in the time to form the leather just as they like, they'll be super pumped by the end result. And lastly, be sure to note that the 12.75" length on this glove will make it an outfield glove. That extra length will make the glove excellent at hauling in deep flies and scooping up sharp grounders hit to the outfield.


The Best Nokona Fastpitch Gloves For 2024

Nokona X2 Buckaroo 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove (X2-V1250)

Nokona X2 12.5 Inch Glove

Grab An X2 Fastpitch Glove

Regal...that is the only way to describe the look of an X2 Elite from Nokona. They put a combo of two different types of leather together to create this fastpitch glove (along with all of the other X2 models). Their Full Grain Steerhide is paired with the exotic Australian Kangaroo leather (traditionally, when Nokona has combined these two leathers together, they've called it "Buckaroo"). The Kangaroo leather is lighter-in-weight when compared to any other leathers measured at the same thickness. However, it is super stong at the same time. That rare offering of benefits from the Kangaroo leather is what makes an X2 model such a sought-after glove. This specific X2 is going to cover nearly any position on a fastpitch field due to its length and web style. The 12.5" length can be employed all over the infield (2B, SS and 3B) and in the outfield. And the closed web makes the glove usable in the pitcher's circle too!



Nokona Alpha 32.5" Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt (S-V2)

Nokona X2 12.5 Inch Glove

Buy The Alpha Catcher's Mitt

When compared to the baseball models that are apart of the Alpha series, these fastpitch Alphas will be a little different. While the Alpha baseball gloves really only fit youth players, the fastpitch Alpha gloves and mitts should work for young ladies and even those that are a little older. One of the big factors that plays into this Alpha Select catcher's mitt working so well for a vast range of players is the velcro strap on the backing. The strap can be adjusted to fit a small or a little larger lady's hand. Combined with the adjustable fitting will be a catcher's mitt shape that will be tuned to for a softball. If you're defending the dish and thinking about a Nokona, definitely consider this Alpha mitt!



Now you've got a baseline from which you can work when shopping for a Nokona glove. Between their Alpha, Walnut, X2 and DesertKIP Pro models, we really think that you'll be able to find something that will satisfy your needs! However, if you're still feeling a little lost in your glove search, have no fear! The JustGloves Glove Experts are here to help you. These individuals are trained in glove knowledge and can be easily reached. Call them at 866-321-4568, email them at or go ahead and live chat them right now!

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