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5 Best Gloves for Tee Ball Players In 2024

Best T-Ball Gloves

As your player gets closer and closer to making their debut on the diamond, you’re going to want to make sure they are sporting the best youth glove in the game. To help you shop for your tee ball player, our Glove Experts have created a list of the best gloves for young players to use in t-ball. And once you've decided on a glove, our friends over at JustBats would love to help you find the best t-ball bat for you and your player. Let's dive in.

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Shoeless Joe Joe Junior 9" Youth Glove (900JR)

Shoeless Joe Joe Junior 9 Inch Youth Glove

Shop The Shoeless Joe

To kick off our list of the top gloves for tee ball, we’ve chosen a glove that transcends time. Built with an all-leather construction, the Shoeless Joe Joe Junior 9” youth glove looks, smells, and feels like the gloves your parents and (even) their parents grew up playing with. The nine inch size makes it one of the smallest gloves sold through our website. That small size allows your player to have the maximum amount of control out in the field. The glove arrives soft so breaking it in will only require a couple of games of catch. This is obviously a bonus considering 4 - 6 year olds aren’t necessarily known for their patience. If you are looking for the best youth gloves, you’ve got to start with the Shoeless Joe Joe Junior.

What are customers saying?

"Great For Tee Baller & Rookie Coach Pitch! One of the few full leather gloves for little kids. Perfect for my 5 year old." - JG Customer, DiggerDan


Mizuno Prospect PowerClose 9" Youth Glove (GPP900Y3)

Mizuno Prospect PowerClose 9 Inch Glove

Shop The Mizuno Prospect

Just like the Shoeless Joe model above, this Mizuno is going to feature the shortest length that we carry at JustGloves: 9 inches. The Shoeless Joe glove is pretty soft, but we think this Mizuno Prospect will be even softer due to it having a Pig Skin leather catching surface and a backing that incorporates some mesh material (mesh always makes a glove softer and easy to close). Here at JustGloves, we also love that this glove has a cool single post web that will allow a t-ball player to rock a glove that looks similar to what a big league star is using. And lastly, with this glove being so short, parents will want to note that it is one that probably can't be used much longer than a season beyond tee ball. If this one were purchased for a season of tee ball, parents might be looking for a new glove the next season.

Customer Comments:

"I love the quality and form of this glove. It is small, and with a little "break-in," my son should be able to close the glove for catching." - JG Customer, JJ from Oahu


Mizuno Prospect PowerClose 10" Youth Glove (GPP1000Y3RD)

Mizuno Prospect PowerClose 10 Inch Youth Glove

Shop The Mizuno Prospect Power Close

Is there a company that creates a better glove for a beginning player than Mizuno? Many would answer "no" because it could easily be argued that Mizuno makes the best tee ball gloves out there. Just like the 9 inch Mizuno model above, this 10 inch Mizuno glove is made from butter soft Pig Skin leather. And if that weren't enough, the glove sports a V Flex notch near the heel that makes the squeezing of the glove even easier than one can imagine. With it being a 10 inch glove, it will be a little longer than the 2 earlier mentioned gloves and with that extra inch, this might be a glove that could last well into a player's coach pitch days!

A Few Must-See Features:

  • Black & Red Color Will Make It Look Excellent For A Young Player
  • Parashock Palm Pad Protects Player's Hand During A Catch
  • I-Web Is One Of The Most Popular Webs Out There!


Rawlings Sure Catch 9.5" Youth Glove (SC950BGB)

Rawlings Sure Catch 9.5 Inch Youth Glove

Shop The Sure Catch

In the last couple of years, Rawlings has worked hard to enter the realm of youth gloves. And we believe that they have matched the super soft gloves that Mizuno has been pushing in the Prospect line with their very own Sure Catch series. Specifically, we like this 9.5" model of glove as it is going to be great for a player that is in their very first year of tee ball. In addition, the basket web on this glove is awesome as it features that classic closed web that Rawlings has been putting on gloves for years. And to make this glove easy to use by young baseball and softball players, Rawlings has crafted it with a very soft leather shell and a Sure Catch Heel cut out that makes the glove squeeze easily on opening day!

Features to Note:

  • Neo Flex Back For Lightweight Control
  • Rawlings Says That Only 10% Of The Break In Is Left To The Player
  • Some Gloves In The Sure Catch Series Have MLB Player Signatures InThe Palm!


Nokona Alpha Select 10.5" Youth Glove (S-100I)

Nokona Alpha Select 10.5 Inch Youth Glove

Shop The Alpha Select

Nokona gloves are iconic in the games of baseball and softball. When players are choosing a glove and ask the advice of a parent or grandparent, they'll often hear "You should buy a Nokona". The gloves coming from the Texas-based company are built with an attention to detail that goes back all the way to 1926. And that level of attention certainly goes into the gloves they build for tee ball players that are just beginning their days on the sandlot. This model will be a little more expensive when compared to some of the other tee ball models, but that's because it features Nokona's combination of Full Grain AmericanKIP and SuperSoft leathers. With this glove being 10.5 inches (the longest length we still consider to be a tee ball glove), it should be able to last a player beyond just their tee ball years.

Customer Chatter:

"Easily broke in, quality as expected from Nokona. Had the glove for about two weeks and he was playing games with it after only having it one week. So far it is exactly what we expected." - JG Customer, Ted Briscoe


What Size Glove Is Best For Tee Ball?

Ultimately, the size of a tee ball glove depends on the personal preference of the player and their position on the field. But, typically, tee ball gloves are 10.5" and smaller and recommended for players between the ages of 4-6. And since t-ball players tend to play multiple positions, our Glove Experts base our recommendations on a player's age. Still unsure about which size you should get? We recommend trying our Glove Coach! Answer a few simple questions to find your perfect glove. 



That’s our list of the best gloves for tee ball. If you have any questions while you shop, our Glove Experts are standing by ready to help assist you. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, and would love to help you find your next baseball glove or softball glove. Give us a call at 866-321-4568, email at, or click here to live chat. We’re JustGloves and we’re with you from Click To Catch!


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