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2020 Wilson A2K Glove Review

2020 Wilson A2K Glove Review


Wilson has just revealed their brand new 2020 Wilson A2K gloves. So naturally, people are very interested to learn about the most elite models that Wilson offers. Let’s stop delaying and get right to it!

Wilson A2K 11.50" Baseball Glove (WTA2KRB201786)

Built with the famous 1786 design, Wilson’s new 11.50” model utilizes Pro Stock leather to create an elite option for middle infielders. The shallow pocket further pushes the notion that it should be used up-the-middle to turn double plays. A classic I-web outfits the glove with 3x the craftsmanship of its’ a2000 counterpart. Lastly, rolled-welting finishes off what appears to be the most durable glove on the present market.

Wilson A2K 11.50Other key features:

  • Consists Of The Top 5% Of Pro Stock Hides
  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining - Ultra-Breathable, Moisture Wicking Material
  • 11.50 Inch Pattern

Wilson A2K 11.75" Baseball Glove (WTA2KRB201787)

Based on the 11.75” size, we are looking at a utility model here. While it will primarily be used by third basemen, it could also be used around the diamond by middle infielders and outfielders. The pocket will be on the shallow side of things to offer an easier transfer for quick plays at the “hot corner.” Like all of the gloves on this list, the extra craftsmanship will provide a much easier break-in compared to most every other elite glove. Break this in with a slight flare to maximize your web gems.

Wilson A2K 11.75Other key features:

  • 1787 Pattern
  • Maximum Pocket Stability
  • I Web
  • Colorway: Blonde | Saddle Tan

Wilson A2K 12.75" Baseball Glove (WTA2KRB201799)

The first outfield-specific model on the list is the new 12.75” A2K baseball glove. Incorporating an H-web is a great choice as it provides an extremely consistent pocket, deep enough to secure fly balls on diving plays. The Dri-Lex wrist lining has already been touched on here but will serve to create one of the most comfortable outfield options out there. Also, the Pro Stock leather is second to none. Made from the top five percent of leather hides, you cannot do any better when it comes to quality.

Wilson A2K 12.75Other key features:

  • Double Palm Construction Provides Maximum Pocket Stability
  • Colorway: Black | Blonde | Saddle Tan
  • Rolled Dual Welting Creates A Perfect Pocket With Long Lasting Shape
  • Conventional Open Back

Wilson A2K 12" Baseball Glove (WTA2KRB201721)


The addition of the new double palm construction serves to prevent premature deterioration of the palm’s leather. Furthermore, it provides an improvement to palm protection and it helps to reinforce the overall construction of the pocket. On the topic of this particular pocket, we would like to touch on the innovative Dual Post web. The Dual Post on this new Wilson A2K 12” baseball glove limits the overall break-in period of a glove while also providing a consistent pocket. This is a great glove for third basemen and outfielders.

Wilson A2K 12Other key features:

  • Pro Stock Select Leather Comes From Top 5% Of Wilson Hides
  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining Offers Ultra-Breathable, Moisture Wicking Material
  • Colorway: Blonde / Saddle Tan
  • Rolled Dual Welting Creates A Perfect Pocket With Long Lasting Shape

Wilson A2K 11.75" Baseball Glove (WTA2KRB20D33)

Designed by the Master Craftsman Shigeako Aso himself, the D33 pattern is made with a noticeably deep pocket. A Closed Pro-Laced web allows pitchers to find their grips while hiding from those sneaky, unlooking hitters. If things get nerve-racking, do not fret because the Dri-Lex wrist lining creates a breathable fit to fend off any potentially sweaty hands. This A2K would make for a great choice for any pitcher or infielder considering the web type and 11.75” design.

Wilson A2K 11.75Other key features:

  • Wide, Deep Pocket
  • Maximum Pocket Stability
  • Pro Stock Select Leather - Cut From Top 5% of All Wilson Leather Hides
  • Rolled Dual Welting - Allows Glove to Retain Shape Better Over Time

Wilson A2K 12" Baseball Glove (WTA2KRB20B2)

Sporting a silky black and blonde Pro Stock leather, the 12” Wilson A2K glove is a dynamite choice for any pitcher. The elite line of leather allows this A2K to maintain the construction better than any other pitcher-specific model. Concealed by a deep 2-piece web design, the next pitch thrown cannot be seen by any onlooking batter - which is a great bonus for any pitcher. Lastly, the Rolled Dual Welting helps you break this glove in fast and also make sure it keeps its shape even as you use it season after season.

Wilson A2K 12Other key features:

  • Pro Stock Select Leather Comes From Top 5% Of Wilson Hides
  • 3X More Master Craftsman Shaping Helps Reduce Break In Time
  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining Offers Ultra-Breathable, Moisture Wicking Material
  • B20B2 Pattern

Wilson A2K 33.5" Catcher's Mitt (WTA2KRB20M1)

It’s hard to find the right catcher’s glove. We know. This may be the top option out there though. The double palm construction creates a terrifically durable and will protect all players, regardless of the incoming velocity. Suited with a Half-Moon and Rolled Welting, this insanely durable model will last few numerous seasons without any issue at all. If you’ve got a backstop that is looking for a new baseball glove - try this out!

Wilson A2K 33.5Other key features:

  • M1 Pattern
  • 33.50 Inch pattern
  • 3X More Master Craftsman Shaping Helps Reduce Break In Time
  • Conventional Open Back

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If you have tried any of the new 2020 A2K gloves, please leave a comment below telling us what you like or don't like about them. Or, if you have any specific baseball glove questions, our Glove Experts are available via telephone at 866-321-4568, email at, or you can click here to live chat. Don't forget, with our customer service, we'll be here for you from click to catch!

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